Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones

Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones


Alpha 7 Pheromones – Now in Stock!

At Love Scent, we are proud to offer Alpha 7 unscented pheromones – one of the best pheromones for both men and women on the market. Alpha-7 pheromone is similar to Primal Instinct pheromones, but with 40% more pheromone content, and a more complex formula. Alpha 7 has androsterone (aRONE) and androstenone (aNONE) as opposed to just androstenone. 

Androsterone is known for heightening masculine appeal and dominance and has a musky scent. Many people also enjoy scented Alpha 7 Pheromone which has an all-natural spicy fragrance added. 

Alpha 7 Pheromones for Men and Women comes in a 10mL dripper top bottle.

If you’re looking for where to buy alpha 7 pheromone, you’ve come to the right place – Love Scent is a leading provider of top pheromone products, and we stand behind each one with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars! Sunday 11 January, 2015
Priyank writes:
Works like charm A7 Plus SOE packs happy ending. Using it from last 5 yr and I am pro at it. Thanks

5 of 5 Stars! Tuesday 16 December, 2014
riaz writes:
My fourth or the fifth bottle of A7 and i prefer the unscented. Great for the clubbing scene and works wonderfully on all. Goes very well with Chikara. These two together are leathal. Give it 5 stars even though just like NPA the new batch is different. Bruce listen to me when i tell you it is not like the older ones. Those were better.

5 of 5 Stars! Monday 06 October, 2014

5 of 5 Stars! Sunday 27 July, 2014
Shawn writes:
My package arrived in the mail yesterday and I decided to try it out today. I had a few errands to run and wanted to see how people reacted around me. I put a drop of Alpha-7 on each wrist and a tiny squirt of Chikara on my neck. I noticed a reaction almost instantly from my kids. My youngest daughter and my son both under 6 seemed very submissive and almost frightened of me. They cleaned up their toys without talking back and were very well-behaved all day. My ten year old daughter was very clingy and kept hugging me all day as opposed to her usual routine of locking herself in her room with her ipad. The errands I ran included stopping at a bank where the teller was very giggly and flirty and kept biting her lip. Generally women seemed to smile and pay attention to me while men seemed to be threatened or at least more aggressive. I gave my ex-wife a ride home after running into her at the mall and she was friendlier than shes been in months. This stuff definitely works. Im glad I only used 2 drops. Any more and I might have been mauled to death by women or beaten by their husbands

5 of 5 Stars! Thursday 26 June, 2014
RAPHAEL writes:
I bought Alpha-7 some time ago and anxiously began my test. I applied as recommended by some forum regulars. Well the very first day I got a hit. I went to the Medical center to have an MRI done on my knee. I stood inline and waited my turn at the reception desk. The receptionist must have been mid to late twenties. I got there and immediately began paying me attentionin a way you know something is up. I eventually had to fill some paper work. The assistant to the Receptionist literally jumped to offer her assistance to me. What was the feeling was they were helpful but in a way showed a respectful type of attention. I am 50yrs old average body and well dressed always. I would say Alpha-7 sent the signal and it was well received by these say go for it still working for me.

3 of 5 Stars! Sunday 20 April, 2014
Claudiu writes:
Hei I am wondering if the scent is easy to detect or is completly liht

5 of 5 Stars! Thursday 16 January, 2014
leonard writes:
The reviews are correct. You only need to use a small amount. This stuff does wonders for my wife at certain times of the month 1 week prior and a week after. It seems too much for her at other times but for two weeks of the month it really turns her on and has even helped her learn how to squirt Good stuff

5 of 5 Stars! Thursday 16 January, 2014
elizabeth writes:
CAREFUL Use verrrry sparingly - this stuff is potent - Love it A

4 of 5 Stars! Thursday 16 January, 2014
Kyle writes:
This stuff definitely works. A couple times Ive used too much and become aroused to the point of being uncomfortable. Alpha-7 works on both sexes and because its applied to the users body it seems to be difficult at least in my case for the user to not be affected more than their target audience. 4 stars because the product works not five because Ive had a hard time fine tuning the dosage. If Alpha-7 were a tool it would be a hacksaw rather than a straight razor or pair of scissors. Ive also used Chikara Unscented and prefer Chikara for its subtlety.

3 of 5 Stars! Tuesday 03 December, 2013
Tom writes:
not sure about this one--people either like it or hate it. my wife says she thinks it a very pleasant aroma-a little girl at work told her father this guy smells BAD seems to me I read something about the powerful pheromone products having a negative effect of children somewhere BUT I would be judicious about where and with whom I use this one. more than just a drop can be stinky but just a drop can promote feelings about the wearer. I have had a couple people react positively to to and a few have seemed repelled by it. I dont use it often and am not likely to make it my next purchase--but it has its place.

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