Boxed Edge Delice Pheromones for Women

Boxed Edge Delice Pheromones for Women

Finally! The cutting "Edge" in pheromone technology

After two years testing/development and two months of negotiating and hardest of all, just waiting for the darned first shipment to get here, I am proud (and greatly relieved) to finally announce the release of the mighty Edge for women.

While the exact formula is secret, it contains the standard women's profile pheromones, plus a big surprise ingredient and a guaranteed total pheromone content by weight of 2.4 mg per bottle, making it an awesome value as well as the cutting edge in pheromone attraction.

The beautiful new bottle and box make this a great gift choice as well.

Try it, they'll like it.

Women's DELICE version with box
Contents: 25 ml
Guaranteed 2.4 mg pheromone content per bottle.


Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars! Thursday 04 December, 2014
Priscilla writes:
Smells very nice and has something about it that definitely gives you the edge can be worn alone or with favorite do not need a has staying power and will get you the extra EDGE....Yes

5 of 5 Stars! Monday 11 August, 2014
Priscilla writes:
This certainly is named correctly in that it gives the edge to the wearer over those who dont have when used as an additive to fragrances or super primal pheromone oils....wearer becomes the center of attraction because they have the EDGE.....yas yas A little goes a long way...bombdigity for the Bomb shells....LoL

5 of 5 Stars! Friday 05 July, 2013
Stacy writes:
This phero has made it to the ranks of DAILY use for me. Its that good. Its got a light nice scent that compliments the patchouli clove perfume I make myself as my signature scent. Edge Delice - -boxed and spray - is the social lubrication of my personal relationships. It keeps my husbands head turned towards ME in the grocery store and turns mens heads whan passing in the aisle. Im not young or particularly pretty but I do have the unfair EDGE thanks to this phero. It makes me very confident and smiling and has that effect on those within nose range of me. It doesnt alienate women and it attracts mens interest without being overtly sexual in nature. I apply it under my armpits with only a light swipe of deodorant first. Its critical that you sweat a little to mingle your smell with the phero for best results. I use a good spritz on each armpit. Lasts a good 5-6 hours. This is my secret weapon to my success in relationships and life

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