Essence of a Woman Pheromones

Essence of a Woman Pheromones

Essence of a Woman Pheromones are the Latest in Sex Pheromone Technology

Something new and fantastic for women!!

What are Essence of a Woman sex Pheromones?

It is copulins, pure and simple. Not just the word written on the side of a bottle; it is real copulins and nearly two years in development. Open the bottle, take a whiff, and you will know what we mean! These womens sex pheromones are the most intense and powerful on the market and they work wonders and will give you confidence in the bedroom, boardroom, and in everyday life.

What are copulins? Copulin is the name given by scientists to a loosely defined group of odoriferous fatty acids that occur in the vaginal secretions of female adult mammals. These copulin secretions change dramatically during the various stages of the female menstrual cycle and are particularly profuse and pungent during that part of the cycle known as ovulation and during which pregnancy is most likely to occur. This portion of the female cycle is also known to coincide with the familiar "in heat" phenomenon in the animal kingdom, which is so crucial to the propagation of mammalian species.

The Essence of Woman Sex Pheromone copulin formula comes from the work of two leading researchers who have not only isolated a number of the key components of human copulins, but have tested them to prove that they do indeed have an amorous effect - and the female sex pheromone from Essence of a Woman was born.

NOTE:. Essence of Woman Sex Pheromones are NOT for newbies! Unlike so-called copulin products which have no scent to them, these women’s Pheromones use the chemical formula developed by researchers in the field. It has a definite smell not totally unlike what natural human copulins smell like. Some skill and creativity is required to get good results. Don't over-use and be sure to use with an appropriate cover fragrance

Essence of a Woman Sex Pheromone Contents: 7.5 ml bottle with convenient eye dropper top

Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars! Wednesday 16 April, 2014
Jazmin writes:
ITS VERY STRONG and it smells like butt at I left the open container on my dresser and it filled the room. Definitely is not for newbies unless you have a pretty good grasp on how they work. Also I would not recommend using your finger to dab because although the smell dissipated when I put it on my bodydab in just a couple spotsit stayed very strong on my finger for awhile and was not a pleasant smell. I used a q-tip after that just dip in lightly and dab wherever you want. You definitely need a good quality oil or perfume to spray on after but once its nicely blended and you didnt put on too much - It worked awesomely I definitely got more attention from my significant other as far as wanting to go straight for fun. Also at work I did notice more friendliness from the guys. The females were not necessarily friendlier but seemed to notice me more in general. It did not have a negative effect. I would say this is better for dates and social outings. Probably not as much for work unless there is someone there you want to notice you

1 of 5 Stars! Friday 07 March, 2014
Reem writes:
It doesnt work at all I didnt see or feel any attention from anyone:

3 of 5 Stars! Wednesday 05 March, 2014
Georgina writes:
Im not too sure about the effect of this. Some of my friends dislike the smell and to quote one of them smells like you havent wash your socks in weeks. It was embarrassing even with a cover scent. I did not discover any added attention from people when wearing this but i did feel an effect on myself. It arouses me easily and I have less inhibitions. Would not recommend it to a newbie. Try out unscented versions first.

4 of 5 Stars! Tuesday 28 January, 2014
Samantha writes:
This product definitely works Just dont overuse and its best to apply a cover scent after the EOW is absorbed into the skin.

4 of 5 Stars! Tuesday 21 January, 2014
TODD writes:
im confused about the Essence of a Woman Pheromones. what happens if a man uses it with a cologne does it attract women I know not to over-use it Ive been looking for some to add to my favorite cologne which I think will attract woman and lots of them like an auditorium full of them and they all applauded I had a standing ovulation I mean ovation it was Calvin Kleins Eternity cologne years ago made by Coteand then some smart guy got the idea to change the formula and it wasnt worth the time of day I have NEVER in my life ever seen a product work like this did and repeatedly I wore it because it lasted all day long I worked 12 hour shifts and I didnt want to smell of sweat and BO so I bought CKs Eternity it was kind of oily I wrote in and they told me to try adding glycerin to my cologne but it wasnt that I think it must have been copulins what else could it have been so time will tell thanks I will let you know

4 of 5 Stars! Saturday 18 January, 2014
Maddie writes:
Definitely worth a try I borrowed some from a roommate and received much more attention that night from my boyfriend... I do recommend masking the scent with some light perfume or sexy body mist. Overall I think I will be borrowing it again- I was pleasantly surprised it worked.

4 of 5 Stars! Friday 17 January, 2014
Nicole writes:
The smell of this without perfume is a bit strange but I did notice an unusual amount of attention while wearing it. Best paired with Pink Sugar to mask the smell.

3 of 5 Stars! Thursday 16 January, 2014
RHONDA writes:
I recieved this as a sample and really couldnt tell much about the scent. I see where men have posted it smelled bad..perhaps its just them that can smell it. IDK..would like to try some of the others to just see..

4 of 5 Stars! Tuesday 17 September, 2013
Leo writes:
Initial reaction. Smells a bit ripe. Like over ripe fruit initially but after a short while a bit like someone had been sick in the room. It requires a very small dap and then left to dry and definitely a cover scent afterwards. Ok we used it over the last few days....... and .......... It definite had an effect in the bedroom department. With an increase in lust more intense and powerful sex and orgasm.

5 of 5 Stars! Thursday 14 February, 2013
Karana writes:
Ok when I first used it my son asked what smelled like stinky mop water OhMY - not exactly what I was wanting to hear. Anyway I decided to add some of EOW to Addict. I truely didnt think it was working but on two occasions my MAN has been QUITE attentive in the bedroom department. He didnt want to stop Today we had lunch and he left and returned within 2 minutes telling me he had forgot something and decided that he had to give me some Valentine loving. Still will be experimenting and will update later.

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