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Edge Essentials for Women Tango

Edge Essentials for Women Tango


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Designed as a natural alternative to commercial pheromone scents, Edge Essentials combine the science of pheromones with the ancient art of aromatherapy. The same pheromone formula found in the original Edge Pheromones for Women are now accompanied by natural essential oil blends that act as cover scents. 

Essential oils have been used for centuries to alter and influence moods and emotions. These tried-and-true qualities work with the potent Edge for Women pheromone formula to produce fantastic results.

Edge Essentials for Women Tango contains the essential oils of ylang ylang, bitter orance, and neroli. The resulting scent is intoxicating and mysterious, and is sure to draw men's attention your way.

Apply Edge Essentials for Women Tango where you would normally apply perfume.

Each 24 ml bottle contains a guaranteed 2.4 mg of pheromone content.

Edge Essentials for Women is also available in another scent: Glow. Try both today!


  1. Review by Dina

    I bought Edge Essentials so Id have an easier time socializing with men at work even though Im married and not looking. I use just the tiniest bit possible because even with the essential oils the pheromone has a very strong scent. I meant to order Tango but ordered Glow by accident. Its not my fave scent but I combine it with neroli or vanilla perfume and it smells less pheromonish.

    With some men Ive had pretty good results with their wanting to converse with me more. I guess thats what I was looking for so Id say it works. Just be careful about how much you use as the pheromone scent is very strong in spite of the essential oils. (Posted on 3/26/2014)


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