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Estratetraenol is a social pheromone used in both men's and women's pheromone products to strong effect, especially when combined with other pheromones such as Androstadienone.

Estratetraenol exhibits strong social effects such as improved mood, relaxation and an overall "cuddly" feeling, improved communication and empathy, decreased social anxiety, and more. It is an excellent pheromone for couples or for pheromone users who seek strong emotional bonds with their partners.

Pheromone users should note that Estratetraenol affects straight men and gay/bisexual women most strongly. 

If you're looking for a strong social pheromone to add to your pheromone mix, try Estratetraenol. Each10 ml bottle comes with a guaranteed 10 mg dry weight of pure pheromones.


  1. Worked for me Review by Maryam

    I've been using pheromones from Love scent for a few years and really like them. I wanted to see if there was going to be a difference when I used the Estratetraenol mixed with my perfume. I did notice that men seemed not to be able to stay away. I had complete strangers talking to me and giving me things and I'm not some hot young thing. I'm a 49 year old woman but I do look around 39. I did notice that men definitely did respond more when I wore it. (Posted on 11/12/2018)


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