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Master Mini


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The Master Mini is the 1 ml sample-size version of the popular Master Pheromones for MenThis pheromone cologne combines a uniquely engineered pheromone profile with a striking, memorable fragrance.

The Master formula places a large emphasis on self-effects, or the effects that a product has on the wearer. Master will elevate your mood, stimulate arousal and sexual appetite, and improve your confidence and attitude. You may notice enhanced sensitivity to touch, a stronger connection with your partner, and a greater interest in intimacy.

In addition to these self-effects, Master will enhance your sexual magnetism and appeal to those around you. Anyone close to you will be impacted by Master's stimulating, arousing formula.

Simply apply Master Pheromones for Men wherever you apply your favorite cologne. Place a dab under the nose to make sure you are benefitting fuilly from the self-effects.

The Master Mini is a 1 ml roll-on bottle that comes in a black mesh gift bag.

Pheromone content: TRP2 (Axillary Secretions) and V1R/V2R (Vaginal Aliphatic Acids)


  1. dont buy the sample, but the full size product Review by mj6550

    This is not a review of its potential but a review of the quantity. For $50 you can buy the 10ml Master but for 1/5th the price ($10) the mini gives you 0.2 ml. which is 1/20th the amount. Its a bargain to buy the 10ml or a HUGE SCAM to buy the mini. The bottle seems a decent size for $10, probably 1ml which makes sense (it would make more sense at $5, than $10), but its only filled with a few drops of liquid.. and when I say "a few drops" Im being generous. its 1/5th filled. Its either it leaks out, or they just don't fill it. I'm inclined to think they don't fill it, since its a sealed container. I'm very disappointed in this product. You get more liquid in one of those gel packs that cost 1 cent. I sincerely hope this is a leaking issue and not a "money making scam" issue. (Posted on 7/14/2018)

  2. wow Review by JASON

    muy bueno
    (Posted on 1/2/2017)

  3. Love it! Review by Chris

    Recently bought this as well as a few others and my only complaint is that it should contain MORE and easier to get out of the bottle , but well worth the money. (Posted on 11/27/2016)

  4. fantastic Review by JASON

    I like this item and would love to get the bigger size. Awesome (Posted on 11/23/2016)

  5. like it alot Review by JASON

    I would love to have a larger size. Incredible
    (Posted on 10/4/2016)

  6. I found it worked well Review by Thor

    I received this Master Mini awhile ago and more than once. I truly believe it does help attract women, and having it on really seems to boost my confidence. I completely recommend this Pheromone (Posted on 9/13/2016)

  7. Fantastic Review by JASON

    Smells great and I had great reactions. Would love to use product again. (Posted on 9/12/2016)


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