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If you like Pheromax for Men, then you may want to try out Pheromax Trust for Men.

Like the original Pheromax for Men, Pheromax Trust for Men is a complex, German-engineered pheromone product that mixes sexual and social pheromones to produced balanced and pleasing results. The formula is designed to improve your confidence and increase your sexual attractiveness without intimidating the women you'd like to meet.

What makes Pheromax Trust for Men even better is the addition of a natural social hormone that helps gain the trust of others and strengthen your romantic and platonic relationships. If you work in sales or the service industry, or just want to improve your relationships with others, Pheromax Trust for Men is just what you're looking for.

Pheromax Trust for Men comes in a 14 ml metal atomizer that can be opened for the easy addition of your chosen cover fragrance. As Pheromax is unscented, we do recommend pairing it with a body spray, cologne, or other cover scent. Simply add your favorite fragrance right to the atomizer. You can also re-use the atomizer for your homemade fragrance or pheromone blends after you've run out of Pheromax Trust.

Pheromone Content: 5 mg total dry weight of androsteNONE, androsteNOL, and androstaDIENONE.


  1. Review by Brad

    I originally bought the Pheromax Mini because I wanted to try this out before spending the money on the Bigger bottle. After the noticeable results from the Mini I decided to invest in the Big Dog. Not a disappointment here at all. I have to say that I am very impressed. I tried just a couple of sprays which is more than enough BTW and felt relaxed almost instantly. Now im in the process of a divorce and my soon to be ex-wife came over about an hour after putting this on. the first thing I noticed was that she seemed in a better mood than I was used to. She did ask if I was wearing a new cologne she also then asked if I wanted to go out for breakfast with her. I said yes and we had a wonderful time. Now this didnt lead to sex or anything of the sort but it did help make for a more pleasant experience. that in itself is enough to invest in this again in the future. It goes on with a mild scent but I think it seems to increase in strength about an hour after putting it on. I would say a cover scent is recommended but optional because Ive gotten a good response either way. Ive noticed the ladies I work with whom I normally talk to anyway seem to spend an unreasonable amount of time hanging round. also it seems to help put them and I in a better mood on bad days. When Im out at a bar ordering a drink to where I can spend more than a few seconds standing close to some ladies many of then initiate the conversation or if I do they seem a lot more interested in what I have to say. I dont have troubles at all speaking to ladies when Im out but I have noticed that it is easier to keep their attention or to get them to open up about things that should probably be kept more private. I will continue to buy this product. Remember that a little dab goes a long way and lasts for many hours. (Posted on 11/5/2014)

  2. Review by Pedro

    This Product is Pure Alcohol I tried every way I can. Not even fly's on hot day got near, Save your Money. (Posted on 8/3/2010)


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