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Pheromol Factor for Women

Pheromol Factor for Women


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Previously available only in the UK, The Pheromol Factor is now available in all countries exclusively through Love Scent. The Pheromol Factor is a simple pheromone fragrance developed by Dr. George Dodd, one of the world's leading aroma biotechnology scientists. Dodd calls it "The scent of sexual attraction", and we certainly agree!

The Pheromol Factor for Women has an exotic scent that is strong enough to cover the pheromone smell, but light enough that it can easily be combined with your favorite perfumes and fragrances. The fragrance has been engineered alongside the pheromone content to help users attract men, elevate their mood, and build the self confidence needed to succeed in any social setting. At only $29.95, The Pheromol Factor for Women is one of the most cost-efficient pheromone fragrances available at Love Scent.

The Pheromol Factor comes in a 11.5 ml bottle with 3% pheromone content


  1. Works Review by Tiffany

    I used it alone and also with cover scents and I tell yah it works. I received male and female attention both being more friendly from holding doors to extra friendly greetings and stares. I felt my mood elevate also and I'm sure with that happiness I looked friendly therefore more attention so try it it works (Posted on 3/28/2016)

  2. Attention Review by Tiffany

    This is a true attention grabber (Posted on 3/26/2016)

  3. Review by Lori

    This is really awesome stuff!! I wore it with a cover scent on top of it, and EVERYONE was extra kind to me. I was being hit on while I was sweating at the gym. Ha, ha!! I would definitely recommend this stuff!! (Posted on 10/8/2008)

  4. Review by WANDA

    I purchased the kit which included the Pheromol Factor for Women. it has a nice soft musky smell that one can add with a cover scent. I began to notice that a lot of men and women are extra friendly to me. I get many compliments on how good I smell and how beautiful I look. I feel a lot sexier than ever. I recommend it. (Posted on 4/25/2007)


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