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I have become a true believer in pheromones. The difference was marked. I used PCC and SOE. First: no erection problems Second: much more tenderness, sweetness in the love-making, I mean MUCH more, handholding during, snuggling/showering after, just a more affectionate feel to all the interaction -- however, still the same animal passion, i.e., my clothes got a little torn as usual Third: Incredible conversation. We got some things resolved we've been going around and around about for months that I had resigned myself to never really understanding each other about. Today it all "took." We fully connected and understood each other's point of view. He was much more open and willing to be vulnerable and to open his mind to me. We've never had so much conversation before and never has it been so productive. Fourth: Cops make me really juicy - very wet mouth, very wet between the legs. I'd get wet but never like this. I know it's the copulins because I noticed it when I wore them by myself. The effect when stimulated is even more dramatic - a turn on for us both. Fourth: Cops seem to increase his um...taste ... for me, if you get my drift...which doesn't hurt my feelings at all . . . . I'm a total convert.
FTR August 22, 2002
Man.. Ok I got my order on Friday and tried it out. I got AE, NPA and PI. . . . So first date. 2 drops AE (One behind each ear)2 Drops PI (one under each arm pit)Two sprays Fahrenheit by Dior. Never went out with the girl other than a quick coffee last week and I had to bolt. She came over to visit me at my house and I kid you not. She said, God you smell so..went blank DIHL.. came out of it and just kissed me. Long story short.. She showed me where her piercings where. I showed her where her g-spot was. I'm a sport *smiles* I like to help out. Second night 2 sprays Issy/NPA mix 5:1 ( One on chest under shirt , one on crotch on pants) One drop AE mixed in hands and rubbed on wrists) I had a girl call me at 4 that I had NEVER met before. We had just chatted on the phone and decided to just hang out. There where absolutely no sexual undertones going on here. I arrive at her house. She is a really big artist in my town and seemed really cool.. but talkative as hell on the phone. . . . It's all over in about an hour LOL She literally was squirming while we talked and just attacked me. I told her we shouldn't be doing this.. over and over. She just looked at me and said.. Shut up and (play chess) with me. Unreal.. So does this stuff work.. God knows.. Maybe I was lucky but I don't think so. Both these women had no barriers which is totally not normal for me. . . . I'm buying stock in the snake oil.. LOL Unreal.
MA April 08, 2002
Hey am I happy!!!!!!!! I ordered 25 and just received on today here in Greece. . . . Apllied one dab NPA 2 SOE 2 drops AE. In my work and went to a coleagues' desk. She was in a meeting with the Fin. Controller. I am the Group Credit Controller, and she is the Vendors and Banks Controller. All same level. Entered their meeting and sat on a chair. Both no reaction then became happy......, chatting etc. Then out of the blue she tells me that my tie is so beautifull and she gives me a light but continuous DIHL........ The other guy was calmed even if our disscussion was about our boss CFO and we were all pissed off with him. I left the office with her, I am very close to her and she seems a little dazzed and confused. She could not say anything just was staring at me and then comes to reality and then she is confused again and so on for a minute. Then she seems to wonder what to do and I go for the elevator. I call her after that from my office couple times and she is calm and talking nicely. Oh men!!!!!!!
GG January 31, 2002
i thought alot of the posts were bogus....until today. I received my first shipment yesterday so today was my first full the gym this girl talked my ear off....later at work one of the venders was so chatty and told me he liked my highlights...everyone seemed so friendly.. I wore lavender nol and pi/w 1 drop each. . . . (ps im bi but prefer women
PV January 29, 2002

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