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I have been ordering from Love Scent for close to two years. Always fast service I have tried some of their different products. I think my Favorite is Edge. I get very favorable responses when I wear Edge. On a recent order of multiple items one item was not the item I ordered. I cannot believe how quickly painlessly they corrected the order. Talk about Outstanding Customer Service. WOWThey definitely have a customer for life.
Al August 15, 2013
Bruce First and foremost thank you for your prompt service I used the alpha-7 and the scent of Eros combination and the results were amazing I had women from their mid 20s to upper 40s engaging in conversation along with sexual innuendoes and etc.. : It has been non stop. Time for a re-order.. I may try something with more androstene this round. For a first timer I say to all the folks out there.. This stuff works Jim
James April 10, 2013
Thanks Allot for taking care of that so quick....Merry Christmas :-) Cheers Scott
Scott November 15, 2012
Thanks for you Love-Scenters are truly great C/S! I've been so CrAzY busy!! I was just thinking..I have to get an email to you...and woa-la you sent me email!!
Tami September 15, 2012
You seem to have more of a personal touch as opposed to some big faceless corporation, when I do business with you I feel like a person, not just a number-I really appreciate that. Of all the merchants I do business with (and I do a lot of shopping online!) you are truly one of the best.
Lynn September 07, 2012
Thank you Tammi and Tanja for helping me receive my ordered goods. I'm so happy and grateful to you both for your efforts. You are both stars! I can't wait to try them on...
Polly September 03, 2012
It arrived 3 days after you shipped it.Thanks for the great customer service and extras.
Eric September 03, 2012
Many thanks for excellent service
Colin September 01, 2012
Thank you for being so kind!
Jim August 28, 2012

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