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Edge Gel Packs for Men (10-pack)

Edge Gel Packs for Men (10-pack)


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Edge Gel Packs for Men contain a mix of social and sexual pheromones to give you a versatile and dependable pheromone experience. AndrosteNONE, AndrosteNOL, and AndrostaDIENONE combine to improve your confidence and authority, enhance your magnetism and social appeal, and attract others.

Edge Gel Packs for Men are highly portable and can be taken anywhere you might need them. Just tear open the packet, squeeze out the gel, and apply to your pulse points.

Each Edge Gel Pack for Men contains 0.13 mg of pure pheromone content and a sandalwood cover fragrance.

Buy more gel packs at a time, and save! 10 Gel Packs cost $9.95, 20 Gel Packs cost $18.95, and 30 Gel Packs cost $27.95!


  1. Smells better than most market colognes Review by Jay the Pure Deity

    I have had the luxury of being gifted with these after I first ordered a sample pack. It smells great and is ideal for very close interactions (Posted on 2/6/2020)

  2. Awesome Results Review by Brian

    When I bought this product I was really in doubt of it. But when I used it I was amazed of how effective it was and how it helped my confidence. I will definitely buy this again. (Posted on 9/18/2019)

  3. Works! Review by randy

    1st time my wife had sex with me in 2 years!!! (Posted on 9/17/2019)

  4. Lightning in a Jar Review by Doug

    All the positive reviews are correct. This product works, simple as that!
    (Posted on 4/22/2018)

  5. Review by PAZ

    This stuff is ❤❤ (Posted on 4/7/2018)

  6. Edge is lovely Review by PAZ

    This stuff smell so good ...i love it❤ (Posted on 4/7/2018)

  7. Instantaneous head turning! Review by Barry

    Powerful stuff beware! Only use small a amount! (Posted on 3/12/2018)

  8. If she likes you Review by Slick

    No girl/ woman is going to get touchy and cuddly with a guy that she's not even remotely attracted to however I bought the sample pack I found that some of them didn't seem to affect my new girlfriend then I wore/put on a Edge Gel Pack last night when to a party and bam here I,m ordering more. (Posted on 12/17/2017)

  9. badass Review by kasajoe

    Me my wife and best friend were getting drunk one night and I my wife is super hot but she was being stuck up usually she dances has fun and stuff but tonight she was all boring until I remembered I had these just a little left but I didn't want to let her know what it was and I had an idea cause it was only like the wrapping paper left so I lit them on fire safely in the ash tray when no one was looking and put it out all of a sudden she starts what's that's smell I said nothing do you like it she said yeah its hot the next thing I know she got her cloths off where wow she hot though! (Posted on 2/9/2017)

  10. Deliciously wicked Review by Chris

    The poor lady didn't stand a chance I walked by and she practically jumped my bones .started the convo, and ended it with breakfast in the morning....tks love sent! (Posted on 11/27/2016)

  11. Ice breaker Review by George

    In my personal experience it was a confidence booster. It smells great and draws women towards you. Women who were strangers initiated conversations with me and were very interested in getting to know me better. (Posted on 11/27/2016)

  12. Nice scent Review by Robert

    The ladies seemed to be more friendly! Coversations seemed to last longer. I would purchase this product again. (Posted on 6/15/2016)

  13. never disappointed Review by Mark

    Valentines day is only 8 days away and I can't wait. I saved my last gel pack and I expect a great evening and an awesome night . I have been using them for over 3yrs. and I have never been disappointed . Did I get sex every time ? No! In fact just over 50% of the time , but I will add that most of the other times the encounters were positive . They have given me many great memories . To those of you who are wary or skeptical they have samplers . ( They are generous , and guaranteed to work )
    Thanks LS (Posted on 2/8/2016)

  14. Good stuffs Review by Butdidyoudie

    I received these in a sample pack. Worn alone, with some cover, they pack a punch. Had a lot of iois, seems to work on more confident women as it'll scare away younger chicks since our had some none I it. Good stuff (Posted on 12/15/2015)

  15. love it! Review by Logan

    works great! (Posted on 11/28/2015)

  16. Good stuff Review by UMACHI

    Good stuff...and the scented version smells pretty good to me (Posted on 7/29/2015)

  17. Edge Review by Ernest

    Edge seems to give a generally good response with women of all ages. (Posted on 6/30/2015)

  18. Review by XEBAZTIEN


  19. Review by Latham

    I used the packets and my ex was down for another round. She usually despises me. :P (Posted on 10/1/2014)

  20. Review by Mark

    For those of you who are new to pheromones I recommend gel packs . Individual packs mean no guesswork and that means the right amount less chance of OD because to much no dice gel packs however contain just the right amount . I have tried many products but these actually work. Had a fight want to makeup These could tip the scales in your favor . Listen I am 50 and I am macking 20 somethings no bull . You owe it to yourself to try this. (Posted on 9/25/2014)

  21. Review by Andy

    This is a convo starter juice. Strangers will approach conversations or continue them to great length. First time using it with my girlfriend she said I smelled irresistible and was so confused. She in the mood after that. I layer it with a light daily cologne. (Posted on 6/27/2014)

  22. Review by Mark

    Recently I had gotten some edge gel packs while I spent alot of money on products that promise but dont deliver these do edge is the perfect name look I am almost 50 out of shape and look it . This strangewonderful stuff is absolutely great women would comment on it and get closer to get a better whif not to mention the boost in confidence approach more scoring more thank you your service is as good as your products . (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  23. Review by Abu

    I commute to and from work by LRT and trains and suit
    as a test ground for the LS products.
    Have tried SOE beforecould see positive response with caucasians
    they will sense extra being there.SOE doesnt seems to impress Asians.
    Next I love the Rogue Male- always get noticed and females
    irrespective of age do not mind getting very close to me in the train but its rather pricey but very effective.Furthermore in the tropics liquids in bottles seems to get warm pretty easily.
    Edge Alchohol starter pack will give you the expected response every time but keeping the concoction in a spray bottle needs lots of carethat theonly drawback.
    I have settled with Edge Sandalwood gel packconveinientand i can control the dosere apply when necessaryThe Edge gel is effective at close proximityalways notice femles tend to stand closer they are more friendly and love to talk to me more.
    For me Edge Sndlwood gel pack will be my favourite for ll time.. (Posted on 1/16/2014)

  24. Review by Cecil

    For the most part I have enjoyed these pack. My only issue was the original order was for sandlewood packs and instead I got the regular packs.

    However I have used some of them and found them to be effective in close quaters. I would have perfered the sandlewood over the regular. (Posted on 1/15/2014)

  25. Review by Tom

    like I just wrote of the scented Chikara packets this has a very nice scent but I do not see the easily observable responses from people that I do from some of the other products. This one will not be high on my reorder list. (Posted on 12/3/2013)

  26. Review by Brian

    First off thank you for the free sample. I tried it out on my girlfriend and it definitely worked. My girlfriend is usually sort of quiet and reserved. I picked her up to go to church and when we got in the car she started talking constantly. She wouldnt stop. She also leaned into me quite a bit and was noticeably fidgety. She was totally into me. Way more than usual. During church she kept leaning into me some more. Then we went out for lunch and she still wouldnt stop talking. She was also noticeably in a much more positive mood the whole time. Smiling all the time. On the ride home to drop her off she kept leaning into me some more. She was clearly hot and bothered.

    I really didnt know how much to wear. What I did was I put a little on my index finger and rubbed it on the left and right side of the front of my neck. I also did the same to the back of my neck. I would say I used maybe a quarter of the packet. It said its good for 2 applications but I was worried about OD so I just put a little on. I bought the love scent sampler for men and today Im going to try a combo of edge and SOE. (Posted on 12/17/2011)

  27. Review by Peter

    The pack contains a generous single application. I put it on wrists, neck and throat. Got into bed with my partner. She was asleep but woke up after a few minutes; I was conscious of the gentle scent of the Edge gell being brought out by the warmth. She turned to me and began snuggling and kissing. She soon took her pyjama top off and my hand was inside her pyjama trousers. After about 45 minutes she was exhausted. We slept for about three hours and she was cuddling and kissing me again, love making lasted abouit the same amount of time. She was randy and it made me extra randy.

    So the Edge is great for renewing existing relationships and, I hope, will be good for exploring new ones, too! Thoroughly recommend, easy to use, generous amount , nice scent and it works for me (and her!). (Posted on 8/27/2008)

  28. Review by Mark

    I recived 2 packets of this free samples and 2 packets of perception. Today I was on bus going to town and i got to admit women was standing pretty close to me. Tomorrow I am at work... I will test it there and write a full review. (Posted on 7/3/2008)

  29. Review by Terrence

    The Edge is just a couple of notches behind AE as far as effectiveness. Good stuff...and the scented version smells pretty good to me. (Posted on 5/14/2006)

  30. Review by peter

    BUY THIS NOW!!!!!! You can put half a packet mixed with SOE gel and it works wonderful! (Posted on 8/16/2004)


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