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Edge Wipes for Men

Edge Wipes for Men (18-pack)

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Edge Pheromones are an affordable brand of pheromone products for men and women made by LaCroy Chemical. Available in a wide variety of scents and sizes, Edge Pheromones include unique combinations of pheromones tailored for each scent at a great price. Get an Edge in your social life, sex life, and current relationships with these popular and trusted products.

Edge Wipe Towelettes for Men are single-use, ultra-portable moist towelettes infused with the power of Edge Pheromone spray. Each aluminum packet contains 3 ml of liquid absorbed in a small towelette for easy application. Apply the trusted Edge formula quickly and efficiently and be on your way! These packets are great for bringing with you on trips, or tucking into a briefcase or wallet for those just-in-case situations.

Buy more wipes at a time and save! 7 Edge Wipes are $9.95, 18 Edge Wipes are $22.95, and 30 Edge Wipes are $32.95. Order today!


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