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Scent of Eros Pheromone Perfume for Women

Scent of Eros Pheromone Perfume for Women


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Scent of Eros for Women is a great pheromone perfume created by the well-known pheromone researcher James V. Kohl, author of the definitive pheromone primer, The Scent of Eros. Scent of Eros for Women has a light floral scent and comes highly concentrated with pheromones that help bring men's attention to you.

The Scent of Eros for Women formula's success has a lot to do with its level fo AndrosteNOL, a social pheromone called "the icebreaker pheromone." This pheromone makes potential partners less intimidated and more likely to approach you. The AndrosteNOL content also makes Scent of Eros for Women an ideal product for beginners who are still getting the hang of using pheromones in their dating life.

Scent of Eros for Women comes in a convenient 10 ml roll-top bottle that you can take with you anywhere you might need it.

Scent of Eros for Women includes a guaranteed 5 mg of pheromone content.

Scent of Eros is also available in an Unscented version if you would like to mix the Scent of Eros pheromone blend with your own perfume.

Be sure to check out our ultra-convenient and portable Scent of Eros Gel Packs for Women as well!


  1. Love it! Review by Sterling

    Going in, I didn’t have high hopes for this perfume because so many other pheromone perfumes just did not work for me, but I was pleasantly surprised, I work at a health and wellness clinic that deals with a lot of clientele, both male and female, and every one I spoke to just seemed more open to conversing with me and I just saw a change in their over all demeanor towards me. Clients that were usually more on the grumpy side actually seemed way more sociable and were willing to speak with me for longer periods of time and that In turn boosted my membership sales quite a bit, which is a god send when you’re paid based on commission lol. I’m very pleased with this product. (Posted on 7/28/2018)

  2. Awesome Review by Christina

    I love this. I always seem to get more attention when I where it . (Posted on 6/11/2018)

  3. Scent of Eros Review by Dianne

    I absolutely love the smell. My boyfriend will always comment that I smell good when I have it on. (Posted on 11/27/2017)

  4. Smells good Review by lisa

    I wish I could give you more information but the night that I wore it I ended up staying home by myself and the next time I had the opportunity to go out or had an opportunity that made me want to try them I couldn't find them and haven't been able to ever since then so although I did like the smell of it I'm not sure if it works because I wasn't around any men. Lol (Posted on 10/15/2017)

  5. Does not disappoint! Review by Jodi

    Pleasant fragrance. Not overpowering. Easy to wear with other perfumes too. Lots of compliment and lots of attention. (Posted on 10/9/2017)

  6. Wonderful Review by candie

    This product is amazing. Smells wonderful and it drives my female wife crazy! Want more. Highly recommended (Posted on 9/23/2017)

  7. Always look good because men notice Review by Julie

    When I first had the privilege to to try scent of Eros I was already in a relationship but things went from hot to amazing and he had no clue why he could stay away from me. My secret our pleasure everybody wins, you just have to experience it for yourself, but be prepared! (Posted on 3/12/2017)

  8. Amazing!!! Review by Kourtney

    This product has given me exactly what I was looking for. I've used other pheromones from other companies and none of them ever made me get the same response that SOE has. I have been dating the same guy for about 3 months now, our sex life has always been fantastic but once I put this on, he became more attentive, eager to please, and downright obsessive. I would suggest this to anyone between the age of 18-30, but I've noticed that older men don't respond as much. Good luck ladies! (Posted on 5/10/2016)

  9. Love this! Review by Dezz

    Not only does this smell wonderful, just very light and flowery, which is what I prefer, but used with the Pheromax Trust and the Primal Women, my husband went nuts. I would recommend this to anyone, and plan on buying more every time I start running low. Awesome, awesome stuff! (Posted on 3/18/2016)

  10. Beautiful Review by Alexa

    It smells great and definitely makes me feel sexy (Posted on 12/18/2015)

  11. The scent of Eros for Women Review by Steffy

    I cannot tell you all how wonderful this fragrance is. And the results is beyond anything i could imagine.All the products that I have tried are great but this scent leaves me at a lost for words. I wish I had enough money to buy them out.. (Posted on 6/3/2015)

  12. Sweet and long lasting Review by Polaris

    This oil has light and sweet scent, though on my skin it does not come across as breezy as the packets SoE do. It is a social lubricant for me, men and women are more helpful when I wear it. It is long lasting, about 8 hours. (Posted on 5/22/2015)

  13. I <3 it! Review by Cindylou

    I'm so excited to get a bottle of this, I'm only used the sample packets but with get results, I always get complements on how good I smell when I wear it! I think it also makes me feel more positive too. (Posted on 3/16/2015)

  14. Review by Priscilla

    This one is great alone or mixed with your favorite perfume....expect a lot of attention.....LOL (Posted on 12/3/2014)

  15. Review by Annie

    Every time I wear this scent Im told I smell good. It really works (Posted on 12/2/2014)

  16. Review by Mireia

    I have been using Scent of Eros for several years now and i have to say it works extremely well for me always. I always have it ready to use whenever i may need it. I have used it with exit for getting a job in job interviews for passing the car driving exam believe it or not i did it bad but they approved me in friends and family meetings in banks appointments where they gave me the credits i was asking forto enhance the relationship with a partner in all ways much better love making and of course in clubs and discos at nights. So its extremely useful for me cause it makes me feel súper confident and i really notice that everyone around me feels súper happy and opened to me and also extremely attracted. So i have been using it not only to attract men at discos for what it works really well but also to achieve other things in my day to day life with awesome results always. Cause it makes me feel so happy and confident when i wear it and everyone around me turns extremely friendly and seem to trust me and in everything i say so you really can make others do what you want...its so powerful that u have to use it with consciousness i think cause u can make others fall in love with you so much so maybe u have to be careful with that cause sometimes u may just dont want that. I have to be careful because at times men can be really bothering at the discos you know when youre a woman you may not want that much attraction to you at discos sometimes. I only can highly recomend this one to all women. Im more than happy with it and the results i have achieve thanks to this magical cologne. More than happy. (Posted on 8/8/2014)

  17. Review by Priscilla

    very seductive place on pulse points and spray your favorite will draw them out of the REAL (Posted on 8/7/2014)

  18. Review by Cindy

    Every time I wear this scent I get compliments on how good I smell. Its light and floral and makes me feel pretty (Posted on 7/27/2014)

  19. Review by seng moi

    I really loved the scent for this one I did get increased male attention but that might be due to my change in attitude as well. But this scent makes me feel confident and sexy (Posted on 7/1/2014)

  20. Review by Sarah

    I have been using SOE for a few years now. It works wonderful and drives my husband nuts. The sent is mild and works well with my body spray. (Posted on 6/26/2014)

  21. Review by Jan

    Honestly I dont think I would buy this again. SOE did not have the effects Id hoped. I personally do not like the scent cloying and overwhelming so maybe that has something to do with it. Ill experiment with other products but this ones not a repeater. (Posted on 1/17/2014)

  22. Review by Olga

    I have been using the Scent of Eros for over two years by now. I can only say good things about this product. It smells great and it is working in terms of attracting more attention I will be definitely buying more of it when my bottle is over :.

    Highly recommended (Posted on 1/16/2014)

  23. Review by Ally

    I bought this about 3 years ago so I can vouch for its staying power to use when my lover at the time was visiting me from out of town.
    When he first arrived I was wearing the Scent of Eros from a gel pack and after initial hugs at the airport he recoiled a bit and asked what perfume I was wearing because it was really making him feel sick. : GREAT : We got home and I went to wash straight away saying I didnt know what product he was reacting to so Id clean the slate and start over.
    I then applied a perfume Id mixed earlier with oils and Primal Instinct Unscented for Women and that passed his sniff test. I went on to have great success with Primal Instinct which I have explained in my review on that product.
    Since that terrible experiment I left the remaining packs of Scent of Eros for Her alone - barring one occasion when I wore it to work to test whether other people also reacted like it stunk. Result was that nobody reacted badly at all and the receptionist complimented me on my lovely fresh perfume but I didnt see any real difference in peoples behaviour.
    Fast forward and Im seeing a new guy and still using the original bottle of Primal Instinct on him with brilliant results.
    I still had a couple of gel packs of the Scent of Eros left so out of curiosity I have worn that around him twice when I was going to the gym so I could claim the slight cologne scent was deodorant if I had to. He doesnt react badly to it at all. He doesnt fall all over me quite as much as with the Primal Instinct but he still snuggles up to me and tells me how much I turn him on etc. So I guess it really is in the beholder and I got unlucky the first time.
    It might be worth noting too when I have worn either of the pheromone products at my mans house when his teenage son is there the son cant keep away from me. Not in a disturbing way but in a puppy-love adoring kind of way. He follows me around like a puppy. I guess at his age he is primed to follow hormonal cues or something. But I do find that interesting to see and it also adds reassurance to me that the Scent of Eros doesnt smell bad to either of them the son for sure wouldnt hesitate to say it stinks if he thought so LOL. (Posted on 4/26/2013)

  24. Review by Truth

    Well.. I think its time I review after a full month of testing. Maybe its just me but I feel its pretty safe to say Scent of Eros does not work for me. It smells lovely and I think I smell an undertone that is probably the pheremones this is my first ever pheremone product. The product undoubtedly has a calming effect on me which I definitely approve but other than that and smelling nice it does nothing. Im usually a pretty friendly person so I wouldnt say my body language ruins the effect.

    Im not calling the product a complete dud since it has clearly worked for others but it simply doesnt get the job done for me. Im not expecting it to turn me into some kind of entity making guys melt at her feet haha But I would like a little difference. All of my interactions have shown no difference from before I began using SoE. Perhaps it simply doesnt agree with my own body chemistry or just isnt strong enough.

    I tried differing amounts every week but all brought little to nothing. For its results Id give it one star. But it earns another star just because it smells nice. :

    Good luck to those who try it (Posted on 9/14/2011)

  25. Review by Cynthia

    Smells wonderful Arrived fast and safe. I havent tested the effects on others yet but after reading all the glowing reviews I have faith that this product will do what it claims. This weekend will tell the tale (Posted on 9/12/2011)

  26. Review by Jamie

    My first ever purchase from love-scent theyve provided excellent customer service. i must say SOE has made me a believer
    The scent is divine slightly musky and sweet but not overpowering with a hint of dirty in it but I suppose thats Just the copulins. Lol Whenever I wear this I feel like im the centre of attention everyone around me including my girlfriends are chattier friendlier with a hint of sexual tension from the guys. The hits I got are out of this world. Awesome product Will keep repurchasing forever (Posted on 4/13/2011)

  27. Review by Alexa

    I havent noticed any discernible difference in how people interact with me while wearing this. I dont think any more guys hit on me than usual. However it does smell really good just as a general perfume thus why Im giving it two stars instead of one. I honestly doubt this pheromone thing has anything to it despite me giving it an honest effort for the last month. Dont spend your money on this expecting any romantic magic its just a pleasant scent. (Posted on 1/23/2011)

  28. Review by Janice

    I love the light scent of SOE; however, I didn't get the response I expected to get from my hubby when I began wearing it. He has complimented me on smelling nice more than a few times, but I'm looking for something to light his fire. I'm thinking of mixing SOE with PCC...we'll see how that works! Oh, it did help socially at least. People seem to be a bit more friendly. (Posted on 10/28/2010)

  29. Review by allyl

    i use this product alone and didnt see much difference then i mixed with Primal s for woman and got better compliments (Posted on 9/23/2010)

  30. Review by Laura

    SOE is so awesome!!! the scent is delicious when i wear it everybody notice, is one of the best products this company have. Really love-scent and their products ROCKS!!! (Posted on 8/10/2010)

  31. Review by sheryl

    you wont regret with this product!! i use this with PI/w & NPA/w (not mixed),then SOE/w for the cover scent..boys always tells me how adoring & sexy iam with my looks and for my 2nd experiment, EOW+Mistress (Posted on 6/30/2010)

  32. Review by Irene

    Pheromones do work. However, if a woman is wearing them and acting like they're uninterested, and not smiling or your body language is uninviting, of course it 'doesn't work'! You're signaling men, but confusing them by doing that! (Posted on 3/18/2010)

  33. Review by natasha

    i used this and Essence of a Woman. apparently it DOES NOT work...
    it's really more of a mental support than an actual help.
    see my review under EoW. (Posted on 3/11/2010)

  34. Review by Sylvia

    looking forward to try it (Posted on 1/14/2010)

  35. Review by Irene

    I purchased both the sample and full sized roll-on of Scent of Eros. I tried a sample to 'test the waters'. My boyfriend couldn't keep his hands off of me. He asked if the 'new 'perfume I was wearing had pheromones in it. I said, "I don't know!" ;)
    Body language, a smile, and positive attitude help.

    I definitely recommend it. (Posted on 12/26/2009)

  36. Review by Angel

    I love SOE, the smell is sooo yummy. I've noticed people seem more intrigued by me when I wear this..great product. (Posted on 7/27/2009)

  37. Review by Gillian

    I loved the fragrance on this..I did not notice any major effects, as men throwing themselves at me or any hoey like that..But it seemed to have a soothing effect on people..People complimented me on the scent and were very talkative..It's definetely a great icebreaker. Seems as if the wearer becomes more approachable. (Posted on 6/18/2009)

  38. Review by Marilyn

    This stuff is AWESOME! First time I wore it - had a meeting with the CEO of a major client of ours. After the meeting, he shook my hand and very slightly pulled me in his direction - looked directly in my eyes and said "It was A DEFINITE PLEASURE to see you again"! His assistant, who hasn't spoken 20 words to me in the 3 years I've known her was a virtual "chatty cathy", and we're goiing to lunch next week! At another customer's that day, men were getting up from their desks and crossing the room to speak to me! The male clerks in the store will fall all over themselves to help me. I'm going to order a truckload! (Posted on 5/14/2009)

  39. Review by Jamie

    I have to say I had my doubts but the very first day I wore this an employee walked into my office and said wow, what is that smell?! She went on and on about it. My boss patted me on my shoulder twice that day. I have worked for him 8 years and he has never touched me before. This stuff really works! (Posted on 2/7/2009)

  40. Review by Kathleen

    Very effective, definately gained the interest of the person I was trying to attract. Has a nice scent and I feel more confident when I wear it. Also noticed other women are more friendly and talkative and seemed to gravitate to me (but not in a weird way). Almost as if I am more Alpha, which I am usually not. (Posted on 12/6/2007)

  41. Review by Starr

    I put this on and immediately there were five guys trying to get into my pants at the same time. Each of a different race! This stuff really works! (Posted on 7/14/2007)

  42. Review by WANDA

    I have tried the scent of eros and did it work?! Men were very friendly, some even flirted with me. Not only that, women were friendly as well. I am a bartender part-time, I was tipped 50 dollars by one man and 20 dollars from a woman. Others tipped me well throughout the weekend. I will defenitely get more. (Posted on 5/22/2007)

  43. Review by Pat Rhiannon

    I put some of this on earlier in the day. Later in the evening I attended a mixed-gender folk dance group and I sweated a lot while dancing and the men were definitely all more interested in me than usual. But even more than that, I noticed that the women--who are usually very friendly--were cool towards me. They usually approach me and talk to me, but this time the only one who was even friendly was the one lesbian in the group! In particular the leader of the group, a woman and definitely the alpha female, who is usually quite friendly, was downright rude.

    So if you use this stuff when going to a mixed-gender gathering you might want to take it easy. And if you're going to be getting exercise and sweating--I think that intensified the effect quite a bit.

    It DEFINITELY works! Impressive. (Posted on 2/10/2006)


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