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Eye of Love Couples' Pheromone Kit

Eye of Love Couples' Pheromone Kit


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Introducing the Eye of Love Couples' Pheromone Kits!

These kits contain two complementary pheromone roll-ons: Seduce for Her, and Rebel for Him. These alluring pheromone-laced fragrances help couples arouse each other's interests and achieve their desires in intimate moments.

Seduce for Her contains Estratetraenol, a romantic and cuddly pheromone that enhances intimacy. It is scented with a sultry blend of bergamot and Damascus rose carried by jasmine undertones.

Rebel for Him contains Androstenol, a social pheromone that allieviates stress and anxiety and improves mood. It contains the sweet and exotic scent of musk.

Apply Rebel or Seduce behind the ears and on the wrists and throat whenever you want to enjoy a especially intimate moment with your sweetheart!

You can also try Seduce for Her and Rebel for Him on their own.


  1. Excellent product Review by Dae

    This product is magical, when my bf and I wear it I swear sparks fly between us. This has really enhanced our love life. You can't go wrong with any of the LS products! (Posted on 9/28/2018)


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