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7ml Women's New Pheromone Additive (Boxed)

7ml Women's New Pheromone Additive (Boxed)


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All New Pheromone Additive

The new, updated, and long-awaited New Pheromone Additive for Women has finally arrived!

NPA for Women contains about five times the androstenone of the old Pheromone Additive, just for starters. In total, 7ml NPA for Women includes 2.4 mg of pheromone content.

Like the old PA, the New Pheromone Additive is designed to be added to your favorite perfume or natural scent.

The New Pheromone Additive is available in two separate and scientifically-based formulas, one for men and one for women. Check out the NPA for Men here.

NPA for Women is very concentrated! Mix with a perfume or natural scent for best results.

Bottle comes with a convenient eyedropper lid for easy use.

NPA for Women is also available in a larger 15 ml bottle



  1. WOW! Review by Cynthia

    I got this with my first order, even though I was a bit unsure if these products even worked. Well, I am here to say THEY WORK! Very well! Because it's unscented, I could use it with my favorite perfume and WOW! The results were fantastic! Just WOW! :) (Posted on 11/17/2015)

  2. Review by Priscilla

    The girl is just DANGEROUS......this one will kick it up a notch and have them swarming close.....watch out (Posted on 12/3/2014)

  3. Review by Stacy

    I bought NPA to wear with my favorite patchouli perfume for work. Its perfect for social settings people gravitate to me and both men and women are more chatty and friendly with me. I find when I wear it the pheromones affect me too making me feel more attractive and confident in my job. I buy a lot of pheromones and use different ones for different settings and purposes so I am somewhat experienced in how the pheromones interact with my body chemistry and what I can expect when I wear them. If you want to get someone to start a conversation with you or think favorably of you wear a dab of this under each armpit then apply your perfume as usual. Go easy on your deodorant when wearing pheros so they can mix with your essence. you want them to interact with your body chemisty so you can find out which ones work best for you. This is a great inexpensive step if you are unsure what to buy but need something odorless to boost your affinity level in group settings. Lasts 3-4 hours if applied to the armpit. (Posted on 7/5/2013)


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