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Pure Pheromone Powders


If you want to create unique pheromone products for your business, such as pheromone-infused massage candles, body butters, aromatherapy blends, and moisturizing creams, purchasing pure pheromone powders could be the best choice for you.

Purchasing our pure pheromone powders is the ideal choice for anyone who does not want to use our carrier liquid options (DPG and perfumer's alcohol). If your product line calls for the use of different carriers, we recommend purchasing pure pheromone powders to add to your own products at your own facility.

Pure pheromone powders are also ideal for customers outside of North America. Shipping costs for large bulk orders can be prohibitive, but pure pheromone powders are lightweight and easy to transport. You can then manufacture large amounts of pheromone-infused beauty products at your own facility.

Not sure how to incorporate pure pheromone powders into your products? We will provide all the advice we can, including recommendations for the equipment you may need, and offer guidance on how to experiment with carriers we do not use in our own products.

(Note: if you are not equipped to manufacture your own beauty products, and DPG and perfumer's alcohol are suitable carriers for your business, you can take a look at our Private Label options and Bulk options.)




Ready to order pure pheromone powders to add to your own products? Great!Write us a message to get started! We'll discuss pricing, MOQs, shipping options, payment methods, and more before placing your order.



Here are our available pure pheromones:

Androstadienone Powder

A complex, well-researched male pheromone with strong effects on straight women and gay men. Androstadienone stimulates emotional and sexual attraction and helps form longer-lasting, deeper bonds between partners.



Androstenol Powder

Androstenol is a powerhouse social pheromone with a wide range of beneficial effects and no bad side effects to speak of. Effects include increased focus, increased attention to partners, elevated mood, and reduced stress.


Androstenone Powder

Known as the "alpha" pheromone, Androstenone increases your sex appeal and perceived authority while also giving a dominant, confident impression. Should be used sparingly for best results: too large an amount can cause agitation in others.


Androsterone Powder

A relatively mild sex pheromone, Androsterone increases sex appeal and confidence with minimal risk of unpleasant side effects. Less likely than Androstenone to cause aggression in others, it is one of the more user-friendly sex pheromones.


Estratetraenol Powder

A romantic, mildly sexual women's pheromone with strong effects on straight men and gay women. Enhances a woman's natural femininity and sex appeal while strengthening her bond with her partner.


Social Pheromone Powder

Called "the love pheromone," "the cuddle pheromone," and various other nicknames, this potent social pheromone is a fundamental component of human bonding. The key ingredient in some of our most popular products and a unique pheromone not found in many pheromone colognes or perfumes.



Not sure which of these powders would be the best for your business's needs? We can help you decide! We'd be happy to talk over the options with you and help you make the best choice for your business and customers.




If you have any questions about any of our wholesale options, or just want to hear more about what we offer, drop us an email. We're always happy to talk!

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