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Alter Ego Gel Packs for Women (18-pack)

Alter Ego Gel Packs for Women (18-pack)


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Alter Ego Gel Packs for Women contain the same scented pheromone formula as their bottled counterpart, delivered in convenient gel packets.

While many pheromone perfumes focus on only one kind of pheromone, Alter Ego includes a mix of social and sexual pheromones: AndrosteNONE, AndrosteNOL, and AndrosteRONEThe three pheromones work together and enhance each other's best qualities while helping to negate any of each other's potentially negative side effects. This formula can improve your confidence, sexual magnetism, and your own mood to the point that you'll feel like a whole new person.

Each Alter Ego for Women Gel Packet contains 1.5 ml of gel infused with Alter Ego pheromones and fragrance. Just tear open the packet and squeeze out the gel to apply!

Each packet is good for 1-2 uses.

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  1. This really works Review by Chasity

    As soon as I put it on I could feel my mood get better (Posted on 12/29/2018)

  2. Enlightens everyone’s mood. Review by beth

    Just received my order 2 days ago. Used a sample Scent of Eros and off to work I went. All of my coworkers and doctors that I work for, seemed to want to be around me any chance they got. Everyone in he office seemed to be in a good mood; which is unusual.
    I guess it really does work. :) (Posted on 5/31/2018)

  3. This stuff Works!!!!! Review by Mia

    Recently purchased Alter Ego sample packets. The results were phenomenal!!! I used the Alter Ego gel sample packs along with Eros samples together on my bf and dam what a reaction!!! He was all over me kissing me and just sexy to say the least. I'm happy with the results I'm buying more this week. I like the scent and definitely recommend this! You won't be sorry!!! (Posted on 5/22/2018)

  4. Great Review by Stephanie

    Love this product and having the gel packs with you just in case. Bought a bottle for my friend she loved the scent and the effectiveness (Posted on 6/12/2017)

  5. Alter Ego for women Review by bmw6677

    Oh my gosh, it says it attracts men and its the truth. The smell is heavenly, I'm just sad cause I ran out, time to order more.. (Posted on 4/1/2017)


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