Natural Pheromone Levels and Sexual Stimuli

-Bruce Boyd

The following article describes a natural (at least I think it’s natural) way to increase you pheromone levels. The scientific basis for the theory comes from a short report drawn from a speech given by the eminent Austrian pheromone researcher, Astrid Jutte.

The two most popular pheromones that have lately made their way into the news and into the fragrance industry as well are called, androstenone and androstenol. As with all other pheromones they are produced by hormones excreted by the body through the skin where they react with bacteria. These pheromones are quite volatile and move through the air where they are picked up by a specialized sensing apparatus (VNO) in the noses of those nearby, where they transmit vital information about us to those individuals. Since it is our own hormones that drive the production of pheromones, it stands to reason that higher levels of the androgen hormones (ones that cause the sex drive) will cause us to naturally produce higher levels of the pheromones that are popularly made in factories today with the very goal of attracting others for this purpose. Some interesting research performed by Dr. Jutte, shows us how we can do just that.

What is it chemically that makes us want to have sex? Surprisingly enough for both men and women it is the same hormone, testosterone! And, how can we establish if a man or women is interested in sexual activity. (for scientific purposes of course).

Three ways:
1. We can ask the subject: “ahem….um…excuses me…….are you horney?”
2. We can check for blood flow to the genital area.
3. We can check testosterone levels.

All of these work but the first is apparently the least reliable especially with women according to the Jutte study. And how do we make people horney (for scientific purposes of course): porno movies! Yes, an equal number of male and female subjects in the Jutte study were shown a 15 minute pornographic video while they were alone, and their testosterone levels were checked via a saliva test at intervals before and after the “exposure”.

What were the results? Who gets hornier from watching sex scenes alone in a room., men or women? You women know the truth, while all the male readers have been believing the big lie for all these years. Scientific results show that………both men and women respond equally!!!! There was a little fudging on the horniness self-report forms by females apparently, but the medical tests showed equality between the sexes! Finally! Oh, by the way, there was one more difference besides the accuracy of the self-report forms, and that was the length of time that the video-induced testosterone “high” lasted. Again no surprise to women and that is that after the stimulating video has been turned off, the average male testosterone level was back to baseline in 15 minutes, ready to roll over and start snoring, while the lonely female testosterone level took much longer to calm down. Ha! I knew there had to be a medical explanation for that.

So, there you are; the facts are in. If you want to raise your pheromone level naturally, (which won’t crash out on you like your fickle testosterone level guys), just get yourself good and horney for at least 15 minutes.

But again, just in case, don’t forget to smile!
Bruce Boyd

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