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Primal Instinct Ylang Ylang for Men

Primal Instinct Ylang Ylang for Men


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Primal Instinct is one of the oldest and most established pheromone product brands. Their products employ an androsteNONE-based formula that has been known to provide amazing effects for users, but have a higher-than-normal risk of overdosing.

Primal Instinct Ylang Ylang for Men can help users find their inner sexual dominance and attract women on a primal level. However, some users have reported that using too much Primal Instinct for Men has resulted in increased aggression from other men. To be sure, the power of Primal Instinct cannot be understated, and users should exercise caution when figuring out the proper dosage for themselves. We recommend starting with one small drop on first use to see if you get the results you want.

Primal Instinct Ylang Ylang is scented with Ylang Ylang oil, which has a unique, sweet floral scent, similar to the smell of jasmine. Ylang Ylang is one of the most popular scents used in fragrances.

Each 10 ml bottle of Primal Instinct Ylang Ylang for Men includes 5 mg of androsteNONE.

If you're interested in the effects of Primal Instinct for Men but are worried about the risks, try our in-house take on the Primal Instinct formula, Alpha-7 Scented Pheromones. The Alpha-7 formula is very similar to Primal Instinct, but includes 40% more pheromone content as well as additional pheromones that help balance the negative effects of androsteNONEAlpha-7 Scented has the spicy scent of anise and cinnamon.


  1. Fun but I can't tell i it's really doing anything or placebo effect Review by Casey

    The concept of pheromones is great and they are scientifically proven to work however this product didn't seem much of anything, well not all bottles are of the same quality so maybe I was just unlucky (Posted on 5/4/2016)

  2. It works, and smells better. Review by DAVID

    Primal Instinct has always worked for me, but with the Ylang-Ylang scented version now I can enjoy it also. I always had to mask the pheromone smell with other oils or colognes - this version has the scent built right in. Works as great as ever - I always get better reception from people when I wear it vs days I skip it. It works! (Posted on 5/28/2015)

  3. Review by Mike

    Primal Instinct is my favorite go to pheromone so far. It works great by itself a drop or two on each wist or one behind each ear but also works great when applying in addition to a favorite cologne. One of my favorite uses is to drop about 10 drops into a small atomizer along with Chikara or any favorite cologne. This really supercharges the cologne and turns it into an attention getter. The Ylang Ylang version is great but I love the natural musk odor of Primal and dont find it offensive at all. The key is to use it sparingly. More is NOT always better. I highly recommend Primal Instinct its a great all purpose pheromone product from Love Scent (Posted on 1/15/2014)


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