Pheromone Reviews

At Love Scent, we're committed to providing our customers with all the information they need to make the right choices when buying pheromones. Whether you're a phero-pro or a first time user, you'll find a ton of useful information in these uncensored and unbiased reviews from real customers. Pheromones work differently for different people, and these reviews can help you find the right pheromones for you. Our top three best sellers are Chikara, Liquid Trust, and Essence of a Woman.

WOW! by Cynthia on 11/17/2015

I got this with my first order, even though I was a bit unsure if these products even worked. Well, I am here to say THEY WORK! Very well! Because it's unscented, I could use it with my favorite perfume and WOW! The results were fantastic! Just WOW! :)

Pleasantly Surprised! by Cynthia on 11/17/2015

This is one of my favorite products on this site! The smells are soft, yet they catch people's attention. I'm impressed! So is the opposite sex. ;)

great by dhence on 11/17/2015

awesome product

not bad at all by UMACHI on 11/10/2015

i usually get my usual pheromones, but after trying this i might need to go outside my normal rotation of scents. Great results, clean smell, and nice price!

Love It! by Andrew on 11/05/2015

I've been a customer of Love Scent for over ten years and have tried many different products. Alter Ego is definitely one of my favorites. I work in a retail store with many hot female co-workers and Alter Ego has been very,very good to me ;)

I like it.... by Cynthia on 11/03/2015

As long as I use a cover fragrance the scent is acceptable. I use a few drops in armpits then after about 20 mins add my fragrance oils (containing chocolate, coffee and patchouli) I am asked frequently what fragrance I am wearing "you smell so good" I hear all the time. No hot and heavy proposal from men but I haven't used this in a situation conducive to that type of interaction. Will update after further use...

Impressive! by Cynthia on 11/03/2015

The atomizer bottle is very classy, looks awesome when pulled out of my purse for touch up. I prefer the Edge unscented for woman and I use my usual fragrance with it. The Climation is okay just a bit too floral for me so with this too I use my usual fragrance oil. I haven't had much interaction to add to this review but Will update more on interaction outcomes once I try it a bit more.

Review by Alyssa by Alyssa on 11/02/2015

This is my absolute favourite one! My bf loves the smell. I will continue to buy this one.

Works by Tess on 11/01/2015

this stuff actually works-- wore it once at work yesterday. this girl who always tries to make negative comments about me came up to me and said "you are very beautiful, and i want you to know that." how random. did not expect it to work on the same sex.

Loyal user by Mia on 10/20/2015

I've used this particular product for years, and it always performs extremely well for what I've needed. It seems to ease relations with both men and women, platonic or otherwise; and it gives me the confidence I need in awkward places. This product has actually helped my social anxiety issues and made me more comfortable meeting new people!

Magic by Hannah on 08/11/2015

These wipes are very effective and convenient. Please restock/bring em back!!

perfect when being discreet. by Mark on 08/10/2015

these are great when you want to attract an unexpected guest ( like your neighbor ). The packets are generous so be careful not to apply to much , you get two applications per packet. also this lasts a good while and since it's odorless it's easy to forget that your wearing it , but you'll remember soon enough . Personaly, I have had more success than I expected, I have tried almost all the gels here and would recommend any of them.

Good stuff by UMACHI on 07/29/2015

I've tried a number of Love Scent products and this one works very well for me. Literally unbelievable reaction

Good stuff by UMACHI on 07/29/2015

Good stuff...and the scented version smells pretty good to me

Whoa by Jonny on 07/28/2015

I was happy how the woman come to me. They would smile and make eye contact when we spoke. They would willing give a kiss on the cheek before and after we spoke. I

Awesome smell by Haman on 07/27/2015

Awesome product, my wife slept unusually close to me the night I used it. Im not sure if it was the pheromone or not, but either way we both loved the smell, and I will be ordering it again off that fact alone...great product.

Solid Product by Douglas on 07/24/2015

Little on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for, I really like this product, it works quite well for me. Got good hits with this one, it does have a strong smell though, so be sure to cover with something else to mask the fragrance.

Great scent by Deborah on 07/21/2015

I love the scent! Really had a positive effect on my confidence and sexuality. For several hours I feel like I can take on the world but the scent fades quickly. Wish it would stick around longer.

Love by Zaneta on 07/18/2015

I Love This Primal Instinct Pheromones For Women.

Awesome by Lynn on 07/18/2015

Smells soooo nice and last a long time. I got Dark Continent. Very sexy smelling. Not floral or sweet or even that "clean" smell. It's earthy and intoxicating.

Love this by Lynn on 07/18/2015

It says that it is unscented but it does have a scent and smells amazing. It smells earthy and nice. Not flowery or sweet. Lots of compliments on this one.

Alter Ego by Connie on 07/17/2015

I love the scent of Alter Ego. And a little bit goes a long way! I just dab on a small amount, and I notice a difference. Men seem friendlier and more flirtatious. I'm curious to see the reaction if I were to use a whole (or even half) packet, but I am somewhat scent-sensitive. Anyway, just dabbing a bit on has enough impact for me. :-)

Probably my favorite by Corey on 07/16/2015

Gets the job done and you cannot overdose on this. People are more relaxed around you.

Nice for attractin shy girls by Corey on 07/16/2015

This formula works wonder when dealing with timid or shy ladies. But you have to be good at approaching women.

Good stuff for ladies. by Corey on 07/16/2015

A friend of mine wore this just by itself and she smelled great.

Good stuff by Corey on 07/16/2015

This is probably one of their best pheromones. I love these things. You need a cover scent for sure.

Something about this one by iCanSmellU on 07/16/2015

There's just something about Chikara.. Most of the time, whenever I have it on, girls just want to play fight with me..

One Of My Favorites!!! by Richard on 07/15/2015

The Edge gel packs are fantastic! You Can carry them with you and apply it on the spot. I add The Edge Gel directly to a spray bottle with an appropriate cologne and have Women Hanging on every word. It is a very powerful attractant and will have the women hanging around you like you are a movie star or something. It kind of makes them want to get to know more about you.

Grab their Attention!!! by Richard on 07/15/2015

If You Want to attract a women give yourself a spray of this and approach your target with some soulful eye contact and watch how they start playing with their hair and tilting their head... Sounds funny but that is your opening for asking for a date. This is some strong Stuff so use it sparingly... You can even pray 2 - 3 times into your favorite cologne and WOW!

The Power Of NPA by Richard on 07/15/2015

I use 3 drops in conjunction with a lightly scented fragrance cologne when I want to create a strong presence!!! If You Want to emanate alpha male apply a drop on each wrist and one drop rubbed on each side of the neck... and Boom Goes The Dynamite!!! When wearing it speak very little but act in a smooth charming way and watch the attraction take place.

Incredible by Richard on 07/15/2015

Many and I Mean Many People, Some I Hardly know have actually used the words I know I Can Trust You! Women Confide In Me Like I Have Known Them For Years, Yet It was the first time We Ever Had A Conversation. Liquid Trust Is That Amazing I Always Buy A Large Bottle Before I Run Out. I am 48 years old so the women I deal with are either younger or close to my age so I mix it with a cologne that that particular age group would consider contemporary for their age group as they were growing up.. Works like a charm.. Especially if it is a cologne that their Dad used to wear! I also mix it with Edge gel pack right in a spray bottle...

a real chick magnet by Henry on 07/11/2015

This is an awesome product, definitely one of my fave unscented pheromones. Would highly recommend it

great stuff by Henry on 07/11/2015

This combo really works...powerful stuff. I'm around women at work all day and I really felt the difference from before and now. It has definitely provided me with the confidence I need to approach the ladies. Thank you love scent and to the chemists making this stuff :]

Scent of Eros by Lynn on 07/11/2015

This makes me so relaxed. It feels very nice on and everyone seems so nice to me on days I wear it.

Alter Ego by Lynn on 07/11/2015

You have to buy this stuff!! It smells sooo good and it works!

Works well! Excellent product! worth the price! by leah on 07/10/2015

I have used this product before and it really makes me feel like a woman. People trust me and even their deepest secrets they tell it to me I am so surprise with the result of this product. My Sales increase! Thank you so much. I will buy more of this in the future.

WORKS EVERYTIME by ALVIN on 07/07/2015

I have used this product a lot. Every time I use it I get what I want (attraction,romance,affection ,sex. These products work for me all the time. you don't have to be an expert to wear pheromones. Find the one that works best for you than continue to be that flirt that takes doesn't take no for an answer. I use them with just a tiny bit of cologne and POW!!! Beautiful Shiny Fish on My Hook. All I can say is I Love Tammy for bringing the good Stuff. Alvin

Alter Ego for women that attracts men(Green and white Pack) and the Eros scent by Steffy on 07/07/2015

Oh My Gosh. I did something really risque!!! I mixed the Alter Ego(in the green/white pack) that attracts men and the Eros scent together. One on top of the other just to see what happens. I had a date last night with someone new. It drove him completely wild. He couldn't keep his hands off of the point where he asked me to marry guess we do have to be careful. He was like an animal last night. But I LOVED IT! I am a female and would like a few more samples of the ALTER EGO THAT ATTRACTS MEN!! the one in the green and white pack..I don't ever want to run out of that..What an amazing night I had...Thanks

scented scent of Eros by Tina on 07/06/2015

I noticed when I wore it I got lots of attention from a couple men I liked it alot

Great stuff by Patrick on 07/05/2015

I love this additive. I recommend you mix with cologne and don't use straight. I always get more attention when wearing. I would give it give stars although I seem to get guys trying to pick fights with me in addition to the welcome smiles from the ladies

It DOES work by Ronald on 07/04/2015

Smells good and the difference between using it and not using it is like day and nite.

This product makes women more aprocimem and find me much more interesting. As I am a shy guy Liquid Trust helped me not only with women more also in my social interaction! Approved! by Antonio on 07/01/2015

I enjoyed the trust and want to experience other liquid pheromones to see if they are that good

I LOVE THIS SCENT!!! by Steffy on 07/01/2015

This is my FAVORITE of all. I cannot live without it. Plus I love the way it makes me smell and feel. I would definitely keep this one on the market. So please throw in a few extras for

A mens scent was sent to me by mistake by Steffy on 07/01/2015

I am a straight female and I was sent this fragrance designed for men. My first instinct was to toss it in the trash. But I wanted to see if this really worked too. Just on a whim. So I wore it on 2 occasions. Next thing I know, Women started hanging around me like flies. Talking to me when they never even spoke in the past. So there is something very special about this one, however I am a woman and love the scent that attracts men and men only. But this one works too.

Perception by Steffy on 07/01/2015

At first I didn't notice much with this one. But once i mixed this one with a regular scent of some other perfume I had, the results were magnificent. Magnificent to the point whereas mothers want me to date their

Alter Ego for Women by Steffy on 07/01/2015

This is one of the best scents ever and I get more results using this one alone. I don't know what it is but this one drives them

wow by moneque on 06/30/2015

This scent is very strong it took me a while to get the dosage right and I am like a sex magnet my husband is all over me when I wear this I mixed it in my perfume and I can hardly smell the cheesy scent that I smelled when I was just dabbing on some and covering it with perfume.

Never fails by Krysten on 06/30/2015

I'm obsessed with Mojo Pro for Women! It smells amazing and works like a charm! I keep it in my never know when you'll need a little boost!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! by Krysten on 06/30/2015

I LOVE this product! Definitely gives you the EDGE you need to get out there and be the best version of yourself. Not only does it add allure but it smells amazing. It's not over powering at all. The perfect everyday perfume with an extra little something.

Not sure if difference by Shawn on 06/30/2015

I tend to be a very charismatic person, or so I like to think, but Wearing Liquid trust showed no effect on people around me. I ended up using the entire bottle without any noticeable difference. Maybe I need to keep it in the fridge?

it's doing somethin'... by paul on 06/29/2015

i do notice a kinda somethin' happinin' here...and not just seems everyone i come in contact with acts differently...except one guy...his wife wouldn't stop talkin to me and it got him all huffy...i guess you can't please everyone...

nice and clean by paul on 06/29/2015

after using Edge and the super primal,together or separate,i felt as if the woman i was coming in contact with were acting alittle more friendly than it might be all in my mind,it's hard to say,but i do feel there was a difference...

Works !!! by ocd on 06/29/2015

This product works very good for attaracting women. the only down side is the cologne smell is too overpowering.

Gives me a boost by Brenda on 06/28/2015

Liquid trust really works for me! first I thought it couldn't possibly work because it barely even has a scent..But I sprayed it on my neck and the front of my top and I had a rush of a lot accomplished..Also I noticed people seem to be a lot nicer, and helpful..make sure you store it in a cool dark space..that helps to keep it " potent."

Best product by far by BC on 06/28/2015

Now, all the products are great but my interactions with people and especially women take off to the stratosphere. I usually wear it by itself maybe a little spray of cologne on top.

Impressed by Yasiel on 06/27/2015

People! Be very careful with the usage of this product! I did a 4 days trial! I keep myself clean at all times, I shower with scented body wash for men so there is no reason for me to use colognes! Rubbing less than one drop on your wrists and behind your neck and ears are more than enough! My work environment is very diverse! Having said that here I go! Women and homosexual men were around me like piranhas in the Amazons! Even few of my friends (straight men) admitted feeling strangely curious towards me, some felt a bit but manageable anger! Even though there are some factors to consider, I'm 6'3" tall, great funny out-easygoing personality, not bad looking, I never received so much and undivided attention. It was intense and insane! Come on! "straight men" attention was drawn towards me! Keep control when using, your body natural secretions tend to interact and creates an unpleasant aroma. If you are the type with strong pH, caution while using! Love the product!!! Even though psychological subjects play another key factor! I would rate it with 5stars but I intended to attract girls, not men!! But I still keep on using it and buying it!!

Love it! by Jessica on 06/27/2015

I always get great hits with this one. Works well for servers too!

Hike and Dinner by Kenny on 06/27/2015

We went on a wonderful hike all day and left to go to dinner. I took a wipe and cleaned up and even had a compliment i smelled good. These are great for the traveler or outdoors-man going in to eat after a day hiking or cycling

A+A+A+ by Leonard on 06/26/2015

Mojo is as the name says. Its an awesome scent. I was totally surprised and taken aback at first use as women would walk up to me, sniff me, touch me and start conversations. IT WORKS ;-) A+A+A+ I wish it cam in a larger size as tis has turned into m go to scent.

Good Product by Ben on 06/26/2015

I just started using the produce, and the smell is pleasant, not over powering.

good attraction by andrew on 06/26/2015

My first experience came with pheromones when I decide to go to store wearing on me while I was going to the front their was a lady she about go out of the store while I was waiting all at once I can smell the scent then she came where I was and look while i was going out i said this pheromones do attract women

Excellent product by Felix on 06/25/2015

Excellent product,excellent services

Positive by Tyrone P on 06/25/2015

Ive tried Chikara on a couple of occasions and have noticed that women appear to be more receptive than without. Definitely going to continue to try this.

Conversation starter by jessica on 06/22/2015

I tried this out at work to see how well it would work. I usually keep to myself at work but both men and women co workers were coming to me starting up conversations. It really works!

The scent of Eros for Women by Steffy on 06/19/2015

I have a hard time deciding between this fragrance and the alter ego. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest score, I give this fragrance a 10. It works!!

Beyond great customer service! by Cindy on 06/16/2015

This is one of my favorite scents and I'd placed an order to give as a gift to a friend that always compliments me on my perfume, there was an error by the postal service dropping it off with a neighbor and was stolen. I contacted LS and they helped me by sending out a new bottle the same day so she would get it in time for her birthday. To my surprise and delight it was a bigger bottle for my stress without an up charge. The customer service was so nice and helpful just as inspiring as the product they sell... Very remember able! Thank you LS btw she loved the scent and has a new love interest the admires her scent even more! :)

Worth it! by Cindy on 06/16/2015

I've tried the roll on and the jel packets, I like the packets better. SOE has a lovely smell, what I've noticed is that it gives me an uplift spirit as well when it does something to men when I'm close to them. One guy I work with actually said he couldn't concentrate all he could do was breathe me in he said, omg you smell so good!

My new favorite by moneque on 06/15/2015

This is a very good product I've noticed a big difference with with my husband he is a lot more sexual.

AromeDeFenme by Hathor on 06/15/2015

I am running low so I am saving up to purchase this smell good man attractor. I wore this for the first time and I always spray a little on the back of my hair and the top of my hair, I like tall men! I swear it seemed like they were confused, they would ask what's that perfume and I always say it's a proprietary blend do you like it? Response has been overwhelming YES! Instead of tight jeans and spanx, try this first and then on the first date tight jeans and spanx! And AromeDeFemme!

love it by Lauren on 06/11/2015

Really love this! The mothers at my kids baseball game, whom I've never even spoken with before were extra friendly! Ordered more the day after I got my free sample!

great stuff by loverboy on 06/06/2015

Awesome product...highly recommended

Alter Ego for Women by Steffy on 06/03/2015

This fragrance is beyond any words I can express.I give this one 2 thumbs up. I LOVE IT!

The scent of Eros for Women by Steffy on 06/03/2015

I cannot tell you all how wonderful this fragrance is. And the results is beyond anything i could imagine.All the products that I have tried are great but this scent leaves me at a lost for words. I wish I had enough money to buy them out..

It works, and smells better. by DAVID on 05/28/2015

Primal Instinct has always worked for me, but with the Ylang-Ylang scented version now I can enjoy it also. I always had to mask the pheromone smell with other oils or colognes - this version has the scent built right in. Works as great as ever - I always get better reception from people when I wear it vs days I skip it. It works!

This is a fun kit! by Mr. Gone on 05/28/2015

This is some Highly concentrated stuff, and not for the beginner, but it is a great value for what you get. I have only had it for a couple days, and I have diluted 1 ml of each into 7 ml of a mix of carrier and fixative, and am experimenting on how much of each I should use. I have only played with 3 of them so far and I have had blatant hits with each of them already. This is the real deal and well worth the money. Don't just dump it on though, research first. I already feel like I have learned so much about each of these molecules, and I am just beginning to play with them.

Love the Fragrance Breathless by Steffy on 05/25/2015

This is by far my favorite pheromone scent of all.The bottle is big and it lasts a very long time. But even more so it doesn't take a lot of it to get the desired smell and results. I love the Breathless fragrance.The Men go absolutely crazy over it. I would recommend this to any and everyone.

Very Feminine Product by Karen on 05/24/2015

I like Mistress because it is more feminine than the other pheromone products I have used due to the scent and the overall affect on me and my partner. He is much more attentive and frisky when I wear Mistress and I feel sexy, playful and youthful. I wear it with a touch of Victoria Secret Very Sexy perfume and it smells heavenly. I liked it so well I bought a second bottle

thank you by newgrundy on 05/24/2015

someone in my family introduced me to love scent and its the best hands down

EOW even ages well! by Jen on 05/22/2015

A little goes a long way and EOW works like the first time I used it. I bought a bottle almost a year ago and STILL have, like, over half a bottle! The aroma is sweeter, too! The effects vary depending on how tired my honey is after a long day at work from EXTREMELY affectionate to INTENSELY lovey. Strangers seem more at ease and outgoing around me, as well. I wear it alone, as the scent can either be super fruity or a pleasantly sharp licorice and I've yet to find a "cover scent" that compliments EOW's unique fragrance.

Sweet and long lasting by Polaris on 05/22/2015

This oil has light and sweet scent, though on my skin it does not come across as breezy as the packets SoE do. It is a social lubricant for me, men and women are more helpful when I wear it. It is long lasting, about 8 hours.

Nice by Polaris on 05/22/2015

I have tried packets as well as oil SoE for women, and I like packets better. They seem to work with my body chemistry. The scent is lighter and fresher then with the oil. Men and women seem friendlier when I wear it (no sexual responses noticed so far, just better social interactions). Usually I apply tiny amount, about a drop, on my wrists and behind ears, and the scent usually disappears after 2 hours of wear.

Potent by Polaris on 05/22/2015

Have only used it once. As soon as I applied a small amount (about an 1/2 inch roll stripe) I got headache. This happens often when I try copulins. The smell itself seems to contain sugary berry note and it is quite nice. Wore it about 25 minutes, hoping it will get better, but had to wash it off, despite the nice smell. It does seem to contain great deal of couplins, that would work really well.

Way better than Primal Instinct by Jyoti on 05/22/2015

Hands down the most potent men's product.

love by peaceadonai on 05/22/2015

this item actually works.

Great by Lyndsey on 05/22/2015

I received this packet as a sample. The first time I tried it I used half the packet and my boyfriend (& I) loved it. He mentioned I smelled good, and he was all over me, after months of our intimacy being very low. I used it a couple more times after that and I noticed the effects slightly, but not as much. Could have been because he was tired. I certainly recommend at least trying this product. It's great.

Not bad by Dianne on 05/22/2015

I've noticed when I wear this people are much more open and touchy feely with me. I haven't noticed an increase in my spouse's interest, but definitely in general people respond to this.

So very effective!! by Jacqui on 05/22/2015

This stuff is on point. One spray is enough to last for hours. Two is almost too much. People will want to please you and get to know you more. You will get more compliments. You will feel more confident. The fragrance is alright, but not super feminine. But, I like it especially because of the effects.

Rone rocks at work/ when u want to take edge on intellectual groud. by Anurag on 05/22/2015

Hi , I am a Indian Doctor, working as Public health expert, hence i need to attend lots of meetings , seminars, conferences. In fact half of my job time goes in either listening in meeting or delivering topics in meetings. Now problem started when i joined this job was, I am too young for such a job, where other intellects listen u carefully and then obeys the guidelines u want them to do in favor of National programme. I read, the bought AndrosteRONE from LS (one of best Rone product) and started using it. I bought it in December 14. After using it for last 5 months following are my observations for this : Pros: 1. It definitely gives a strong vibe to others, which start feeling that u r intellectually sound . 2. The audience wants to listen you and follow your instructions, by considering that this is best lecture they are attending. 3. Makes females happy and they are more friendly and comfortable with your company. cons : 1. Not at all for sexual vibes/ attracting females. as it says it makes females clingy and counts you as fatherly figure. but since my motive to use it was to gain edge in my profession , I LOVE this,. thanks,

Got the job! by meg on 05/22/2015

Used "Edge" under my normal fragrance to give me that much needed edge during a job interview...had one interview and got a second one on the spot (instead of having to "come back next week") and got an offer the next day! They loved me and loved the way I smelled...thanks a bunch!!

The name says it all by D. Evans on 05/22/2015

Liquid Trust really works .. you can see people visibly relax around you. If I'm at a meeting and I tell my co-works something, even my boss who always plays devils advocate for everything believes me and trusts what I'm saying. When I am putting my daughter to bed and she's really wound up, if I put a tiny amount of liquid trust on me first, she relaxes and easily goes to sleep after I read her story (and as an added bonus it helps me be more patient with her).

This stuff works! by Frank on 05/22/2015

This is a potent product, I used too much the first time and felt a mild dizziness and started to get a headache. I applied less though, about half a packet, and I noticed much more attention. Younger girls in their early twenties actually seemed to want to be in close proximity to me and were very flirty, slightly older women were less obvious, but also seemed to give me slightly more attention.

Very good product by RFD on 05/22/2015

Nice scent and great product

Excellent Value! by mrjcj on 05/22/2015

I tried this first since it was my first experience with pheromones. I am satisfied with the Value and the Results. I am a married man who is in sales and it has helped me on both fronts. Excellent!

Buying more by A on 05/22/2015

I had a crush on a guy at work and let me tell you it was night and day! Usually occasionally flirtatious, the day I put it on, he was swinging off the stairs...literally!! He basically jumped on yes I would say this works! I have a boyfriend now who is very sexual...I'm buying more but I'm afraid his head may explode!!

A good product by Psydawn on 05/22/2015

I have used this product and have had noticeable change on the way my female friends react and interact with me. Use it sparingly. Dont use it often as u wont have the spark. Save it for the special occasions... ;)

She "Nose" It by RS on 05/22/2015

Alright, first of all, EoW does stink. It appears different to different people, depending on how their olfactory systems work. The smell is almost always unpleasant and women are especially repelled by it. However, this isn't meant to smell like heaven in the first place. You can't expect unscented products, with such high copulin levels, to smell like Christmas Morning. EoW works well, as long as you use a decent cover smell. Point to remember : "Less is more" when it comes to the use. Dabbing too much of the liquid every now and then doesn't necessarily strengthen it's effect. In fact, this might as well show contrary results.

EXCELLENT PRODUCT by juan.foster on 05/22/2015

Hi, Excellent Product, really Works!!

I am not sure by MDJ on 05/22/2015

I had this product for a about 2 yrs, sometimes when I wear NPA..I notice I get spme attention other times nothing at all. My only issue with this I got the scentless which smells a sweaty sneakers..I just wish I was just scentless

good product:) by Steve on 05/22/2015

I tested this product in several different day to day situations and noticed the real effects. Everyone at the gym was sooo friendly and actually broke their routines to speak to me a three occasions, I was taken aback by one particular (gorgeous) woman who made small talk when I asked if she was using a bench she was near...I see her daily and never even got a hi or a glance. At grocery store it was apparent that the woman in line behind me with the crazy toddlers was attempting to have s conversation disputed her children acting up(I'm not the most outgoing person and usually just check out and leave). The most convincing was when I met with my daughters teacher. She is always super professional and serious, but was suddenly more relaxed and had a sense of humor. In summary, it is a great product to get people to open up and be willing to talk to you, when you may not even ever be noticed by them.

works for me .... by Nika on 05/22/2015

I really enjoyed S.O.E., I was able to mix it with my favorite fragrance , and it boost my confidence up a whole lot I was smiling flirty and I actually got three phone numbers the first time I used it!!!!