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I just received you package. Thanks for quickly mailing it.
Marilynn November 11, 2015
Last year I purchased Androsterone Pheromone Concentrate and Alpha -7, and I used them one after another. Both boost my attraction and confidence!!! I love those products. Best on a market!!! This time adding to my order Super Primal for Her and Primal Instinct which I used 2 years ago. I would recommend this site to everyone who like to deal with reputable site and product which is work and definitely worth trying.
Olga Grouzdeva July 01, 2015
Amazingly effective! When the ladies would hug me they would immediately make a comment like: "You smell GOOD!" They were very willing to dance or visit after that. A big plus! What a difference.
Edward T. Martin July 01, 2015
Alter ego for women works miraculously. I cannot tell you to what magnitude. It has opened a lot of doors even for love. I also enjoy the Eros scent for women as well. Both are neck and neck. I would prefer having these 2 more than anything else. There are other fragrances that I enjoy too but these 2 are by far my favorite. I need extra samples of these ongoing..Love it
Steffy June 26, 2015
Astonished at how quickly these pheromones register an effect. How quickly do the molecules travel, and what is typical human reaction time to them? When they work, it seems instantaneous to me.
Michael Quinn June 17, 2015
Edge is the BEST!!
Mary May 25, 2015 is a reputable and wonderful company. They are very prompt at shipping the items you order and I can say that their products work! Bruce is a hands on owner and is always offering significant specials and discounts. I highly recommend this company.
Francis De La May 22, 2015
First off, thanks Bruce. I've been ordering for at least ten years, since I lived in Ontario, Canada. I only had one problem with shipping, and the product was resent right away. So..............for most of those ten years I mixed my own with the science pack, the 4 pheromone sets. Lately I've been mixing Alpha 7 and the Liquid Trust. About 1/4 7, 1/4 LT and the rest Stetson cologne. And it has been good. What I've found better, quite a bit so, is those ratios mixed with John Varvatos (from Amazon, very reasonable). Today I got the name and number and a calamari date from a big tall busty redhead waitress. Now, you got to realize, I'm much shorter than her, quite a bit older, and am in Williston ND, oil boom town, where the women give out fake names (in fact one of the first things she did was admit she was giving me her real name as she sat at my table in a coffee bar where she was the hostess) - most women don't date guys in this town. I'm sure you have heard the stories. So my vote is on the JV with that mixture - though on my reorder I've going to dump a bottle of A7 and a bottle of LT into a two ounce spray bottle and fill the rest with JV. That will dilute it quite a bit but I can afford to spray more on and see how that works. And oh yes, I also have a young (22 ish?) cute young black girl at the man camp I am in interesting in going to the movies with me. The pheromones or just charm? I dunno. She has an incredible body on her, great smile, and I'll enjoy being an older gentleman showing her what a gentleman is like compared to the "guys" she may know. Say la vie.
don north April 19, 2015
im a very satisfied customer and happy to find out this website was NOT a scam its the real deal ♥peace to all∞
Michelle Higgins March 26, 2015

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