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As far as Pheros, yes maybe they help boost confidence a little but I also think from my short lived experience that they do work as I have had some pretty wild results in recent weeks, like this woman hunting me down and giving me her phone number after a short conversation at a deli. Trust me, these things DO NOT happen ever to me. I know its not all me, I am pretty much the same person as before Pheros just with a new tool to give me an edge.
PJ November 01, 2002
Man oh man........I've hit pay dirt!!! Hi all. I have to say that when I first got my SOE, PI/m, and P10. I was a little skeptical but hopeful about Pheromones. So I started to use them and noticed strange things happening with people around me, mainly women but also guys being more respectful and talkative. . . . The more I wear Pheros, the more I notice pleasant reactions from everyone and sometimes sexual hits/flirting from women. This is truely awesome.
PJ October 29, 2002
They say it's hard to see results with people who already know you, but that has not been my experience either - and it's proof that 'mones work -- more than when people you don't know react in ways that may or may not be 'mone induced. When things are just perking along with your steady, and you put 'mones on and it zooms up into high gear, there's little question about what caused the effect.
FTR October 29, 2002
Hey guys...I'm back to the Pheromone scene again. I tried Pheros when i was in hs. Worked great for me but i accidently left the bottle of Primal instinct in my rented tux for my senior prom. Not realizing where i misplaced it till i returned the tux:( waste of some good Pheros. Not much left but still coulda used it. Anyways when i was using it i saw a drastic change in my social life and my love life. I was getting a lot more girls and had a lot more sex then I am now. I havent used PI for two years now. And to tell u the truth my life went back to the way it was be4 i used pheros. Boring, sexless, and deprived of a girlfriend:( I really didnt think the pheros worked when i was usin it. I thought it was just a coincidence. But after losing the bottle of PI and my love life drastically decreasing for the past 2 years i decided to pay lovescent another visit:)
BP October 23, 2002
I just bought SOE, P10, and PI. Started using it this past week and was very conscious of my surroundings, trying to notice if anyone acted different. Didn't see much at first . .. . . Well, I kept experimenting with the above and noticed at my acting class (Improv) that everyone was so giddy and silly that night, more so than usual. Then yesterday, I went to the deli again and this real knockout of a woman was sitting at the table next to me while I waited for them to make my sandwich to go. I was in a real good mood (maybe it was the SOE) and she and I struck up a conversation about her recent trip to Italy. She was very very friendly and she said it was nice talking to me as she went to pick up her lunch to leave. Today the girl who works at the deli told me the woman was inquiring of who I was and that she thought I was really cute. Now don't get me wrong, I'm above average in the looks department but no male model. Anyway, I have never in my life had someone react that way. I can't believe it was anything other then the pheros and my new attitude as a result of the pheros that lured her in. Holy crap!!! I feel like I've just experienced a rebirth. And at 38 years old, its time to Paaaaaaaa tey!!!
PJ October 17, 2002
MAJOR HITS AT A CLUB LAST NIGHT (SATURDAY)!!!!!!!!!! . . . . Numerous DIHL's. Females coming up to me from all sides, and every guy in the place asking what my "Skills were." lol I danced with approximately 8 girls though out the night and I asked each of them the same question "Out of all the other guys here, what made you come to me?" one girl said "Your cologne, just does something to me, it's really turning me on." another said "I can't explain..........I just have to be by you." the another one said "When I walked past you before, something in my mind just clicked, it felt like I lost all of my self control, actually it felt like your body was a magnet that was dragging me towards you." Later on, after we were done dancing, she came up to me again, and said "Let's get out of here, I need to be with you." Well, what happened then is for me to know, and for you to figure out >=~) . . . . I'm pretty convinced that this stuff works, never had a doubt in my mind about its effectiveness, but this one just took the cake. Bruce, would it be possible for me to "Direct Deposit" my paychecks to Love-Scent? LOL Also, When I was leaving the club, 2 girls looked like the had their hearts ripped out of their chests when I left, and all the other guys in the club were being ignored. LOL
JN October 06, 2002
I had a guy I'd been seeing for a little over two years who suddenly developed some problems with his equipment. Two times in a row Mr. Happy was nonplussed. We were getting worried. Then I put on some PCC. Mr.Happy stood up and took an interest. I put on PCC with PI/w. Mr. Happy was ecstatic several times over. There's no question that pheromones work and they're well worth the money.
MC October 04, 2002
Whew ladies ladies ... I started into pheromones because my sweetie on two consecutive occasions had a little bit of a performance problem and I got worried. Time before last I used PCC and that made a big difference. This last time I had received the PIw I ordered and I put it on PLUS the PCC. He came four times and was hard again walking out the door. He said he hadnt felt like that since he was 17.
FTR September 10, 2002
A group of us at work (6 of us, 4 guys and 2 women) went out to lunch on Tuesday. Before we left I put half a SOE gel pack on the back of my hands and forarms and a dab of Rogue Male behind each ear. During Lunch, the one women sitting next to me was showing me lots of attention. She is married, 36, brunette, about 5'5", maybe 135 lbs. She kept looking into my eyes, and she kept touching my hand, shoulder, and leg all through the meal. Well, its time to go back to work and she asks if she can ride back with me. I say ok. As i get ready to start the car, she just kept looking into my eyes. I move myself closer to her and she grabs me and starts kissing me. We had a heavy petting makeout session for about 10 mins. Driving back to work. she says that famous line "I have never done anything like that before, I dont know what came over me." I believe that SOE in the right combination with a NONE Product is the way to go. Today, this woman and I went to the McD drive thru for lunch, when to a Park nearby. We ate lunch and had another heavy makeout session. I was wearing the same SOE/RM dose as before. My only worry now is mixing work with pleasure
JM September 09, 2002

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