Pheromone Reviews

At Love Scent, we're committed to providing our customers with all the information they need to make the right choices when buying pheromones. Whether you're a phero-pro or a first time user, you'll find a ton of useful information in these uncensored and unbiased reviews from real customers. Pheromones work differently for different people, and these reviews can help you find the right pheromones for you. Our top three best sellers are Chikara, Liquid Trust, and Essence of a Woman.

I found it worked well by Thor on 09/14/2016

I received this Master Mini awhile ago and more than once. I truly believe it does help attract women, and having it on really seems to boost my confidence. I completely recommend this Pheromone

Fantastic by JASON on 09/12/2016

Smells great and I had great reactions. Would love to use product again.

Recommended by cesar on 09/12/2016

I have been using the products from this site for a while, I really enjoy them.

connekt and edge by Thanh on 09/07/2016

I used both connekt and edge mix with my colognes .I found was the best of all worlds. You'll love its effects. Thanks love scent.

A Day to Remember by Kimberley on 08/11/2016

Wow...I felt alive and beautiful...I w as wanting my soon to be husband to ask for my hand and you know , he told me "I'm never letting go"..And then he asked me to Marty him ... Thank you

Fantastic by Kimberley on 08/11/2016

I wore scent of Eros for women and I couldn't believe man was all over me ,It brought COMPLETE PASSION back in my bedroom... Thank you

Amazing results by Mike on 05/04/2016

This product worked better than expected. Ladies seem to notice the scent right away.

Fun but I can't tell i it's really doing anything or placebo effect by Casey on 05/04/2016

The concept of pheromones is great and they are scientifically proven to work however this product didn't seem much of anything, well not all bottles are of the same quality so maybe I was just unlucky

Mixed feelings by Cynthia on 05/04/2016

I have only used this one a few times but I really haven't noticed much of a difference yet. I still have several packages left so hopefully I will soon. I had better results with Edge.

Really works by Cynthia on 05/04/2016

I use this all of the time. It really works. My husband doesn't know that I wear it but he is definitely more attracted to me!

Really works by Cynthia on 05/04/2016

I use this all of the time. It really works. My husband doesn't know that I wear it but he is definitely more attracted to me!

Awsome!!! by John on 05/02/2016

I used this from a friends bottle because he wouldn't stop bugging me to try it. I am glad I finally did. To put it in simple terms. I will be buying this with my next order. ;) Sincerely : John in Va Beach

This Stuff Rocks! by John on 05/02/2016

I have used pheromones for years with mixed results. This is the one that gives me undeniable results. I simply add a touch in the right places and gals just drift my way at gatherings and parties. It is pretty amazing if you think about it. Thanks Love Scent for a great product!!

Great way to start by Meghan on 05/02/2016

This is such a great option!!! My husband noticed all of them but we both found the best one for me!!! Now instead of wasting money on the others that were not extremely attractive on me I know exactly what I want!!!!

Great gift!! by Meghan on 05/01/2016

I got this as a birthday present!!! I was so happy with it!!! I have spent hundreds of dollars in the past on different perfumeThis has been the best of all!!! I know it has been a great find for both my husband and myself!!!!

a bit of everything by Mark on 05/01/2016

for those of you who are new to pheromones I recommend this sampler . Follow the instructions and you wont be disappointed . I like these packets , the right amount every time , no guess work, good for about 3 to 4 hrs. per packet. Hell even comes with a money back guarantee!

Works pretty well, hubby liked this. by helen on 04/20/2016

Subtle and not overpowering, but definitely works. Hubbey liked this one.

Works pretty well, hubby liked this. by helen on 04/20/2016

Subtle and light fragrance. Works pretty well. Husband definitely liked this one.

Always Hits! Worth the 15ML by CoolJ on 04/17/2016

This is my fourth pheromone product: 2 store bought pheromones and License 2 Kill LIIK ver. 1 by Alpha-Dream. L2K is a very heavy hitter socially, and the sexual part seems to "slow burn" over time. I OD'd at 4 sprays on a 20 year old and she is disgusted with me. NPA... I accidentally OD's with about 4 drops. My work environment lost all tension! My coworker was at ease, all my students were smiling and happy and were more compliant. My coworker who is upset with me kept finding her way into my air space. She kept looking at me from far away and then came close. When I move away she would slowly follow behind. A sub working at my job seemed to open up to me with the L2K but NPA gave her "deer in the headlights" which freaked me out when I caught her shamelessly staring from across the room. I guess I freaked her out because she was sitting next to me before she moved. I didn't even realized she got up. LOL. My friend's brother's girlfriend and I just met and on our first encounter she kept smiling, staring, and instantly opened up when I began talking. She seemed turned on when I had the hammer in my hand. Their sister on the other hand was annoyed. Which was cool because she is 9-10 years old. The next day. Wore NPA with Alpha-Dream's Certo (Sandalwood). My friend's sister all of a sudden wanted me to help her fill balloons, was getting bossy, and kept creeping closer. The gf from the night before kept blushing, offered me food, commented about how she does not like her bf, and was not mad when I began throwing water balloons at her. The sister also commented that the gf was acting shy and that she NEVER does that. *Certo is a "crush" formula -- NPA pushed the effects faster. NPA works....need to try with Liquid Trust

An okay product by Amber on 04/17/2016

I noticed a slight difference in the way men behaved toward me but it didn't help attract any guys to approach me. They just stared.

i can't believe it worked! by dan on 04/17/2016

I tried it, didn't think it would work, but it did! People were more friendly and happy to keep talking with me. I do sales, and this helped a lot!

Great stuff by Andres on 04/12/2016

I have bought this everytime I wanted to start a new job. I get hired on the spot. I use this everytime I go on a first date. We're immediately friends and other pheromones combined makes it all worth it. She'll get close. Smell your pheromones and it's a wrap.

Super Stuff by Beano on 04/10/2016

I have been on the under confident side suffering depression the last 2 or so years.I decided to try this.I added it with Aqua De Gio cologne which is easily blends with and I got two attractive older women in front of me on Wed comment " well someone definitely smells great!" In fact all day everywhere I went people were extra nice to me honestly not bs here. Also people who rarely talk to me much are chatting a lot more and seem more open,this stuff is seriously great as its doing something in my favour! Will plan on getting more soon!

What Lipstick by AnthonyGet on 04/06/2016

It's going to be finish of mine day,however before finish I am reading this impressive article to improve my experience. Lip Model

Excited!!! by Kourtney on 04/05/2016

I've read a ton of reviews on this site among others, and thus is the only one with consistent positive feedback! I'm ordering my sample packs now and i will update!

Love this stuff! by Kat on 04/04/2016

One bottle lasted me a really long time and I can tell the difference when I'm around people if I'm wearing it or not.

Testing by JASON on 04/03/2016

I first was achieving good results and second time around it's not making the effect like first time, work in progress.

Two Thumbs up by Leonard on 04/02/2016

Love it...women can't help themselves, they flock to me like moths to a flame---great results

Great Scent by PHILLIP on 03/31/2016

One of the nicest scents I've come across in ages a true blend of modern yet slightly retro,and had a number of people comment favourably in regards to the pleasant scent. Big bottle good value for a reasonable price,would buy again!

My favorite by Stephanie on 03/28/2016

I never want to leave home without it. would love more samples of Eros Unisex, Eros regular, alter ego for women, perception, are by far my favorites.

Love this sample by Stephanie on 03/28/2016

I love this fragrance.It is so refreshing. one that gets a lot if results.

Newer fragrance by Stephanie on 03/28/2016

I have smelled this scent a few times but it smelled better when my mom wore it. I would like to try it again to see if it is a better fit now.

Works by Tiffany on 03/28/2016

I used it alone and also with cover scents and I tell yah it works. I received male and female attention both being more friendly from holding doors to extra friendly greetings and stares. I felt my mood elevate also and I'm sure with that happiness I looked friendly therefore more attention so try it it works

Great starter kit by luis on 03/27/2016

The combined scent with the musk smells great. I have been getting lots of positive response. Use with moderation. Too much could be offensive to some noses

Great Scent by PHILLIP on 03/27/2016

I had heard of this cologne in the past and since the price is very reasonable though I;d get it as well as some 'Edge. I actually prefer this to the Edge gel, very nice ,contemporary yet just a hint of retro scent,very masculine. I am getting compliments already ,definitely worth trying as the bottle is pretty big.

Great Scent by PHILLIP on 03/27/2016

I had heard of this cologne in the past and since the price is very reasonable though I;d get it as well as some 'Edge. I actually prefer this to the Edge gel, very nice ,contemporary yet just a hint of retro scent,very masculine. I am getting compliments already ,definitely worth trying as the bottle is pretty big.

Attention by Tiffany on 03/26/2016

This is a true attention grabber

Maybe its perfect by Mudassar on 03/24/2016

I think its best for me but i need to check a sample

Definitely works! by Dezz on 03/18/2016

The description is right, this does have an incredibly pungent smell to it, so use an extremely small amount, believe me, I used 1 whole drop and my entire home office reeked of it. However, after I did a quick wash and rinse of the area, I could still smell it, mildly, and it was highly effective on my husband. I threw on a few other pheromone products and off we went to the bedroom. This stuff REALLY works, just use in very small amounts because the smell is very difficult to cover.

Love this! by Dezz on 03/18/2016

Not only does this smell wonderful, just very light and flowery, which is what I prefer, but used with the Pheromax Trust and the Primal Women, my husband went nuts. I would recommend this to anyone, and plan on buying more every time I start running low. Awesome, awesome stuff!

Excellent! by Dezz on 03/18/2016

I ordered more pheromones and got them yesterday. Obviously I didn't use them all at the same time, but I did use this one, along with a couple of others, right before bed and let me tell you it worked......well. My man was a wild man and for the rest of the night he couldn't keep his hands off me, kept waking me up. LOL. Awesome product, will be ordering again.

AWESOME by Christopher on 03/17/2016

I love this stuff, makes me feel calm and relaxed, also makes people around me more open. and when you mix it with Edge or perception , I get some pretty good reactions from women. if you have any doubts about how it works, do some research on how they are starting to use oxytocin to help treat autistic children . the proof is there .

love it love it by alma on 03/16/2016

Amazing works like a charm ,,

Good by Christopher on 03/15/2016

I liked this product and I noticed a lot of women acting more open to me, don't put to much on thou lol. I also tried it with perception and with liquid trust and got great results with adding them to it.

Nice by JASON on 03/15/2016

I didn't know what to expect and I notice more attention and longer conversations with ladies at work,bus stop and everywhere I went. 2 thumbs up.

Surprisingly works well by jessica on 03/14/2016

I have been using this on and off for a while now and can tell a difference in the attention I get from men and women. I think it gives a little confidence too because I feel better with it on.

Worked nice by Christopher on 03/09/2016

I did notice a diff in how women reacted to me, in a positive way. but I do warn... I did put to much on at first and it felt like it made me a little more agro lol. so don't use to much,

What to say? by Alex on 03/05/2016

I've been wearing the hormones consistently. People seem friendlier and it is somewhat of a confidence booster. But no apparent increase in getting men or women to want to interact with me more frequently. I will continue using it to make a second assessment later. But even discounted to 9 dollars. Kinda expensive an experiment.

Perception by M. on 02/23/2016

This has to be one of the best and most proficient pheromones I've used..! My experience has been nothing less then awesome times. From the interaction of a group of beautiful women to being chosen by the hottest one. Man, talk about a memorable experience... Let's just say the interaction carried over though the weekend. What I'd suggest as sure fire, go with a less aggressive pheromone and as the interaction continues throughout the day or evening (wink wink), breakaway and apply this. You will, almost, see an immediate change in behavior for the better of the night. I'd rate this as a 7/8 out of 10 guarantee to run all the bases, that is if you know how to swing the bat and run the bases. =) This is a must have if you use pheromones.

Perception by M. on 02/23/2016

A must buy... try it and share your experience, there definitely will be some.

Uplifting by Cindy on 02/23/2016

I really like the gel packs as when I'm having a day that things just aren't going right, add a little scent of Eros and the people around me are in a better, friendlier mood as well as adding some confidence to myself. Thank you loves scent Oh and people say I smell good like a clean good smell when I where it.

Unbelievable! by Desiree on 02/21/2016

I really put this to the test the first time I wore it. The hubby and I had a spat before bed, I already had a tiny bit of Alter Ego on, and I put on a little of the Sapphire scent on, then went to bed. I rolled over and went to sleep, we still weren't on the best terms. I got woken up 5 times during the night with his hands all over me. LOL. I'd say this stuff really works. I'm going to be ordering more flavors!

Awesome! by Desiree on 02/21/2016

I haven't been using this for very long, but it's worked for me since the first time I put it on. Literally, I dabbed a very small amount on my wrists and within 5 minutes I was giggling to myself for no reason. It elevated my mood that quickly. And the smell is just amazing. I love this product and will be ordering more well before I run out! Highly recommended!

Perception by Victoria on 02/19/2016

I mix this one with my perfume and the results were fantastic! Very nice hits and people in general were friendly and nicer.

good stuff by Christopher on 02/16/2016

I have used this a few times , I can feel the difference in my confidence , as far as women's reaction I found Edge mixed with liquid trust to work better, but this product still works and give me more of a confidence boost

Great stuff!! by Christopher on 02/16/2016

I have used this for many years, and I LOVE it! I have tried it with the same women with and with out , and there is a noticeable difference in how they respond.

Exciting first experience by Pamela on 02/16/2016

Ordered 2 of the primal oils, in Juniper, and Dark Continent..I received Juniper, and Cool..dissapointed, but willing to try,, I put a few drops of Juniper on, and proceeded on to the store. The guy in front of me, buying a Valentine Card,, struck up a conversation, and was very attentive, and pleasant. Onto the man I am seeing,,, WOW,, says it all. He told me he "craved" me..Yes, it seems to work VERY well.

Fun times. by jerry on 02/14/2016

Worked great! I am pleased with the results I got when being around people especially the ladies this stuff is great!

Alpha 7 by TB on 02/11/2016

Alpha 7 has garnered me countless compliments. It smells amazing and does work to attract women!

Draw them in!! by PB on 02/08/2016

Recently received this; sprayed it on then added one of my favorite Bond 9 had the men hanging around.....attracts!

never disappointed by Mark on 02/08/2016

Valentines day is only 8 days away and I can't wait. I saved my last gel pack and I expect a great evening and an awesome night . I have been using them for over 3yrs. and I have never been disappointed . Did I get sex every time ? No! In fact just over 50% of the time , but I will add that most of the other times the encounters were positive . They have given me many great memories . To those of you who are wary or skeptical they have samplers . ( They are generous , and guaranteed to work ) Thanks LS

Great stuff by Steve on 02/04/2016

Smells fantastic. My wife loves the smell as well. Seems to cause a level of sexual naughtiness that we have never had before:)

Wow by Vonda on 02/04/2016

My husband cant keep his hands off me with this one. Love it love it. He will actually try to have sex in public places after 26 years. It rejuvenate our life. Thanks.

Awesome by Vonda on 02/04/2016

I didn't think it worked because it smelt so nice but it works great. I find men pleasantly nice and warm around me. Not overly sexual but wanted to stay in my company. Perfect as that was what I was looking for to build confidence.

good product by Dae A on 02/03/2016

I got this the other week. been wearing it everyday but I've noticed my boyfriend ignores me so I think it turns him off so I'm going to try Alter Ego. I just wanted to say thank you to all your hard work and I love all this stuff!!!!!

Edge for Women by Steffy on 01/29/2016

I tried this fragrance a long time ago but didn't see the results like I do with the others. However, it was a light scent and I think I will try it again one day to see if I mix it with another fragrance, like I do some of the others, I will be able to see the effects of it. I would love a few samples of this one along with my others..

Love it! by Jimmy on 01/27/2016

The first day I received Scent of Eros the 1st time, I put it on, and had to take my dying car to the auto-supply store. Ten minutes after I got there, there were 5 male and 1 female mechanics climbing all over my car while I stood there like a helpless ninny! LOL Needless to say, that car was back in tip-top shape in no time! Works for me AND my car! LOL Thanks Love Scent!

THIS stuff works by Gabriel on 01/22/2016

I got laid with this cologne

:) by AJ on 01/21/2016


:) by AJ on 01/21/2016

Amazing stuff. My boyfriend loves it

Works but has a scent by Morgan on 01/20/2016

I notice I get more attention when using this product; however, it does have a noticeable scent that reminds me of a bathroom deodorizer smell.

Effective by Morgan on 01/20/2016

Great product. Makes me feel more confident in social situations, thus making others feel more comfortable around me when using the product.

Clean scent by Ceceliaelisa on 01/16/2016

My favorite is the sapphire its light clean scent is attractive I find the scents have a positive affect on me and as a result I am more friendly and open to others naturally shy and geeky very shy I hide behind my work or when entertainment mode I am quick witted and snappy (part of customer service) so I always know how to entertain the geusts in the restaurant there defiantly is a script my clumsiness is when I am not on script and need to interact with others the scent helps me relax and feel safe enough to even consider talking to men I find attractive

Attention getter by Your Hotness on 01/14/2016

This added along with your favorite fragrance draws compliments hands down; must have!!!!

Hot by Priscilla on 01/14/2016

Very nice; hot with a capital H....draws compliments; must have to add to your fragrance or wear alone......a little goes a loooonng way! ENJOY the...."All eyes on you"

good by tyrone on 01/14/2016

I like it

Not too bad... by Susan on 01/12/2016

The musk scent definitely needs something extra but did the trick. ;)

Works! by Mark on 01/09/2016

Even when using nothing else I have women I work with go out of their way to come and talk with me. Doesn't seem to be so much a sexual thing as just wanting to be friendlier then normal. Have not noticed it so much with men, but I work mostly with women.

Application points is essential by Matthew on 01/09/2016

Highly sexual, so I apply 2 drops around my groin. This center's the attention subconsciously to a sexual area, remain friendly and escalate. I may apply 50mcg of Androstadienone at 1 drop into each armpit, along with a cover scent, if I want to keep a calm aura. I am in the process of applying Nude, New Pheromone Additive and Androstadienone@50mcg a drop. I want to see if there will be a combo worth applying faithfully.. 1. Nude- 1-3 drops around the jaw line. I try to spread the oil out evenly over my entire neck. 2. New Pheromone Additive- 2-3 drops around the groin. 3. Androstadienone 50 mcg per drop- 1-? in the armpits. I may go 2-3 drops, I don't want to OVERDOSE!

delitious by sara on 01/09/2016

Love it

Loved it! by Jess on 01/09/2016

It gives me a great confidence boost and I've noticed that I have a sexual prowess that guys take a liking to, I mix it with super primal oils and it just makes me feel like I can have anything I wanted with these boys!! Definitely buying again !!

Great Product by Lina on 01/08/2016

Since I have worn Liquid Trust. I have received many favors from others. I have gone to restaurants and gotten extra orders free of price. I have gone to gas stations and received free coffee. It feels great to save money..

Great scent by Steve on 01/04/2016

This product has a great scent and I have noticed a confidence boost with it. Also, I can't tell if it's my confidence or the tremendous scent, but my wife gets turned on more easily when I wear it:)

great icebreaker!!! by J. on 01/04/2016

I work in a public setting and Perception has been GREAT! People are noticeably nicer and attentive since I started using it. Men are extremely flirty and women are just generally nicer... it even boosts my mood! My honey, when he gets a whiff, full on pupils dilated attraction, lol, which is pretty fun for us! The effects of one full application, which I apply over time, lasts a couple of days, (for me anyway) even with a shower. Emptied a couple of packets into a clean perfume roller for easier to control applications and use along with a raw honey perfume oil. Perception is great. I have to say, though, that I've only received unwanted "agressive-ish" attention once but I'm pretty sure I'd accidently od'd on pheromones and the guy was a wack-a-doodle! Thanks love scent!

Works like magic by Shaibabe on 01/01/2016

Upon receiving EOW in the post office i immediately opened the package and yeah the smell is not pleasant but tolerable. So the next day i put one drop each on my wrists and let it dry for 10 minutes and covered it with white musk. So when i went to the mall i was surprised men looked at me when i pass by them which has never happened before without EOW. Then one men sat near me in a fastfood chain and keeps on glancing at me and when i look at him he smiled with a flirty look. So i guess this is really a very potent pheromone

Awesome Product by Dan on 12/31/2015

This is my first review and I can honestly say this product absolutely does work! It seems to strengthen my own confidence levels hence attracting more ladies of all ages to me. They tend to smile more and even strike up conversations. So I would recommended this product wholeheartedly!

Edge Sandalwood by M. on 12/31/2015

One of my first product purchases and I'd have to say a staple at this point. Although, I'd recommend going with the non-scented version of edge. This way you can mix in different combinations to find your secret pheromone scent. Definitely start with this as your base and experiment from there. You will see results, so prepare for a ramp up on social activitie from the opposite sex =)

WOW! by Cynthia on 12/29/2015

I was unsure at first, but I am amazed at how well it works for me! It's light, but effective. I got an amazing reaction from someone I've admired for a while and maybe it has a little to do with this product. I'll be ordering more. ;)

Womens Sampler by Stephanie on 12/28/2015

I love the scent of eros, the eros unisex, perception, and alter ego for women. They all do wonders and I could use some ore free packets for now. I have been placing orders ongoing because those scents agree with my body chemistry and I get a phenomenal results every single time. looking forward to some more free samples. I love these fragrances.

Great! by Josh on 12/27/2015

This is just what I need to get my love life back on track!

Alright. by Coyote on 12/27/2015

Great, I just wish I had chosen something other than musky, it works but doesn't smell very nice.

Wonderful! by Coyote on 12/27/2015

It did everything that I hoped it could!

mixed feelings by Anthony on 12/26/2015

I did as instructed dabbed behind the ear, neck, chest and even used it with the calvin klein scent one from here...i seem to get some friendlyness and that is about it. did i do this wrong?

I like it a lot by Gandalf Toblerone Jr on 12/22/2015

I use this 2 or 3 times a day under my nose and it energizes me and gives me confidence. I use it in conjunction with whatever alpha pheromone mix I am wearing that day. It functions as a bit of a pick me up and I hope it might have an effect on the ladies too. Recommended.

Beautiful by Alexa on 12/18/2015

It smells great and definitely makes me feel sexy

Can't explain its amazing Effectiveness !!! by Danny on 12/17/2015

I am a male in my 20's, I started using Chikara at age 21 and used it for about 2 years, it's kind of expensive, I noticed that during the time I used it going out to clubs in NYC my getting laid rate per weekend was higher than after I stopped using it, I chilled a little and Now i'm out again looking for that thrill of just 4 years ago and have been trying for a year without Chikara and my getting laid rate is relatively lower than back then when using this product. I would say it went down to i'd say 70%, So you can tell it's a drastic decrease, I'm still the same guy and for any guy in NYC you know playing the game with the chicks out there is not easy with their chicken head thoughts. I have reinfornces my 26th birthday with 2 bottes of Chikara for the end of this 2015 year, so let's if it was really Chikara that did the trick. PS. I always got looks, compliments, at ease conversations, comfortable approaches to and from girls, does boost your confidence. a whole lot. do have to play around with the amoutns you use, young guys should use very little, older guys past their 40's should use a lil more for example, I used to press the spray button only once in my wrist then spread that amount to my other wrist and from there spread in the back of your ear all the way down to your neck and bottom jaw. for older guys I would recommend to try up to 2 sprays 3 would be too much but up to you.

FIRST TIME USING CHIKARA by Thanh on 12/16/2015


Good stuffs by Butdidyoudie on 12/15/2015

I received these in a sample pack. Worn alone, with some cover, they pack a punch. Had a lot of iois, seems to work on more confident women as it'll scare away younger chicks since our had some none I it. Good stuff

Works! by pinkyluv on 12/15/2015

This stuff smells awful. But it works ! The smell does go away with proper application. I my husband stays all over me when I wear this. And if I go out in public i tend to get hit on ALOT! Definitely fun to wear!

To good to be true! by lola on 12/12/2015

I wont another bottle! Men are crazy about me with this one, hahaha