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The product is amazing and I will definitely be ordering again. Again, Tammy, THANK YOU for all of your assistance. HAVE A BLESSED DAY because you certainly made mine...................
Byron January 26, 2012
you were on top of it and that's why I love being a customer, I'll be putting in another order soon. Tell Bruce I said Hello!
Jonathan January 16, 2012
My boyfriend had decided that he wanted to break up. We agreed to go to lunch on his birthday. I wore some of your magic oil and he went crazy..... We are back together. I also put some on a handkerchief and then under the seat of his car..... He keeps commenting on how his car smells like me Thank you for giving me an edge..... Wow amazing amazing results It seems to work on all people they are friendly open and want to help me or at minimum very friendly
Julia June 20, 2011
im very impressed by pheromax. women seem to be more open to me and its effect can be noticed from a distance.
David May 28, 2011
All I can say is WOW I never thought these things would work. I first tried several different ones and these things WORK I swear I DO NOT WORK for this company. I am one super duper satisfied customer. I really give praises to the Liquid Trust. I use a combo of perception and liquid trust. Ever since I have used phermones my game has increased 100 fold. No lie. I am in my 40s and I have too many women that I cant even keep up after using these. One thing you have to find the right combo that works for you. The ones that work for me do not work for my buddies and vise versa. I tell you guys these are WELL WORTH THE MONEY and STELLAR customer service. LH Denver CO
Lamar May 25, 2011
Thank you for the super fast shipping, the quality of products and the extra bottle of Wildcat(such a nice fragrance - pleasant surprise).
LT March 14, 2011
You seem to have more of a personal touch as opposed to some big faceless corporation, when I do business with you I feel like a person, not just a number-I really appreciate that. Of all the merchants I do business with (and I do a lot of shopping online!) you are truly one of the best.
ED October 09, 2010
ST May 19, 2010
Thank you for fixing my problem in such a timely manner. I will be sure to order again.
PI May 01, 2010

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