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Got them today thanks so much for the freebie climation too!!
Stacy May 24, 2012
I got it today, THANK YOU, You guys are the BEST! :)
Jason May 15, 2012
I have received my pheromones on 05/01/2012 Thanks Tammy for couple extra sachets with pheromones I will order again soon Regards Chris
Chris May 05, 2012
FABULOUS! You all are the best over there at Love-Scent!! Thank you so much!!!
Louie April 28, 2012
I ordered the Edge Trust a few weeks ago and it has surprising effects. Using just Edge alone when a girl is over, will usually turn her on. Using Edge Trust, I've found that the girls want to cuddle before and after and almost immediately start showing girlfriend behavior.
Adam April 11, 2012
Thank you for the super fast shipping, the quality of products and the extra bottle of Wildcat (such a nice fragrance - pleasant surprise). Best wishes George
George April 10, 2012
Your customer service has always been phenomenal. Keep up the great work,
JC. April 09, 2012
thanks, this is the sort of response that makes for great customer relations, thanks for that.
David February 15, 2012
you guys are awesome. thank you!
Hank February 09, 2012

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