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AndroSTANone, sometimes referred to simply as "anone," is a sex pheromone similar to the popular AndrosteNONE. The main difference between AndroSTANone and AndrosteNONE is that AndroSTANone is more on the social end of the pheromone spectrum.

When wearing AndroSTANone, you may notice increased friendly behavior from both men and women, as well as an increased feeling of platonic closeness to others. You may also notice more attention from others (sexual or non-sexual).

You can wear AndroSTANone by itself, but it works especially well as part of a mix. For example, it can enhance the effects of AndrosteNONE without putting its sexual effects over the top.

One major thing to note: like all our pure pheromones, our pure AndroSTANone is very highly concentrated. We recommend it only for those who have plenty of experience working with pheromones. If you have that experience, AndroSTANone will make a great addition to your at-home pheromone lab!

Each 10 ml bottle ocontains 10 mg dry weight of pure AndroSTANone pheromones.

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