Reagent grade AndroSTANone Pheromone.

Brand new pheromone from Japan.

10 mL at 1mg/mL.

Guaranteed 10mg dry wt per bottle

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5 of 5 Stars! Saturday 09 December, 2006
stephen writes:
This seems effective in two areas. 1) My gf feels good and associates that feeling with me. 2) When she is having her period, she reports she feels a lot less physical discomfort when she is around me since I started using this. Whereas before there would be 2-3 days where she felt bad and was not interested in sex now she feels that way until we get together and then she feels better (within under 10 minutes) and has been interested. I think this works. I think it reduces her pain when she is in pain and causes pleasurable physical feelings when she is not in pain. I apply 1 drop to each wrist over the pulse points and rub my arms together.

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