Pheromone Reviews

At Love Scent, we're committed to providing our customers with all the information they need to make the right choices when buying pheromones. Whether you're a phero-pro or a first time user, you'll find a ton of useful information in these uncensored and unbiased reviews from real customers. Pheromones work differently for different people, and these reviews can help you find the right pheromones for you. Our top three best sellers are Chikara, Liquid Trust, and Essence of a Woman.

Great stuff by Steve on 02/04/2016

Smells fantastic. My wife loves the smell as well. Seems to cause a level of sexual naughtiness that we have never had before:)

Wow by Vonda on 02/04/2016

My husband cant keep his hands off me with this one. Love it love it. He will actually try to have sex in public places after 26 years. It rejuvenate our life. Thanks.

Awesome by Vonda on 02/04/2016

I didn't think it worked because it smelt so nice but it works great. I find men pleasantly nice and warm around me. Not overly sexual but wanted to stay in my company. Perfect as that was what I was looking for to build confidence.

good product by Dae A on 02/03/2016

I got this the other week. been wearing it everyday but I've noticed my boyfriend ignores me so I think it turns him off so I'm going to try Alter Ego. I just wanted to say thank you to all your hard work and I love all this stuff!!!!!

WOW! by Cynthia on 12/29/2015

I was unsure at first, but I am amazed at how well it works for me! It's light, but effective. I got an amazing reaction from someone I've admired for a while and maybe it has a little to do with this product. I'll be ordering more. ;)

Womens Sampler by Stephanie on 12/28/2015

I love the scent of eros, the eros unisex, perception, and alter ego for women. They all do wonders and I could use some ore free packets for now. I have been placing orders ongoing because those scents agree with my body chemistry and I get a phenomenal results every single time. looking forward to some more free samples. I love these fragrances.

Great! by Josh on 12/27/2015

This is just what I need to get my love life back on track!

Alright. by Coyote on 12/27/2015

Great, I just wish I had chosen something other than musky, it works but doesn't smell very nice.

Wonderful! by Coyote on 12/27/2015

It did everything that I hoped it could!

mixed feelings by Anthony on 12/26/2015

I did as instructed dabbed behind the ear, neck, chest and even used it with the calvin klein scent one from here...i seem to get some friendlyness and that is about it. did i do this wrong?

I like it a lot by Gandalf Toblerone Jr on 12/22/2015

I use this 2 or 3 times a day under my nose and it energizes me and gives me confidence. I use it in conjunction with whatever alpha pheromone mix I am wearing that day. It functions as a bit of a pick me up and I hope it might have an effect on the ladies too. Recommended.

Beautiful by Alexa on 12/18/2015

It smells great and definitely makes me feel sexy

Can't explain its amazing Effectiveness !!! by Danny on 12/17/2015

I am a male in my 20's, I started using Chikara at age 21 and used it for about 2 years, it's kind of expensive, I noticed that during the time I used it going out to clubs in NYC my getting laid rate per weekend was higher than after I stopped using it, I chilled a little and Now i'm out again looking for that thrill of just 4 years ago and have been trying for a year without Chikara and my getting laid rate is relatively lower than back then when using this product. I would say it went down to i'd say 70%, So you can tell it's a drastic decrease, I'm still the same guy and for any guy in NYC you know playing the game with the chicks out there is not easy with their chicken head thoughts. I have reinfornces my 26th birthday with 2 bottes of Chikara for the end of this 2015 year, so let's if it was really Chikara that did the trick. PS. I always got looks, compliments, at ease conversations, comfortable approaches to and from girls, does boost your confidence. a whole lot. do have to play around with the amoutns you use, young guys should use very little, older guys past their 40's should use a lil more for example, I used to press the spray button only once in my wrist then spread that amount to my other wrist and from there spread in the back of your ear all the way down to your neck and bottom jaw. for older guys I would recommend to try up to 2 sprays 3 would be too much but up to you.

FIRST TIME USING CHIKARA by Thanh on 12/16/2015


Good stuffs by Butdidyoudie on 12/15/2015

I received these in a sample pack. Worn alone, with some cover, they pack a punch. Had a lot of iois, seems to work on more confident women as it'll scare away younger chicks since our had some none I it. Good stuff

Works! by pinkyluv on 12/15/2015

This stuff smells awful. But it works ! The smell does go away with proper application. I my husband stays all over me when I wear this. And if I go out in public i tend to get hit on ALOT! Definitely fun to wear!

To good to be true! by lola on 12/12/2015

I wont another bottle! Men are crazy about me with this one, hahaha

this stuff works by David on 12/12/2015

There is something magical in this product. I used to be invisible to others, but this liquid trust is like I removed my camoflage. It gives me the freedom to talk to the people I once just ignored. I am 100% satisfied. I just wish I could get a lifetime supply.

Start here! by Cenzin on 12/09/2015

Wanting to try pheromones but not sure where to start? This I found was the best of all worlds. You'll love its effects.

I gave it 3 stars as I've not notice imapact from women by Leonard on 12/08/2015

When I first ordered this product, the shipped item had apparently leaked. They need a new bottle. I contacted customer service who was pleasant enough and replied immediately, however shipping of a new bottle took three weeks. Upon using it, the only difference I noticed is that men (my best buddies) told me I stank while women stood back (out of awe?)----I'll continue to use it until something good happens as I'm not certain it was worth the purchase and will probably not order it again and stick with scent of Eros which I love

Good stuff by TT on 12/07/2015

The sample package has this one in it. So I put it on along with scent or eros unisex a little of both and omgosh my less than affectionate lover could not stop smiling he said you smell to good to go to work and he was all hands kisses and he smelled me until I left.

Good stuff by TT on 12/07/2015

The sample package has this one in it. So I put it on along with alter ego a little of both and omgosh my less than affectionate lover could not stop smiling he said you smell to good to go to work and he was all hands kisses and he smelled me until I left.

This stuff really works. by Saleen on 12/06/2015

I have been using this with my favorite perfumes and boy, I can't believe the effect it has on some people. I want to know, will it stain your skin after using it for awhile? Can't wait to try more of your other products.

Great for Depression by Cindy on 12/06/2015

I'm a very social person, so I don't need Liquid Trust for social relationships with others. But I have a lifelong case of PTSD and resulting depression from ongoing childhood trauma. Liquid Trust works better than any other kind of medication or supplement to help me get through those rough times. It makes me feel safe and protected with myself, which has always been an impossible state for me to reach on my own. I would highly recommend this for anyone who struggles to feel safe or to find the positive side of life situations. I use Liquid Trust several times a week, and in combination with behavioral strategies, it pulls me through the worst times.

great with alpha 7 by Logan on 12/04/2015

i put 2 drops of alpha 7 on each wrist, small drops, prob equal to One "full size " drop on each wrist, then one around the underside of each ear, then i sprayed each spot with chakira, my girlfriend, a virgin that wanted to wait til marriage, lost it to me with in the first 10 minutes of me ever wearing this, I would never make this stuff up! This is Magical Science at its finest! My gfs mom even gives me "the eyes" sometimes! shes next!

This is a great product!!! by Krishan on 12/03/2015

This stuff is amazing. People are much friendlier and more talkative. It works great around both men AND women, in the workplace and elsewhere.I didn't believe in such thing in the past... but after using this pherone, everyone started treating me very very well!next time i am going for big bottle for me.yum!!

Nice Product by C on 12/01/2015

Glow is a nice product with a light and pleasant scent. I use it alone and sometimes add an additional essential oil.

Great by Patrick on 11/30/2015

Very good mixture of phermones- not super alpha so less confrontation- and more mingling.

Smells good by Phill on 11/30/2015

Not sure how well it works, but it smells great. Every time I wear it, I always get complimented on how well I smell.

Really Good Deal by Frances on 11/29/2015

This pack has so many of the products I wanted to try but didn't want to spend the extra $..So I was very pleased to find this sample pack..My fav is the mojo pro..I mix a little with my fav body smells so good a little "soapy" which I like!..the scent Def attracts my husband And It gives me a little boost of energy..I really like them all!!!..

love it! by Logan on 11/28/2015

works great!

oh my god by Logan on 11/28/2015

this stuff got me laid!

my girlfriend and i by Logan on 11/28/2015

my girlfriend and i were both virgins claiming to wait til marriage , but we used this stuff and just couldnt wait! love it!

got me laid!!!!!!!! by Logan on 11/28/2015


PERFECT by Logan on 11/28/2015

love this product! i will buy 30 of them on my next check!

AMAZING by Logan on 11/28/2015


GREAT by Logan on 11/28/2015

I really liked this girl, who we dated off and on for two years and she wanted to remain a virgin til marriage, but i spent the night with her on a saturday night as i did every saturday night and well, we did it! popped the cherry and everything so to speak! she never seemed into anything sexual not even jokes or sex scenes in movies, so this is a pretty good score, IF YOU WANT TO GET LAID TRY THIS

Edge by Stephanie on 11/26/2015

I have tried this one in the past and it is a nice light fragrance but I can't remember if I got results or not because its been so long ago. So maybe in the near future I can attest to its outcome by watching for the results.

Not The Same by Hannah on 11/23/2015

I had great results with this product years ago (that i also bought from love-scent) however when i purchased this recently it came in a smaller rollerball tube (which is now VERY difficult to use and cheaply made) and the product isn't marked as pictured as there was no sticker on the new tube. On top of that the product smelled different and did not work for me. I was very disappointed in that the PCC company changed it so much or that perhaps I received the wrong thing. Wont take the chance again, but maybe I'll just try a new scent.

a MUST try!! by Storey on 11/20/2015

Absolutely love this product!. I honestly couldn't believe how incredible the results were. Highly recommend every woman to try it! Hoping to receive some samples to pass out on my next girls night out (:

WOW! by Cynthia on 11/17/2015

I got this with my first order, even though I was a bit unsure if these products even worked. Well, I am here to say THEY WORK! Very well! Because it's unscented, I could use it with my favorite perfume and WOW! The results were fantastic! Just WOW! :)

Pleasantly Surprised! by Cynthia on 11/17/2015

This is one of my favorite products on this site! The smells are soft, yet they catch people's attention. I'm impressed! So is the opposite sex. ;)

great by dhence on 11/17/2015

awesome product

Fantastic by Joy on 11/17/2015

I've been using this product for a few years now, because it works! One thing that is awesome, is that there is no stinky smell. That means it mixes well with any scent and it goes undetected. I typically use 3-5 drops in some of my body lotion (Bath & Body) and rub it on my neck and upper chest area. Generally speaking, most people are nice to me. Females though, sometimes have shown a little aggression to me. Males are pretty receptive...smiling, talkative, and eyeing me. My drives him nuts (in a good way)...his hands are all over me ;). Rawr!

Excellent by David on 11/13/2015

This combination of pheromones is spectacular. I have a lady friend that just found these irresistible. You gotta try them.

not bad at all by UMACHI on 11/10/2015

i usually get my usual pheromones, but after trying this i might need to go outside my normal rotation of scents. Great results, clean smell, and nice price!

Love It! by Andrew on 11/05/2015

I've been a customer of Love Scent for over ten years and have tried many different products. Alter Ego is definitely one of my favorites. I work in a retail store with many hot female co-workers and Alter Ego has been very,very good to me ;)

I like it.... by Cynthia on 11/03/2015

As long as I use a cover fragrance the scent is acceptable. I use a few drops in armpits then after about 20 mins add my fragrance oils (containing chocolate, coffee and patchouli) I am asked frequently what fragrance I am wearing "you smell so good" I hear all the time. No hot and heavy proposal from men but I haven't used this in a situation conducive to that type of interaction. Will update after further use...

Impressive! by Cynthia on 11/03/2015

The atomizer bottle is very classy, looks awesome when pulled out of my purse for touch up. I prefer the Edge unscented for woman and I use my usual fragrance with it. The Climation is okay just a bit too floral for me so with this too I use my usual fragrance oil. I haven't had much interaction to add to this review but Will update more on interaction outcomes once I try it a bit more.

Review by Alyssa by Alyssa on 11/02/2015

This is my absolute favourite one! My bf loves the smell. I will continue to buy this one.

Works by Tess on 11/01/2015

this stuff actually works-- wore it once at work yesterday. this girl who always tries to make negative comments about me came up to me and said "you are very beautiful, and i want you to know that." how random. did not expect it to work on the same sex.

life extended by Mark on 11/01/2015

I have used with much success all of the gel packs offered by LS all last 3-5hrs depending on certain conditions like weather , temperature, however I have found a way to extended the effectiveness by mixing perception with another gel, ( Do not where both at once , take 1 pk. of each and empty contents into a sample container shake well. Now what you have is awesome , it will last approx 8 to 10 hrs. ( depending on certain conditions ). Experienced pheromone users know what I'm taking about.

love this by Peggy on 10/29/2015

I have used this for years & always had great results. It also work fantastic with liquid trust. My only complaint is I wish a larger size was available.

this is great by Peggy on 10/29/2015

I have had a lot of luck with this in both my professional & private life I will continue to purchase this it really works.

didn't work for me by Peggy on 10/29/2015

Try as I might no matter how little or how much I used of this I didn't see any results.

I like it a lot by Bryan on 10/29/2015

This stuff is very energizing and confidence giving. I hate the roll-on. Would much prefer eurodropper.

I was blown away by how well your product works. by hlywd on 10/27/2015

I ordered the men's sample pack, for myself. I used the Mojo Pro that evening for an encounter to test its claim. I had the one person in mind, before I could get there, an ex-girlfriend showed up at my door. We sat and talked, suddenly she couldn't keep her hands off me. Next, she was very aggressive wanting sex, I found myself trapped unable to escape. She was on top of me forcing her tongue in my mouth and not hearing me say,"no"! Finally I surrendered. Only then did I realize I had on the Mojo Pro.

I'm on my third bottle by Eric on 10/27/2015

I'm on my third bottle of this stuff. I use it nearly every time I'm going to meet new people or to start a good night out with old friends. It's strange to actually sit back and watch the stuff work. New people open up to you as though you've been friends for years. And yes, women want to stick around and talk to you.

This is amazing. by Gretel on 10/24/2015

My friend gave this to me once as a gift. I didn't really use it at first but boy am I glad I did. Maybe it was a placebo effect but I felt friendlier and confident. I'm normally very reserved and irritable but I felt relaxed and cool.

Loyal user by Mia on 10/20/2015

I've used this particular product for years, and it always performs extremely well for what I've needed. It seems to ease relations with both men and women, platonic or otherwise; and it gives me the confidence I need in awkward places. This product has actually helped my social anxiety issues and made me more comfortable meeting new people!

The best flirty scent available by Vicky on 10/17/2015

Mistress is the best pheromone I've ever bought! Period! I get guys coming up to me left and right, I even had a guy kiss me for no reason apologizing afterwards because he "didn't know what came over him". The way I've found that it works best is to apply it right on my cheeks and a dab under my nose and l feel my confidence sore and exude sexiness big time. Highly recommend this pheromone

Fabulous by Kim on 10/17/2015

I use this product and have found it really assists with that awkward time when so many males are in a room but you don't want sexual attraction you want endearment or trust. Also it does not offend women like some pheromones can. I also gave it to my teenage son, it has helped him with the awkward teenage situations. Love It and I always buy more.

Soft by KSS-PA on 10/17/2015

This works great and has a soft scent. It is feminine without being overpowering and doesn't leave that pheromone smell that some do. Great and will be ordering more.

Not a fan by Brad on 10/16/2015

I decided to try something different and bought the Edge Diesel. I really didn't care much for the smell myself. I didn't receive any complaints from the ladies, but at the same time I didn't receive any compliments on my cologne either. To be fair, this might smell well on others, but to me it was to harsh. I'll stick to my favorites.

Not as good as Pheromax Trust by Brad on 10/16/2015

I decided to buy regular Pheromax to save some money, and to test and see if there is really a difference. This stuff is also amazing, and works well under any cover scent that you want to use; however I have not gotten nearly as good of results with this as I did the Pheromax Trust. Both are worth the money, but next time I'll be investing into my trusted favorite.

Long Lasting by Brad on 10/16/2015

Alter Ego has a nice mild scent, no cover scent is really needed. just a little dab is all that is needed. I did receive several complements while wearing it, however I haven't gotten as many results as I have with other products. I would buy this again though, maybe to use alongside of my trusted favorites.

No reactions by Ricardo on 10/14/2015

I tried this product several times in small and large amounts and didn't notice any reactions neither on myself nor on other people. Don't waste your money.

One of the best ever by Joshua on 10/14/2015

This Chikara stuff just is amazing. ive used it in meetings, clubs and nearly anytime I meet someone new and every time people just are more attracted it seems. Like magic in a bottle.

relaxation in a bottle by David on 10/13/2015

I've tested this stuff at my local strip club to see for sure what would happen....I first applied it before I went in I didn't smell anything but I think I put to much on because I had kind of a euphoric headache for about 30 min but then it went away and afterwards I felt so relaxed and euphoric I had no anxiety at all and I was in a really good mood all of a sudden I did noticed the 2 girls sitting 4 feet in front me turn and stare at me at exactly the same time...there were not a lot of dancers working that night so I couldn't get up close and personal with it but I did notice that on the way out one of dancers was leaving at the same time as me and out of nowhere she just jerked head and stared at me as I was leaving...but the most interesting part is I went to the mall after applying pheromax the next day and I noticed the same thing this cute girl was walking about 12ft in front of me just turned head and started staring at me and then she slowed down as I was walking by her and got on the escalator behind me....I'd say this stuff's makes you feel like james bond....women will probably be more attracted to the vibe you give off which pheromax helps create then the actual smell itself

5 Star! by Michael on 10/12/2015

This is one of my favorites. I noticed more attention from women in general. At work, the gym, even in the bar scene which was some what of a surprise to the degree. It's definitely a winner and helps keep your confidence up with the right type of vibe to attract any women to you.

works well with others by cb on 10/09/2015

Works okay on its own, but combined with other products works great!

i love it by Maria on 10/06/2015

i think that this great and I'm dying for having even more of this products

It really works! by Michael on 10/01/2015

This product doesn't have a strong fragrance, but it has a special something that both makes me feel sexy, and also gets noticeably more men expressing interest in me as well! If that weren't enough, the pheromones in this product seem to also affect women in an almost opposite, yet desireable way. The guardedness females sometimes once felt around me has given way to trust. And generally they're much more open to friendship than before. I love how this product can provoke and entice men while putting women at ease too!

knock out by priscilla on 09/28/2015

This one is a knockout of the ball park - Musk....a must have.

smells great by Robin on 09/27/2015

I can honestly say I loved the way this smells it made me want me lol.

works perfectly by Robin on 09/27/2015

I must admit I was uncertain this would work but I used it on a date with someone I really like but we never had a real spark between us. By the end of the date he was a totally different person he opened up to me and we talk more and more and are getting closer it was just the icebreaker we needed.

Love it by cynthia on 09/27/2015

I love to wear it around my husband. He doesn't know I wear it but he always goes straight for my neck when I have it on and kisses me there often. I love it!

Icebreaker! by Tony on 09/22/2015

This is a clean Sandalwood scent. One spray is all you will need, and you will certainly receive attention from the ladies.

The best scent in the world to me by Lacey on 09/19/2015

Smells soooo good. When I wear this I find myself smiling for no reason. It makes me feel like I'm the greatest woman in the world. Seriously you will feel confident. Everyone should try this, even a shy woman will come out of her shell with this scent. Thanks for brighten my day. I can't stop smelling myself.

delighted by sappho on 09/16/2015

Am pleased with the product result. Sapphire is my favorite scent. Musk does not smell that good to me, but personal preference prevails. Regardless, I plan on trying them all.

Addidas by Kelvan on 09/15/2015

Nice cheap and last long in ml,

Not as expected by Maria on 09/15/2015

I wish I could chime in with the other positive reviews but this didn't do much for me personally. However it has the least odor/scent compared to other pheromone, none that are animal or copulin like. Perhaps I'll test it some more.

Probably most pleasant smelling pheromone by Maria on 09/15/2015

I haven't tried many pheromone products, mostly the ones that came in a sample pack. Of the ones I've tried, I remember liking the scent of this one the most, it's unusually comforting. It's not musky, but it definitely has a distinct chemical scent. My boyfriend who seems immune to all the other pheromones I've tried had a positive reaction to this. The trouble is the price, especially for the full size, but I guess if I think of it as buying an expensive brand perfume it might not be too bad?

Works by TERESA on 09/07/2015

I love this product. I feel great and I think it's what makes me attracted others. Wish it came in a bigger size.

Absolutely Works!!!!! by Michelle on 09/06/2015

I ordered this product and I've noticed that people are more willing to have conversations with me and I was not a believer in this at all but I have noticed better relationships with just people in general and I haven't tried it on love in terms of dating but it makes me feel better puts me in a better mood and overall conversations are easier to start and finish and more pleasant I absolutely recommend this product great sale price and used my promo code Labor Day. 30% off can't beat that I love love sent I will definitely be ordering more but I do recommend with this bottle that you buy a mini spritzer because it comes in a diaper and I feel like I'm wasting a lot of the product I feel it would be better if you could spray it on so I will just put it in a little spray bottle and use it it makes me feel good and conversations are easier

good stuff by nsalenorth on 09/01/2015

I decided to try this one. I'd never used a pheromone before. It's really worked! !

Love it! by Kim on 08/25/2015

I've been using Juniper Berry for years. Smells great!

Social mone by Holly on 08/24/2015

I have been wearing this for a while now. My longtime boyfriend likes the smell a lot and makes him less aggressive/ more talkative. I tried wearing it to a great dinner at White Spot. Seems to work better with a little air conditioning than sweating it off in hot temps outside. The young asian waitress in her early 20's started flirting with my boyfriend which I found amusing. She reduced the bill and gave us extra shots in our martini's. She also joked about seeing us come back the next day for breakfast. In summary- it works on the 20-30's age range. Older age groups don't seem to notice as much. I suggest using Sheer Love bath gel/body lotion from Victoria's Secret to use alongside the gel packet.

10/10 by Logan on 08/24/2015

Very nice product! If you order this you should have girls all over you in no time!

I have you used this product for several months now. This is a "Awesome Product for me. Thank You by paul on 08/23/2015

I have you used this product for several months now. This is a "Awesome" Product for me. Thank You

My son loves this by Jody on 08/22/2015

I gave Alter Ego to my son which he wore for the first time last night to a football game. He came home talking about how he lived it and it really works. Said he was covered up with girls. With those results I'm sure he'll be insisting I purchase more for him.

Nice smell, but.. by Lars on 08/22/2015

In the beginning I felt Shikara was doing something for me. But it almost seems like the effect has just faded while I've been getting older. I'm checking out another one now. :)

I dropped it in my purse by Grace on 08/21/2015

I use so little bit amount but everyone still said it smells HORRIBLE ..... even i applied another perfume over it still doesnt help then i dropped it whole bottle in my purse I almost cry it smells so bad can't even compare with anything and no guys want to get close to me they always said smell something expired now my purse it's been like a year that smell still stuck on that purse never spend money on this product again ever

It actually work by Grace on 08/21/2015

When I have to present my project or have to see clients this first thing i would pick for the base to wear

it turn him on by Grace on 08/21/2015

when I wear this my husband going crazy keep smelling me

nice smell by Grace on 08/21/2015

It's smell really nice when i squeeze it out it look like gel alil and it smell so goooodddd but it doesn't work that much on my husband

It's nice by Grace on 08/21/2015

smell like watermelon and it's work sometime I love it!!

Great Product by John on 08/16/2015

I ordered this product at the beginning of the year and thoroughly enjoyed the effects it stimulated in others. I noticed many women being more relaxed around me and generally just comfortable in my presence. In one example I had several women during a bachata dance class holding onto me very tight. It is important to note this response was not from everyone one a few women held onto me noticeably tighter and longer during the practice (we had to rapidly switch partners). This was in contrast to the other women who were just ok with my presence and went on to the next partner when the time arose. Lucikly for me it was attractive women, for the most part, who held on to me tight. Unfortunately I ran out of this product shortly after but I will be reordering once it is in stock again.

Drove my boyfriend wild by Jody on 08/16/2015

I used this before a date with my boyfriend recently. He's normally pretty calm, but when I wear this he can't keep his hands of me. Absolutely love it!

LOVE this product by Jody on 08/16/2015

I recently applied a small amount of Perception before going to the gym. The men there seemed to flock to me, a much different reaction than I get if I don't wear it. I'll definitely be keeping this one in my arsenal.