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Chikara Unscented and Alpha 7

Chikara Unscented and Alpha 7


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Two of our most popular formulas are available together in a discounted bundle pack!

The Chikara and Alpha-7 formulas have remained popular choices among pheromone enthusiasts for years. In addition to working extremely well on their own, these dependable products also work very well together, bringing out each other's best qualities for an improved overall performance.

Chikara Unscented for Men contains our most popular pheromone formula for men. It contains seven different sex pheromones, including AndrosteNONE, AndrosteNOL, and AndrosteRONEThis incredibly balanced formula makes Chikara the perfect everyday pheromone spray: it can be worn anywhere, anytime, and gives you a socially and sexually magnetic aura that is sure to please you and everyone around you. This unscented version can be combined with any cologne or scented pheromone.

Alpha-7 Scented for Men contains another highly popular formula for men. Like many men's products, it contains AndrosteNONE, but also contains AndrosteRONE. The milder pheromone balances out the sometimes aggressive effects of the AndrosteNONE, leading to a higher success rate and greater dependability. This scented version contains a spicy cover fragrance that includes notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and lavender.

You can purchase both these products together for the discounted price of $99.95--a roughly $20 savings! Whether you plan to use them by themselves or use them together, buy them together to save!

Chikara Unscented for Men comes in a 15 ml spray bottle. Alpha-7 Scented for Men comes in a 10 ml dripper top bottle.


  1. These products work guaranteed Review by alex

    I'm married for 15 years now and I love my family very very much. We have three children. But as time passe my wife don't huge me, no kissing.. we make love every two months or more. I was afraid that she tired of me and divorce...

    So I brought this product and the same day I notice she more respond to me, less nervous, speak calm with me. Not the same person. In a few weeks, about a month, she acts like some who fall in love to me.
    So I love this products work well for me.

    Thank you. (Posted on 10/8/2017)

  2. 20somethings like this Review by Ernest

    In my tests with this product, it seems to garner a more positive reaction from women in their 20s, while not so much with older women. (Posted on 6/30/2015)


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