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Ok, Thanks heaps , Tam. You guys always were exceptional to deal with. :)
LS February 24, 2010
Your customer service is stellar and you've made it really easy for me to purchase with you guys in the future.Keep up the good work.
Paul February 10, 2010
Thank you for letting me know my order went thru- I was not sure. Thank you for the quick reply and great service.
LY September 09, 2009
I want to Thank you so much for your kind and expeditious response to my concern. The product is amazing and I will definitely be ordering again.
LM July 29, 2009
Thanks!! I saw that I had ordered twice, but realized it was my fault. Thank you for taking care of this. Service like this reinforces confidence in the product and the company. Be assured that positive comments and repeat orders are a given!!
Ken June 29, 2009
Thank you very much Tammy! I am your loyal customer
Tim June 25, 2009
Thank you for making and providing such great products.
Sam April 07, 2009
Thank you! As soon as I got your email I drove to the Post Office and picked up the items! The message they left must've blown away or something and that's why I didn't get it the notice. But you were on top of it and that's why I love being a customer, I'll be putting in another order soon.
Mel March 29, 2009
Thank you Tammy! So very thoughtful and another reason why I love and refer people to Love-Scent.
Larry March 01, 2009

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