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Androstadienone is one of the most well researched pure pheromones in our product line. It is used in most commercial pheromone products, as well as popular personal hygiene products such as body wash. Androstadienone is naturally found in the sweat of human males, and has been shown to have a profound effect on the emotions of both men and women. Pheromone users report that androstadienone most strongly effects the emotions of women. Women who use androstadienone report self-effects such as elevated mood, even relieving some of the stress caused by PMS. Men who use androstadienone find that it helps them talk to women. Studies have shown that women find men more attractive when under the effects of androstadienone. These effects have caused androstadienone to be referred to as the "love pheromone" by many users. If you're looking to strengthen a current relationship or find a new one, androstadienone can be a great addition to your personalized pheromone mix.

If you're a pheromone expert and would like to try your hand at making your own pheromone-infused fragrances, androstadienone can be a great addition to your lab. Each 5ml bottle of androsteNONE contains a guaranteed 5mg dry weight of pure androstadienone pheromones

NOTICE: Our new stock of Androstadienone 5ml contains a DPG Oil base, NOT an ethanol base. We have not recieved new labels yet, so the current labels still claim they have a ethanol base, when in fact they contain DPG Oil. Aplogies for the mixup, we will get new labels soon.


  1. works be carful with the bottle Review by mathew

    Shocked this stuff actually works, women will check you out but it's up to you to get them. Only issue was I knock it over on side table something happen to the rubber made it corrode away. I've only left with 40% of it left. (Posted on 10/18/2017)

  2. Must try Review by Anthony

    This product does what it says it does. Recommended try. (Posted on 12/2/2016)

  3. What Lipstick Review by AnthonyGet

    It's going to be finish of mine day,however before finish I am reading this impressive article to improve my experience.

    <a href="http://tyrabanksmakeupreview.com">Lip Model</a> (Posted on 4/6/2016)

  4. I gave it 3 stars as I've not notice imapact from women Review by Leonard

    When I first ordered this product, the shipped item had apparently leaked. They need a new bottle. I contacted customer service who was pleasant enough and replied immediately, however shipping of a new bottle took three weeks. Upon using it, the only difference I noticed is that men (my best buddies) told me I stank while women stood back (out of awe?)----I'll continue to use it until something good happens as I'm not certain it was worth the purchase and will probably not order it again and stick with scent of Eros which I love (Posted on 12/8/2015)

  5. PERFECT Review by Logan

    love this product! i will buy 30 of them on my next check! (Posted on 11/27/2015)

  6. Great Product Review by John

    I ordered this product at the beginning of the year and thoroughly enjoyed the effects it stimulated in others. I noticed many women being more relaxed around me and generally just comfortable in my presence. In one example I had several women during a bachata dance class holding onto me very tight. It is important to note this response was not from everyone one a few women held onto me noticeably tighter and longer during the practice (we had to rapidly switch partners). This was in contrast to the other women who were just ok with my presence and went on to the next partner when the time arose. Lucikly for me it was attractive women, for the most part, who held on to me tight.

    Unfortunately I ran out of this product shortly after but I will be reordering once it is in stock again. (Posted on 8/16/2015)

  7. Impressed Review by Yasiel

    People! Be very careful with the usage of this product! I did a 4 days trial! I keep myself clean at all times, I shower with scented body wash for men so there is no reason for me to use colognes! Rubbing less than one drop on your wrists and behind your neck and ears are more than enough! My work environment is very diverse! Having said that here I go! Women and homosexual men were around me like piranhas in the Amazons! Even few of my friends (straight men) admitted feeling strangely curious towards me, some felt a bit but manageable anger! Even though there are some factors to consider, I'm 6'3" tall, great funny out-easygoing personality, not bad looking, I never received so much and undivided attention.
    It was intense and insane! Come on! "straight men" attention was drawn towards me!
    Keep control when using, your body natural secretions tend to interact and creates an unpleasant aroma. If you are the type with strong pH, caution while using!
    Love the product!!! Even though psychological subjects play another key factor!
    I would rate it with 5stars but I intended to attract girls, not men!!
    But I still keep on using it and buying it!!
    (Posted on 6/27/2015)

  8. Review by Corey

    Very good stuff. The smell is not bad but it does work. Just a few drops nothing more is all you need. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  9. Review by Junior

    it didnt worked for me at all. my wife didnt liked the scent (Posted on 3/31/2014)

  10. Review by Georgi

    I purchased Androstadienone full strenght - 10ml for third time.
    Amazing product
    Women around me feels calm content. A-1 is like mood booster for them. I had very good results when women are on their period and also if some of them suffer from PMS.
    Androstadienone Pheromone can have a possible âmemoryâ effect in that women will have lingering thoughts on a man that may have worn A-1. I noticed IOI-signs like fidgeting hair flipping repeated looks or glances tighter hugs longer hugs hanging around me more or even âdoe eyesâ. That is why some people call it: the âromantic pheromoneâ or the âfalling in loveâ pheromone.
    I had a girl crushed on me when I was used A-1 alongside with heavy Androsterone product like Alpha 7 few times around her. Use With Discretion. I am serious. If you want to create a Long Term Relationship - use such mix.
    Androstadienone can also be used as a buffer in heavy androstenone mixes for example with NPA.
    I have much experience with A-1.
    I will continue to buying Androstadienone and other stuff from Love-Scent. (Posted on 2/1/2014)

  11. Review by Fonzie

    there is this girl who hates me completely would this product allow me to be friend or enter a relationship with her. (Posted on 8/1/2013)

  12. Review by Matt

    i would like to know more about this so i am going to try it if anyone has any tips let me know (Posted on 2/2/2013)

  13. Review by Claudia

    Awesome product. Makes my relationship way better. As it did to my past relationships too : (Posted on 1/31/2011)

  14. Review by Justin

    When I first received my bottle there was something wrong with it I highly doubt it was love scents fault after I told them they immediately sent me a brand new bottle very good customer service.

    Now to the product when I wear this the women around me seem to be much more comfortable with me also it can have girls crushing over you.

    Very good product one of my favorites. (Posted on 11/8/2010)

  15. Review by Mark

    Excellent stuff for use during 'that time of the month'. Women get much happier and more at ease. I do agree that the dropper top is terrible and it will leak if you aren't very careful. 4 stars (should be 5 but because of the top it loses one.) A little goes a very long way so it is actually quite economical. (Posted on 1/17/2010)

  16. Review by Peter

    A1 is the friggen bee's knees for relaxing and uplifting PMS afflicted women. Also, a good supplement to horndog products like NPA as it takes a bit of the edge off the androstenone without reducing the horny. (Posted on 12/30/2009)

  17. Review by sean

    When i used this product, I definitely noticed the effects of it, but the bottle/dropper is of poor quality. I found my bottle empty the other day after it had been left on its side for a few days. I am not very happy about that, but the product does work. (Posted on 9/8/2009)


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