SOE Gel Packs for Men

SOE Gel Packs for Men

Same proven pheromone formula as its bottled predecessor, the gel packs are easy to carry and apply. SOE Gel Packs are non oily and an inexpensive way to try a new product out before investing in a bottle.

NOTE: These packets are 33% larger  than previously. These are different than the single  use packet.  These new packets should get  2 to 2 1/2 uses.

Each packet now contains:
0.08 mg pheromones in 1 ml of gel

7 packets now only $9.95
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Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars! Sunday 02 November, 2014
.E. writes:
I found it funny reading two peoples reveiwings saying this didnt work. Wellâ if it really is a belief factor first did they believe in themselves and were they already attractive. Second did they exude their own personal power and confidence even if they were shy. Or were they staring at girl from affair thinking the magic potion would draw a women over to them like a magnet. I dont think really anything like that works in life other than maybe hynosis even then thatd be pushing the of ones person free will. On a different token I do vividly recall this particular pheromone attracting women the easiest and quickest out of all of the other pheromones Ive used. What I did notice is that a little goes a long way. Putting tiny amounts on the different pulse points is much more effective than blobbing it all over the place on a random part of the body. With that said it was particular interesting in one night at a clubbar where I attracted 3 different women. One as young as a teenager one in her mid to late 30s and another who was in here 50s. All three of them were helping me find a girl like a bunch of nurturers cause the youngest had her boyfriend the middle aged women had her fiancĂ and the 50 year old was sick of men and was getting over her divorced husband. So they all worked together to find me a nice girl to speak to. Well it was successful not only did I speak with her but we kissed quite magnetically. I didnt have sex with her but I sure did have a very heartwarming connection with her. It was a touching experience because I had to leave the next night for a deployment to my next base while in the air force. Again I am infinitely grateful for the magic and sheer brilliance these pheromones have given brought forth. Truth be told it isnt some magical formula but a science of mutual attraction. For the shy introverted types what it boils down to isnt outright domination cat calls and hitting on women its a certain gaze smooth talking and poetic tone that attracts the women. Doesnt matter if theyre young old or married. This particular pheromone attracted all age ranges of women. My last suggestion is be specific with the type of girl or lady you want to attract you will find that get that either in a night to 3 weeks. Its a build up of confidence and consistency. Keep going to the same place and it will happen

5 of 5 Stars! Monday 06 October, 2014

5 of 5 Stars! Wednesday 09 April, 2014
Leonard writes:
These gel packs are easy and discreet to use. Ive noticed that when wearing the scent which I dab under my arms and in my private area women circle around me like vultures getting ready to feast. Love this scent and will be ordering more when the discount code kicks in

2 of 5 Stars! Monday 14 May, 2012
Sue writes:
Smells Good But It Does Not Work I sent some to a friend to try also and she had said that it did not work for her either. Makes a good perfume.

3 of 5 Stars! Monday 14 March, 2011
Ray writes:
Works pretty well to get interest when at a clubparty etc not so much anything else.. Its too intense of a pheromone and can end up intimidating women save for older women tthough. People seemed to get the sniffles around me whenever I used any amount. Also attracted men which is NOT what I want.

5 of 5 Stars! Wednesday 30 December, 2009
Dimitri writes:
Tried 1/4 SOE + 2 sprays TE it works! don't forget one thing you should be close to the person you want hit ! :) p.s also very nice smell much better than TE

3 of 5 Stars! Friday 06 March, 2009
Ray writes:
This was okay. Nowhere near as effective as spray, but for occasional, light uses it does work slightly, but personally I think the scent isn't that great, but the mones work a okay.

1 of 5 Stars! Friday 20 April, 2007
Harri writes:
I have tried all of these pheromone gel packets. Chicara, Perception, SOE, Edge. None of these work for me. I feel cheated and think that this whole thing is a big scam. I'm not willing to pay 50-70 dollars for some bottled version. If you really think that these are some kind of love potions which have real human pheromones, think again. I think that these guys just add some water, perfume and something that makes this thing thicker. No pheromones. Then they take your money and laugh at you. It's a mental thing. You really think you're the king of the world when using this stuff, that you think is some pheromone product. Too bad!

1 of 5 Stars! Thursday 12 October, 2006
Mohamed writes:
A friend of mine gave me these gel packs to try. They do not Work at all.

4 of 5 Stars! Friday 18 August, 2006
douglas writes:
This stuff is B average, B+ at best, or at least, in normal everyday doses. First time I wore it, I was at a college bible study. I got a hit very easily. She was about 20 or so, she came up and started talking and just kept talking to me. I could tell she was interested. Second time I wore it when I was job hunting. It barely was noticable and even though the managers were a little more friendly, it wasn't by enough to make soe worth it. Third time I was at applebees with like 10 people I know. I noticed slightly that people were paying more attention to me and I felt like a leader. Here is why I probably will try something else: 1. I'm very outgoing already, and girls seem to feel very comfortable around me naturally. 2. I'm a natural leader and becoming the center of attention can be very easy with or without soe. 3. I make lots of "just friend" girls, I don't seem be so much sexy as I am funny, caring, understanding, etc. I think something like TE or NPA might give me better results. I will however try upping the dosage. I normally use a dime size on my wrists and then neck, which gets me to about 3 applications per pack. I will try using 1/2 a pack and I will post those results. Overall: using everyday will slightly improve your personality and will be fairly inexpensive, but you may not be getting the full results.

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