About the Products

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  1. Why are there so many products, what is the difference?

    All the products on the love-scent.com site are reputable and you get what you pay for. In the case of Primal Instinct though, which is very expensive, the high price is due to the extremely high pheromone content. It is not any more effective than say APC, which has the same TYPE of pheromone in it. It just lasts a very long time, since you only need to use 2 drops per application. The others have different pheromone mixtures and many have fragrance added. You could take a look at the "pheromone forum" (link on our main page) for some user stories. All our brands have big fans.

    Be careful of bootleg products and web sites. There are many phonies popping up. One has an address very similar to ours and looks almost the same. Watch out for that. All our pheromone products are the originals and carry a guarantee.
  2. How do I choose?

    If you have the time and want to make a truly educated decision, I would read as much as you can of the material located in the Pheromone Reference Library. There is a link in there to the Pheromone Forum, which is also valuable in making a decision. See: http://pherolibrary.com/
  3. What is good for beginners?

    There is usually a "Beginner's Special" or "Duo/Combo" of some sort available at the top of the Love-Scent.com home page that offers 1-2 of the leading products at a discount price and often with great supporting services/products and special guarantee for new folks ("Newbie Guarantee")
  4. Attracting members of the same sex

    There is now some scientific evidence that seems to indicate that gay men produce pheromones that are quite different from those produced by heterosexual males. (soon to be published article by James V. Kohl) Even though there are a few pheromone products on the market that were created for the gay community, I doubt that they are using any of this promising new technology. So, for the time being gay men and lesbians have only products designed for heterosexuals to choose from. Keeping in mind that pheromones are a bit like clothing or make up in that they can create certain style or image changes including making us appear and feel more masculine or feminine, I think that the current pheromone product selection may well be of use to some gays and lesbians who want to adjust their masculinity/femininity one way or the other. Furthermore there are a few products that have been embraced by both men and women recently. These generally do not contain the mostly masculine pheromone androstenone, and may be a good choice for either gay men or lesbians. These are:
    Scent of Eros (bottled oil or gel packets)
    Attraction (scented spray)
    Primal Instinct for women (concentrated unscented oil originally designed for women, but contains almost entirely the unisex pheromone androsteNOL and is in use by almost as many men as women at present)
  5. What is the difference between manufacturers?

    Know your manufacturer! Manufacturers tend to produce products of similar genre/effectiveness/price range.
    The top manufacturers are:
    LaCroy Chemical
    Stone Research Lab
    Primal Instinct Inc
  6. Is Primal Instinct your best product?

    Primal clearly has the greatest concentration of androstenone we sell, but there are other factors that sometimes make other products a better choice. Every product sold at love-scent.com has its loyal followers. Actually, the price of Primal is due to the extremely high pheromone content. You don't need that much at any one time. The manufacturer recommends only 2 drops per application, so a 10ml bottle lasts a LONG time. It is not any more effective than say NPA (male formula), which includes the same TYPE of pheromone in it. It just lasts a very long time, since you only need to use 2 drops per application.
  7. How long do they last?

    Pheromones hold up much longer than normal cologne, but if you apply them to the body, quite a bit is washed away or broken down in the first 4-6 hours. Actual breakdown time depends VERY much on body heat, sweating, and personal body chemistry; so in the winter on your wrists the scent might last much longer, and if it gets onto your clothing, it can last for days or weeks! The Edge can be applied to clothing directly and will last for weeks or until washed out.
  8. What is all this I hear about mixing two or more products together?

    Take a look at our live user Pheromone Forum and you will quickly notice that experienced pheromone users often mix two or more products together in order to achieve synergistic effects greater than can be had with a single product. This type of mixing requires some skill and practice to perform successfully, but guidance can be found in the Pheromone Forum  which can be accessed at: