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Silent Seduction for Men

Silent Seduction for Men


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Silent Seduction is a pheromone product available in a trial-size, 1 ml vial. It is designed to enhance your alpha qualities, sex appeal, and romantic desirability.

Each 1 ml vial of Silent Seduction contains 0.5 mg og AndrosteNONE. Those new to the world of pheromones should take note that AndrosteNONE is a very powerful pheromone, and it is very easy to use too much. When used sparingly, AndrosteNONE brings out your inner alpha, giving you a boost of confidence and authority. When used in excess, however, this potent pheromone can have unpleasant effects: those around you may be too intimidated or irritated to approach you, and some might even start an argument with you. Only use a drop or two to start!

While Silent Seduction was designed for men, some women have used AndrosteNONE to improve their perceived authority and confidence. Men and women alike can benefit from this powerful pheromone's effects.

Like all of our pheromone products, Silent Seduction should be applied to your wrists, throat, or behind your ears. Pair with a cover scent for best results. You can also consider pairing Silent Seduction with more socially-focused pheromones, such as AndrosteNOL, which can provide a balance to AndrosteNONE's aggressive effects.

At only $17.50, Silent Seduction provides the perfect opportunity to try out the effects of AndrosteNONE without breaking the bank. The packaging also makes it a great gift. Try it today!


  1. It works good! Review by Gregory

    It works better than good! Amazing is more like it! I had my clothes ripped off at the door. Swear to God! Love this stuff. Less is more with it. It only takes a tiny little bit. (Posted on 7/4/2018)

  2. got me laid!!!!!!!! Review by Logan

    EXACTLY WHAT THE TITLE SAYS! (Posted on 11/27/2015)

  3. Review by Ronald

    I use the product sparingly because i find the subtle approach works best and It really does work I get more smiles from women and even friendliness and cooperation in non-sexual situations from both men and women. The only drawback is sometimes Im unprepared or clueless when it works romantically but thats a job for another product which i havent found yet LOL. (Posted on 6/28/2014)

  4. Review by Chuck

    i have used this product several times and I hate to say that I havent noticed a change in any women becoming more attracted to me. (Posted on 6/25/2014)


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