Pheromone Focus: AndrosteRONE

Happy weekend, Love Scenters. In this week’s Pheromone Focus we’ll be looking at androsteRONE (also known as RONE), an important pheromone used to enhance many pheromone products. Read on to learn the ins and outs of this popular pheromone.


Where is androsterone found naturally?

Androsterone is naturally produced by humans, in our sweat, saliva, and urine. Much higher quantities of androsterone are found in men than in women, because androsterone is a metabolite of testosterone.


What are the effects of androsterone?

Androsterone is often compared to androsteNONE, as the two pheromone share many similar properties. Androsterone is known to impart “alpha” qualities on the user. Many users have found that androsterone makes others respect the user more, and view the user as someone with higher social status. When used by men, androsterone makes the user seem more masculine than normal, and gives off an aura of safety, authority, and comfort.

The biggest difference between RONE and NONE is that androsterone does not share the aggressive qualities of NONE. While it still makes the user seem like an alpha male, it gives off a much more peaceful and safe vibe than NONE.

Androterone has also been found to enhance the qualities of other pheromones when added to a mix. For instance, we added RONE to Alpha-7 Pheromones to balance out the aggressive properties of the NONE also found in Alpha-7. The result is a formula that gives off a powerful, sexual alpha male vibe when used.


What does androsterone smell like?

Unlike other pheromones, androsterone doesn’t smell like much of anything. We still would recommend using a cover scent when used by itself, but it is safe to use without a fragrance if you really don’t want to use one.


What are the best pheromone products that use androsterone?

Our favorite products that include androsterone in the formula are: Alpha-7 Pheromones, Chikara Pheromones for Men, Alter Ego, and Scent of Eros for Men.


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  1. What are the ingredients?

    • Hi Amy,

      Our pure AndorsteRONE includes only the pheromone AndrosteRONE (a byproduct of testosterone) and a carrier liquid made of ethanol and water.

      – Love Scent

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