Sweaty shirt party hooked singles up!

Time magazine’s article, Can Your Smelly Shirt Land You a Better First Date?, will invite you to agree with COURTNEY SUBRAMANIAN that days of toiling over perfecting online-dating profiles may be over. All you may need is a sense of smell.

Here is a clip of Time Magazine article, quoting Judith Prays: “The first time I dated someone for purely physical reasons, it was amazing how well it went,” she told The Daily. “I was so into his smell even when it was objectively nasty. So then I just thought, what if I could choose people by smell?”

Choosing our partners by smell is nothing new to the pheromone community. Pheromones are the invisible chemical signals that attract us to our sexual partners. Experimenting with exactly how pheromones work at a party seems like a great idea.

Prays did just that. She invited 40 people to her sweaty shirt party in 2010 to test her theory. What goes down at a sweaty shirt party? It takes some prep work prior to attending the party. Guests are instructed to wear their shirt to bed for 3 nights in a row without the use of deodorant or fragrance. The pheromone scented shirt is put in a bag, labeled with numbers, categorized by sex, including a picture of the person’s armpit.

At the party, people take a sniff at the sweaty shirts and pick the shirt that awakens their senses. A picture is taken of each person with their favorite shirt and projected onto a wall. Now, the green light is on for the hidden shirt person to come forth in breaking the ice.

According to Prays, 12 people hooked up and 6 prolonged lasting relationships. Prays called it a success. Pheromones are the reasons why it worked. At a dating site, all you see are profile pictures with a write up next to it. Can you trust a picture or a scent to lead to romance? Charles J. Wysocki, a behavioral neuroscientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, believes, “attraction to pheromones seems to be how many animals do it. Either way, it’s a good indication that you’re off to a good start. ”

Times are changing in the world of successful match making. Pheromone parties are helping singles find their romantic match. Sweaty shirts lead to love matches. You might want to get your pheromone batch out…




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