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Excellent delivery service!! Thumbs Up. It was during X'mas and New Year's holiday period when i placed my very first order with LS. Received the package within 2 weeks (shipment is to S'pore). Will definitely come back for more with all the good stuff from LS :)
Wira Bin Md February 09, 2016
So far, so good
Matt G Martin February 09, 2016
love your stuff got some for the holydays
judy February 09, 2016
Feras November 11, 2015
I love using the edge for women with perception packets they work well together and are easy to carry.
Jd November 11, 2015
liquid trust works best! People trust me to the point that thea tell me their deepest secrets!
Ahel November 11, 2015
I've finally used the EDGE I had on reserve as I was running low on my other scents. And I love, love, love the reaction I get from the opposite sex.....they make it a point to move closer to you and will sniff you almost to the point of laying their head on your shoulders. A few choice words and the seduction is on
len November 11, 2015
I've tried scent of eros and i must say it really works, my husband is to busy for me one moment. and the next he is all over me :D thank you lovescent ♥
Michelle Higgins November 11, 2015
I ordered Alter Ego on Monday afternoon, and received it Thursday (yesterday). Again, thank you for the fine service. Kudos also to the postal service.
Wayne November 11, 2015

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