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15 ML Mens New Pheromone Additive (Boxed)

15 ML Mens New Pheromone Additive (Boxed)


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Pheromone Additive NPA for Men Boxed

NPA Mens Pheromones and the new, updated and long awaited new Pheromone Additive has finally arrived. This additive has the same amount of pheromones as the spray (2.5 mg), is designed to be added to a favorite cologne or perfume. It is a concentrate with a unique dropper bottle. Containing about 5 times the androstenone of the old Pheromone Additive just for starters. Like the old PA, the new NPA Mens Pheromones are also designed to be added to your own favorite cologne or after shave.

Each bottle contains approximately 90 drops, 8 drops equals 1 ml. One can also use 2-3 drops directly onto shirt or clothes. Add the nml NPA to 25ML equivalent cologne / perfume. If you have more cologne /perfume / you need to add more NPA or vice versa. The new Pheromone Additive comes in two separate and scientifically based formula, one for men and one for women.

NPA for Men Pheromones is Very concentrates! NPA for Men should only be used for mixing with cologne or aftershave.

NPA for Men Pheromones Comes in small (7ml) boxed and large (15ml) bottles with a box, both with convenient eyedropper lid for easy use.


  1. The Power Of NPA Review by Richard

    I use 3 drops in conjunction with a lightly scented fragrance cologne when I want to create a strong presence!!! If You Want to emanate alpha male apply a drop on each wrist and one drop rubbed on each side of the neck... and Boom Goes The Dynamite!!! When wearing it speak very little but act in a smooth charming way and watch the attraction take place. (Posted on 7/15/2015)

  2. Great stuff Review by Patrick

    I love this additive. I recommend you mix with cologne and don't use straight. I always get more attention when wearing. I would give it give stars although I seem to get guys trying to pick fights with me in addition to the welcome smiles from the ladies (Posted on 7/5/2015)

  3. I am not sure Review by MDJ

    I had this product for a about 2 yrs, sometimes when I wear NPA..I notice I get spme attention other times nothing at all. My only issue with this I got the scentless which smells a sweaty sneakers..I just wish I was just scentless (Posted on 5/21/2015)

  4. Review by Gavin

    I bought a bottle of NPA and it is now my go-to phero when I go clubbing. Very sexual. Potent stuff (Posted on 6/26/2014)

  5. Review by Joseph

    Get a good cologne and dont over do it and youll notice you get a lot more smiles.This pheromone did the trick and gets you in the door.Works to give you a relaxing edge. (Posted on 6/26/2014)

  6. Review by Nathan

    wonderful stuff mixes well with Chrome and not too overpowering. Works really well with scent of eros as a base scent. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  7. Review by Fabio

    This is another one I like I like this one because you can add it to your colognes.
    I mix with my others but just a dab thats all you need just a dab (Posted on 3/27/2014)

  8. Review by David

    This was the second pheromone product I tried and it did excite the females. I will still buy this when I run out of it. A few dabs is all you need. Noticed three was too much and ended up turning females away and attracting more or less unwanted attention from guys looking to throw down. I am not a little guy at 63 and always expect someone to single out the big guy and give it a shot. I dont fight and am passive aggressive so I have noticed the more I used the better the chances someone challenged me. 2 dabs drops did the best for me. Any more and I expected trouble. Patience is the key with this stuff and try it out to match your self. But be aware that too much is time to go and wash it off. It does work though. Not in shape by any means and not really out going but it has done me well. Lots of good memories of some excellent nights. Cant go wrong with this one but be patient and start out slow. (Posted on 3/11/2014)

  9. Review by Tom

    I use these products to create a more congenial atmosphere at work and because it has become a hobby--trying out different products and trying to discern peoples reactions to them. I dont dilute the unscented products I just use tiny amounts. I prefer this NPA to Alpha-7 as I can apply a drop or two and the aroma is not nice to some and repellant to others. With NPA I think I see some reacting positively and some neutrally--but I dont think I see any repulsed as I did with Alpha-7. I think this one is potent and should therefore be used sparingly but I use it often and I think with good results. When I order pheromone products again this will not be first on the restock list but I will eventually get more.
    it has its place. (Posted on 12/3/2013)

  10. Review by Kwame

    Works great if you get the mixing correct. Stick to Chikara or an already well mixed product if your looking for results right away and dont have time to experiment (Posted on 4/8/2011)


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