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Edge Essentials for Men Heat Cannister

Edge Essentials for Men Heat Canister

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Edge Essentials combine the ancient practice of aromatherapy with the science of pheromones, with remarkable results. Offering the same pheromone formula found in the original and trusted Edge Pheromones for MenEdge Essentials also contain real essential oils to act as cover scents. Edge Essentials are an excellent chocie for anyone who wants a pheromone product that does not need to be combined with your own cologne.

Essential oils, like all scents, are powerful influencers of emotions and moods--qualities that make them valuable complements to pheromone blends. The combined power of the scent and pheromones leads to even better results than the original, unscented Edge for Men.

Edge Essentials for Men Heat contains vetivert and clearisage oils. Vetivert has an earthy scent and is believed to be an aphrodesiac. Clearisage has a woody aroma and is said to stimulate euphoria. 

Edge Essentials Canisters put the Edge Essentials formulas into convenient spray canisters for easy application. If you like the natural power of Edge Essentials, but would prefer something you can easily spray, try Edge Essentials Canisters. Apply one or two sprays wherever you normally apply cologne.

Each 25 ml canister contains a guaranteed 2.4 mg of pheromone content.

Edge Essentials for Men also comes in another scent: Arouser. Try both today!


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