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BETA-androsteNOL is the beta isomer of the commonly used pheromone, androsteNOL. It hasn't been tested as much as many other pheromone chemicals, but expert pheromone users have reported that BETA-androsteNOL exhibits similar effects to it's more common counterpart.

BETA-androsteNOL is a strong social pheromone that can especially help out your ability to have great conversations with others, acting as a mild "truth serum" of sorts, slightly pushing you and the people around you to speak more openly and honestly. In high doses, BETA-androsteNOL can even induce a slight meditative state in the user. However, when adding BETA-androsteNOL to you pheromone mixes, we recommend that you use small amounts.

BETA-androsteNOL comes in a 10ml bottle with a guaranteed 10mg dry weight of pure BETA-androstenol. If you're a pheromone expert and want to try out some new pheromone chemicals in your mixes, BETA-androsteNOL can be a great addition to your set.


  1. Really happy Review by Kacey

    This is so good for me, I am very shy I just put a little in my lotion and it goes a long way everyone keep talking to me and it made me the star of the PARTY (Posted on 5/20/2018)


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