Arome De Femme

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Arome De Femme is a classic perfume infused with copulins.

Copulins are potent sex pheromones, and are perfect for women who want to deepen their relationships with their partners or attract someone new into their life. Copulins are especially effective on straight men and have powerful emotional effects.

The delicate, light floral cover scent of Arome de Femme is pleasing and distinctive without being overwhelming. It is especially pleasant to those who enjoy traditional perfumes with more natural fragrance notes.

Wear Arome De Femme when you want to put yourself and your partner in a romantic, intimate mood, or when you want to attract attention from the men around you. Expect flirtatious responses and increases sexual attration. Long-term partners may also find that Arome De Femme improves trust and comfort with one another.

If you're looking for a classic perfume infused with the power of copulins, Arome de Femme is an excellent choice.

Scent Notes: Base notes of musk, vertiver, and sandalwood. Heart notes of floral essences. Top notes of citrus and vanilla.

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