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Scent of Eros Gel Packs for Women (7-pack)


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Scent of Eros for Women is a great pheromone perfume created by the well-known pheromone researcher James V. Kohl, author of the definitive pheromone primer, The Scent of ErosScent of Eros for Women has a light floral scent and comes highly concentrated with pheromones that help bring men's attention to you.

Scent of Eros Gel Packs for Women contain the same formula as bottled Scent of Eros for Women, but in a convenient 1ml packet, good for about two uses. Scent of Eros Gel Packs for Women are a great way to try out Scent of Eros for a lower price, or as a handy way to bring pheromones with you anywhere you go so you can get a nice boost of pheromone confidence any time you need it.

Each 1ml gel packet includes 0.08 mg of pheromone content.

The more you buy, the more you save!

7 packets cost only $9.95, 18 packets cost $24.95, and 38 packets cost $49.95.



  1. Love it!! Review by Carol

    I have tried the gel packets and the roll on bottle (both scented) in Scent of Eros. The roll on SOE smells nice, but I prefer the scent of the gel packs...the jasmine is more apparent and leaves me feeling sexy when I wear it! The Androstenol in this really helps to give me a lift and seems to draw people my way, while encouraging conversation. A must try!! (Posted on 5/31/2016)

  2. Works pretty well, hubby liked this. Review by helen

    Subtle and not overpowering, but definitely works. Hubbey liked this one. (Posted on 4/19/2016)

  3. Works pretty well, hubby liked this. Review by helen

    Subtle and light fragrance. Works pretty well. Husband definitely liked this one. (Posted on 4/19/2016)

  4. Surprisingly works well Review by jessica

    I have been using this on and off for a while now and can tell a difference in the attention I get from men and women. I think it gives a little confidence too because I feel better with it on. (Posted on 3/14/2016)

  5. Uplifting Review by Cindy

    I really like the gel packs as when I'm having a day that things just aren't going right, add a little scent of Eros and the people around me are in a better, friendlier mood as well as adding some confidence to myself. Thank you loves scent
    Oh and people say I smell good like a clean good smell when I where it. (Posted on 2/22/2016)

  6. smells great Review by Robin

    I can honestly say I loved the way this smells it made me want me lol. (Posted on 9/27/2015)

  7. Social mone Review by Holly

    I have been wearing this for a while now. My longtime boyfriend likes the smell a lot and makes him less aggressive/ more talkative. I tried wearing it to a great dinner at White Spot. Seems to work better with a little air conditioning than sweating it off in hot temps outside. The young asian waitress in her early 20's started flirting with my boyfriend which I found amusing. She reduced the bill and gave us extra shots in our martini's. She also joked about seeing us come back the next day for breakfast.

    In summary- it works on the 20-30's age range. Older age groups don't seem to notice as much. I suggest using Sheer Love bath gel/body lotion from Victoria's Secret to use alongside the gel packet. (Posted on 8/24/2015)

  8. it turn him on Review by Grace

    when I wear this my husband going crazy keep smelling me (Posted on 8/20/2015)

  9. Scent of Eros Review by Lynn

    This makes me so relaxed. It feels very nice on and everyone seems so nice to me on days I wear it. (Posted on 7/11/2015)

  10. scented scent of Eros Review by Tina

    I noticed when I wore it I got lots of attention from a couple men I liked it alot (Posted on 7/5/2015)

  11. Worth it! Review by Cindy

    I've tried the roll on and the jel packets, I like the packets better. SOE has a lovely smell, what I've noticed is that it gives me an uplift spirit as well when it does something to men when I'm close to them. One guy I work with actually said he couldn't concentrate all he could do was breathe me in he said, omg you smell so good! (Posted on 6/16/2015)

  12. My new favorite Review by moneque

    This is a very good product I've noticed a big difference with with my husband he is a lot more sexual. (Posted on 6/15/2015)

  13. Nice Review by Polaris

    I have tried packets as well as oil SoE for women, and I like packets better. They seem to work with my body chemistry. The scent is lighter and fresher then with the oil. Men and women seem friendlier when I wear it (no sexual responses noticed so far, just better social interactions). Usually I apply tiny amount, about a drop, on my wrists and behind ears, and the scent usually disappears after 2 hours of wear. (Posted on 5/22/2015)

  14. really nice product Review by Ann

    This is one of the best Phermonones that i have ever used ..people really respond when i am wearing it .in a very positive way.i noted men being much more talkative that before using it never had much to say to me. (Posted on 5/21/2015)

  15. Review by Nicole

    My husband went crazy for me when I wore this. He couldnt stop smelling me. I love the smell as well. (Posted on 7/25/2014)

  16. Review by Cindy

    I like the smell of this one wish it came in a spray not a gel. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  17. Review by Donette

    Love this stuff. Wear it everywhere and all the time. Dont feel complete without it. (Posted on 5/16/2014)

  18. Review by Sarah

    Best stuff everIt makes me feel better and sexier even if nobody is around and it drives my hubby and others wild when they are around. I know i am cute and nice but mygoodness this helps (Posted on 1/17/2014)

  19. Review by June

    This stuff smells amazing Well for me its perfect because it smells just like if you combine my body spray Avon Romantic Temptations Devoted Jasmine and my shampoo Revlon Outrageous. I used it alone yesterday and had no results. People were nice but it wasnt out of the ordinary. So I decided to be adventurous today and use Perception The gel packs along with this and ODd on both. The results were AMAZING. I had guys coming up to me super chatty and nice and joked around. I was also getting hugs left and right from both my female friends and guy friends. What was awkward was that I had men older such as my professor who every girl in the class is drooling over flirt with me. The combination not only works on attracting men but it also helps with friends as well and IT WORKS WONDERS (Posted on 6/14/2012)

  20. Review by Alison

    I wore half of one pack on my wrists and in the hollow of my cleavage. I tried it out in church, thinking that men would probably be less likely to blatantly check me out there as opposed to in the street.
    I was modestly dressed, standing in front of a notice board, reading the notices, when a man I don't know walked past about ten feet behind me. There was no one else around, no reason for him to be distracted, but he stopped dead in his tracks! I felt him freeze, as if something had grabbed his attention or blocked his path. He stood for several seconds, then continued on; when I saw him pass, he seemed shaken up! I did feel a bit sorry for him, but only a little bit.. ;)
    I have noticed people in general being friendlier to me, and I love the smell and the fact that a little bit goes a long way. My best friend has had great results, too. We're going to a hot concert soon, and she has a VIP pass..
    We can't wait to use our 'secret weapon' on our fav entertainers! (Posted on 5/18/2010)

  21. Review by Gillian

    I got to try a sample of this. This has a pleasant scent..I did not get a whole mess of guys after me or anyything like that..But I did notice it had a calming and approachable effect. People were very chatty and weren't afraid to start conversation..It's a great icebreaker. (Posted on 6/18/2009)

  22. Review by Jennifer

    I'm impressed. My boyfriend seems to really like this sent, because when I wear it his nose is almost always tickling the crook of my neck and ear lobe. I purchased the packets to try it out. I did my homework and thought this sounded like what I wanted. Boy was I right! I've just come back to order the full bottle. Joy! (Posted on 9/4/2008)

  23. Review by Valorie

    This product has been a consistent winner for me. I sometimes mix it with Silent Seduction, Mistress, or Passion Copulin. That combined with a nice smile and eye contact can really break the ice. If you are kind of shy, the Mistress product might be helpful.
    Remember to put a small amount on hair and clothes. It can stay on longer. (Posted on 6/25/2008)

  24. Review by WANDA

    I've been using SOE gel along with Perception and perfume and found that it really works. People compliment me om how good I smell and ask what I'm wearing. I haven't told anyone of my secret. I rather keep it that way. I have been getting lots of attention from men and women are friendlier. Of course you have to have the personality to go with it. I recommend this very much. (Posted on 10/26/2007)

  25. Review by Gil

    Well, a while back I ordered a package of severeal things, including around 30(!) packs o SOE Gel. I tried it... over and over again. IT WORKS GOOD! It took me a few packs so that I notice the diference in people's reactions, but after that I really have to say it makes a difference. All you have to do is use that edge to your benefit (it wont do the work for you! ). (Posted on 4/8/2005)

  26. Review by ginger

    my boyfriend goes crazy when i wear this stuff. he barely notices anything else i wear. other men are a lot friendlier when i well any of the pheromone gels. it's very subtle, but i enjoy the extra attention. (Posted on 4/5/2005)

  27. Review by Erika

    I actually tried this packet and to be honest it doesn't work. I even talked to guys and they treat me the same-they hardly talk to me. Despite its great smell people still don't notice me (Posted on 3/1/2005)

  28. Review by Melanie

    I like the way SOE makes me feel when I'm wearing it. Everyone seems to turn your way when you enter a room. And the other day at work I was the center of attention and I wasn't really doing anything to get their attention. SOE amells great alone also. (Posted on 11/28/2004)

  29. Review by Kelly

    This stuff is great! I noticed an amazing side effect with this mother, who can be a complete bitch a lot of the time to me is actually nice to me when I'm wearing this!!! (Posted on 10/31/2004)

  30. Review by Loretta

    I like the smell of it--it kinda turns me on too!! (Posted on 7/15/2004)


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