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Chikara Pheromones Gel for Men (18-pack)

Chikara Pheromones Gel for Men (18-pack)


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Chikara Gel Packs make carrying and applying your pheromones easy. Take them with you on vacations, out on dates, on business trips, and anywhere else you might need a quick dose of pheromones! Just tear open the packet, squeeze out the gel, and apply to the pulse points.

Chikara Gel Packs contain the same tried-and-true formula as in their bottled predecessor, Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men. This formula--our most popular scented formula for men!--includes AndrosteNONEAndrosteNOL, and AndrosteRONE, plus a pleasing sandalwood-inspired cover fragrance that enhances the effect of the pheromones.

We've always recommended Chikara Pheromone Cologne as an ideal pheromone product for beginners, as it is a highly balanced formula that will help you attract women and break the ice without appearing aggressive. It will even put your fellow men at ease, so be prepared for compliments from men and women alike! If you're looking for a solid everyday pheromone product, Chikara is for you.

Each Chikara Gel packet contains 0.8 mg of pheromones in 1 ml of gel. Each packet is good for 1-2 uses.

The more you buy, the more you save! Get 7 packets for $9.95, 18 packets for $24.95, and 38 packets for $49.95!

If you've been waiting to try Chikara Pheromones for Men, these packets are the perfect way to do it!


  1. Lasts Longer than Spray Review by J P

    Love this product. Is memorable and I get constant compliments. I like the gel packs better than the spray as I can make it last longer. Highly recommended. (Posted on 9/16/2018)

  2. 20somethings like this Review by Ernest

    In my tests with this product, it seems to garner a more positive reaction from women in their 20s, while not so much with older women. (Posted on 6/30/2015)


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