Pheromax Mini for Men

Pheromax Mini for Men

From Germany
Hi-tech inside and out Pheromax pheromone sample

New formula in men's 1 ml Sample size!

As you would expect from Germany, no effort and expense has been spared in creating this truly hi-tech pheromone product. The pheromone contents are extremely concentrated and packed into a very strong glass vial. And the vial can be opened so you can add your own cover fragrance to the unscented Pheromax or apply a drop on the wrist and apply a favorite cologne. This men's version of Pheromax, employs androsteNONE, androsteNOL and AndrostaDienone.

Men's 1 ml comes in both the original and newly updated formulas.

Contents: 1 ml 0.03 fl oz
Comes in attractive box


Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars! Saturday 23 March, 2013
Donald writes:
I have been experimenting with different scents and formulas for the last year with some success and some failures. The final mix that has me amazed at the results is a base of the Chikara gel and a drop or two of the Pheromax. Not only were the women brought in acting super friendly but guys were like it is so cool to hang out with you. Definitely making lots of new friends. Thank you Love Scent

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