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Mistress Mini


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The Mistress Mini is the 1 ml sample size of our popular Mistress Functional Pheromones for Women, which pairs a unique pheromone profile with an alluring cover fragrance.

Unlike many pheromone products, the Mistress formula places as much focus on self-effects as it does on effects on others. The powerful pheromone blend combines sexual and romantic pheromones to enhance intimacy and stimulate sexual connections between couples, all while elevating the wearer's mood, confidence, and attitude. This is an excellent product for new and long-term relationships alike.

Mistress is already scented with a ylang ylang and ginseng cover fragrance, so you do not need to wear it with your own perfume. That said, users have reported that it blends well with other floral fragrances. Apply a 1-2 inch stripe of the pheromones to your wrists and throat, and place a dab under your nose for the self-effects.

The Mistress Mini comes in a 1 ml roll-on bottle and is shipped in red gift bag.

Pheromone content: Copulins, Vomeropherin, Estratetraniol, TRP2 (Axillary Secretions), and V1R/V2R (Vaginal Alipathic Acids)

The Mistress Mini is also available as part of our Love Scent Pheromone Sampler for Womenwhich also includes Mojo Pro for Women and our One Cent Samples for Women.


  1. MUST TRY!! Review by Neville

    Although kind of skimp on amount, I am in love with the 'Mistress' pheromone spray! My significant other enjoyed it so much that he plans to get the big bottle next go around. Eeeek I can't wait!!! (Posted on 4/27/2020)

  2. Samples Review by Paula

    I love this scent I can't wait to try the samples (Posted on 7/30/2019)

  3. Amazing Review by Jessica

    The smell of this is just amazing, even if it wasn't a pheromone it's worth wearing. But with my boyfriend he didn't know it was a pheromone, he loved how it smelled on me and was more attentive and cuddly. Definitely worth trying. (Posted on 8/18/2018)

  4. My bottle leaked and was almost gone Review by Anna

    I really enjoyed the smell kind of made my heart race. Didn’t notice anything different with anyone else around me but because of the leakage of the bottle on the way here there wasn’t much left to try out so I was a little disappointed. Would only buy a bigger bottle and that the mini is really really super tiny. (Posted on 8/10/2018)

  5. Love This Review by Ashley

    When you want your man to be more sensual and take his time in the bedroom, this is what you need! Whenever I where this, my man is extra attentive with long kisses and much longer fore play ..... especially down there. Plus there’s always multiple rounds. No quckies here. (Posted on 7/25/2018)

  6. 2 drops bottle Review by Sheila

    I received the mistress mini and it's like 2 drops were in this already tiny little roller bottle, is that all you get for $10 - unbelievable. (Posted on 4/14/2018)

  7. hardly anything here Review by sonja

    There is so little in the bottle that you really can't smell it, as you would in the regular bottle. I won't be buying the mini again. (Posted on 9/21/2017)

  8. Hit and miss. When I put more on I seem to get more attention but I'm not pleased with the older Review by Harley

    I do wear a dab of this when I am going out to be around men I did notice that it has a very strong unpleasant odor so I mask it with a fruity fragrance seems to me that it does work too a degree . I seem to get a little bit more attention from men when I wear it but not a whole lot either it's kind of Hit and Miss I'm not sure sometimes when I'm wearing it men are very helpful and attentive and other times I'm not really sure if there's any notice of me at all. (Posted on 5/8/2017)

  9. Amazing Review by Kathleen

    What can i say, this is the real deal! Just the boost we needed.. ;-) (Posted on 4/4/2017)

  10. Amazing Review by Prettylady

    My man noticed I smelled different and it made me feel more confident . I was happy to try the product and will be happy to try and future products because men do notice. Even women notice (Posted on 3/17/2017)

  11. Disappointed Review by Kimberley

    I didn't get the reaction I thought I would when I wore it..people seem to move away instead of gravitating to me but all the other products I've tried are FANTASTIC..I need to find something thst goes good with it..I'm open to suggestions
    Thank you (Posted on 8/18/2016)

  12. sugar, spice and everything nice Review by April

    I'm having a hard time putting words to this fragrance lol how about I start with what it's not? It's not strong or overbearing but it is noticeable/detectable at intimate conversation range. Those in your personal bubble will be in for a treat. I would describe it as warm, light, sweetly floral without being juvenile. A touch of spice. Natural (as in not like it came out of a test tube or household air fresheners. As for results? I noticed a change in self confidence and how I interpreted my own sex appeal but like I said the smell isn't very obvious so maybe as I near the end of my sample size I will up the dosage and conduct an experiment on some unwitting subject lol see if a scented hug/conversation illicits any increases of affection etc. (Posted on 4/21/2015)

  13. Review by Cindy

    I liked the smell but didnt get any reaction from guys. What I did notice was a momentary change in my attitude and confidence for the better. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  14. Review by Dae

    Love this stuff. Love love the smell and the confidence boost I get when apply it. You gotta try it to believe it (Posted on 6/4/2014)

  15. Review by Hannah

    Cute little bottle but it have didnt have anything in it. The bottle smelled kinda nice so something must have been in there at one time. : (Posted on 1/27/2013)

  16. Review by Monique

    Havent really a noticed a difference. I saw a few stares here and there but no one exactly knocked me over to give out their phone number either. I ll keep trying it but for now nothing major almost like it was a waste of money. When they said Mistress Mini. They really meant Mistress mini. The bottle is extremely small. almost as big as the cap on a bottle of water. Be careful before you waste money on this product. (Posted on 11/19/2011)


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