Pheromone Reviews

At Love Scent, we're committed to providing our customers with all the information they need to make the right choices when buying pheromones. Whether you're a phero-pro or a first time user, you'll find a ton of useful information in these uncensored and unbiased reviews from real customers. Pheromones work differently for different people, and these reviews can help you find the right pheromones for you. Our top three best sellers are Chikara, Liquid Trust, and Essence of a Woman.

Nice by Pankaj on 06/14/2020

Great Product !!

Love this product! by Samantha on 06/06/2020

I’ve been using pheromones for over 20 years, and this is one of my favorites. I love that it’s unscented, because I like to use my own fragrances. I definitely notice the difference in how people approach and receive me! And it also gives a noticeable boost in my own confidence. Definitely worth trying out....I just ordered my second bottle!

Amazing scent by Chelseymarie00 on 05/31/2020

My sister in law had a bottle of Shades of the Orient when I visited her recently and I tried it and I am in love! The scent lasts all day long without being too strong or overpowering. The word "Lady-Like" comes to mind when describing this scent because it is super girly. I would definitely recommend this scent.

Oh yeah a must have by Jessica on 05/25/2020

This is awesome stuff it works great My husband is on to it also he loves it I would highly recommend this smells great & works like a charm Just love it

Suggested Dosage? by Bill on 05/24/2020

Noticed that all the pure pheromones lack a suggestion for doses, even as a baseline - can the descriptions be updated, especially since I recently purchased this?

Amazing!! by Shawna on 05/19/2020

I received the free sample of the honeysuckle and decided to try it with my husband not knowing every single time I walked by or was setting next to him he would completely stop what he was doing and tell me that I smelled amazing when bed time rolled around he couldn't keep his hands off of me he said that I was intoxicating. This is a product I was skeptical about in the beginning but not that ive tried it and it truly worked for me I would absolutely recommend it ive already had several friends purchase it with the same results!!

MUST TRY!! by Neville on 04/27/2020

Although kind of skimp on amount, I am in love with the 'Mistress' pheromone spray! My significant other enjoyed it so much that he plans to get the big bottle next go around. Eeeek I can't wait!!!

Smell Nice by Bruce on 04/20/2020

I've tried them all and they all have pleasant basic fragrances as the names would suggest.

A first timer must Try! by ~Matt~ on 04/18/2020

I have been using pheromones for over 30-years. You will start out wanting it to attract the ladies and you will find out that it’s so much more then that! This is the perfect blend and smell for first timers, or like me 2-bottles a month so I don’t have to play with making my own blend! Chikara is the perfect go to blend to of course to attract the ladies! they will definitely look twice, want you to talk to them, or come back around depending where you are and what the situation is. Chikara is also the perfect go to blend if you need some extra confidence! Maybe you have a job interview or you have to go deal with someone or something and you want the edge it’s just what you need. Chikara is the perfect go to blend just to start your day at work, people will trust you more. They will listen to what you have to say and of course all the women at work will want to confide in you! Okay so now you know that this works, but there are some rules you must obey with all pheromones. First off you have to take care of yourself if you want the correct results. This will bring them into your circle but if you don’t take care of yourself, I don’t care how much you use they will quickly leave. Make sure you have nicely manicured fingernails, your hair is clean and put together, your clothes are not wrinkled and stained! You brush your teeth and suck on a cinnamon mint or chew some cinnamon gum. Shoes are huge to women! All women! Keep them clean and tight not tied tight but you hear me! The most important part is to smile. You don’t have to have game, but you have to talk and just be yourself and most importantly honest! No one likes a lire or story teller. Feel 100% confident in this company! They are the best out there! I have ordered from here this website I’ve also ordered from them on Amazon. Every time for years I receive exactly what i ordered! I get it very quickly and they always send something little extra. They have the best customer service just message them and they will take care of you. So if your thinking about trying pheromones for the first time. This is hands down the only one you need to try. I will tell you not to spray too much because you can draw out an alpha that doesn’t have self control! three sprays are perfect and then maybe two more 4-hours later for a 15-hour day. You may get someone that says something or someone smells really bad! Men or women there are a few people out there that are hypersensitive to Pheromones, just don’t say a word and they will walk away. It’s not magic but it definitely will give you the edge over most people.

So good so far by Trev on 04/07/2020

I feel like this works well both ways. I feel much more at ease and comfortable around others which isn’t since I’ve always been guarded. My wife picks up the scent of baby’s milk when I wear this which is really odd. She’s still super cuddly but nowadays I hide LT under a cologne

eh by don on 03/25/2020

I've been buying mostly this for over a decade and mix my own, I also always add oxy; I've played with the woman's cop scent, but that sh?t is STRONG. Watch out. None of this will help you if you can't look a woman in the eyes and smile at her. As Clint said in Unforgiven "I've always been lucky in the order" I've been fortunate to have that luck, once I learned to look women in the eyes, and give them a strong smile and hold their gaze with MY eyes. I usually just mix the whole crap load into two bottles of cologne. With all that is happening now, I'll stretch that into 3 bottles. bonne chance mon ami

Potent by Trev on 03/21/2020

This stuff spreads extremely well. Two drops on the wrist was WAY too much. I had to spread it on my chest and legs. Even washing my arms and taking a shower was not enough to clear the scent the next day. My wife literally moved across the room and demanded I do something about it lol. Cover the spout with a finger tip or a Qtip and give it shake. That should control the amount that comes out.

Good stuff by Trev on 03/21/2020

First, I really like the scent of this product. Smells like something a dude should smell like. I also enjoy how I’m in a more positive mood when I’ve got it on. I’ve gone days without it and can definitely tell the difference. Regarding others, the standoffish woman in my office actually opened up to me much more than usual when I struck up convo with her. She kept it going instead of refocusing on her phone. Looking forward to further observations.

Sexy smell by Jennifer on 03/20/2020

This is my favorite smell for men! It gives my husband more confidence and makes him have even more of a sex appeal to me.

Amazing smell by Jennifer on 03/20/2020

My daughter gave me this for a Christmas gift and it smelled great! My husband loves it on me so much that he ordered a second bottle of it.

A great beginner pack by Elizabeth on 03/17/2020

This is THE pack you will want to try if you’re new to pheromones and want to see how they work and get an idea if they actually work. And the answer is YES! I received these as a gift and my husband wasn’t sure what was going on with me..but he was sweet and loving and didn’t want to stay away. I’ve heard of animals being attracted to pheromones but was skeptical. It really does work well! You’ll want to use them lightly when starting out though or it can be a bit strong until you figure out how much to use.

Hilarious first use by Trev on 03/15/2020

So I spilled a little on my hand and wiped it off on my pants leg. I sit down next to the wife on the couch and two minutes later she’s visibly sniffing the air around me and asking why I smell like I’m fresh out the gym. I tell her I work out sometimes in the track pants I’m wearing. Next thing I know she’s pressing her face against the exact spot I wiped my hand and remains there for a good 30secs like a cat with catnip. The pants came off soon after. Expect more affection from your SO after using this.

Alter ego for women in the green/white packet by Steffy on 03/13/2020

I love this product. Have been using it for a while. Cannot fathom living without it. Please do not ever stop selling this product to me. Never run out or discontinue it. It is by far better than any product I have used in my lifetime. Its like an American express card, you never want to leaf home without it. Placed another order.

Love on the run -Seduce by Steffy on 03/13/2020

I love this scent. Its light but smells wonderful. I do notice men are a little more persistent when around me. All Nationalities. I am an Alter ego phanatic. Mixing both can be thirst is real as my little cousins would say. Now I have to have both fragrances. I would recommend this product very much so.

I LOVE THESE OILS !!! by Latara on 03/07/2020

I tried the love scent honeysuckle oil and also the sweet cream and I love them both not only do they work they smell wonderful I can't wait to try the rest I would recommend that everyone give these oils a try.

Perfect! by Tom-Roger on 03/05/2020

Mix it with your favorite perfume, and you are ready to go! Anywhere! :D

Addicted to myself by jamiel on 02/27/2020

This is a hidden gem and the light Sandalwood scent makes it a daily wear. I love how it smells on me. combined with the master mini and a leather scented cologne. This was a magic combo for social gatherings

Results may vary by Derek on 02/27/2020

I liked it. I wore it around my wife and she was all over me. More than normal. Lol. Definitely would like to try some of the other products.

Results may vary by Derek on 02/27/2020

So i tried alter ego and the edge for men sample pack and i think it helped me get a few compliments. It seems women were a little more talkative. But, i ran out before i could test it further. Id like to try some of the other mens products to see if it makes a difference.

Im in love by Nicole on 02/09/2020

I was finally able to try the sweet smell of the honeysuckle love smells really good very floral and pretty smelling I recommend it...i would definitely wear again!!

Smells better than most market colognes by Jay the Pure Deity on 02/06/2020

I have had the luxury of being gifted with these after I first ordered a sample pack. It smells great and is ideal for very close interactions

Honey suckle was my fave! by Lindsay on 01/14/2020

Loved the honeysuckle most. My husband liked it alot too. Really seems to work. Will be trying more pheromone scents. Can't wait to try unscented also!

No No No by MoparMomma on 01/04/2020

I purchased the sample pack and when I used them (one at a time of course) the primal smelled just awful on me. The honeysuckle smelled good but did nothing for my honey, yes I tried it more that once!

Amazing product by Jackie on 12/19/2019

This product is one of the best pheromone products I have used. I felt myself be more calm and confident in myself, and saw people accept and like me faster in my workplace and other surroundings. 10/10 would recommend!

worth the price by Mary on 12/11/2019

I love this product. It works with both sexes, and gives me confidence. People are more friendly and open when I wear it, and it blends with every scent I decide to wear. Excellent value for the price - a little goes a long way!

Very Effective by PHILLIP on 12/04/2019

Though this doesn't indicate on the packaging that it's scented it does have a nice barely there scent to my nose.It smells a little citrusy and that's fine.This is the best pheromone for making women feel comfortable and super chatty with you.I must add it even affects my family members they seem to treat me with more respect and pay attention to what I'm saying when I wear half a gel pack of this ,It's great as it gives me an aura of confidence!

Give You A Real 'Presence' by PHILLIP on 12/04/2019

Having had bad health and my confidence being semi battered at times,this stuff gives me a real edge that I need in public.It does smell slightly musty almost a little like sweat but I use on of my fave fragrances on top and it works like a charm Women are always more eager to come over and chat,some get flirty and I'm md 50s now lol.Do NOT use more than 1-2 dabs as I actually frightened off a few women this is potent stuff.

Mind-blowing ! by Angel on 11/30/2019

I used my free sample the other night with my man & he just couldn't stay away from me! I highly recommend ????

Smaller bottle by Laura on 11/29/2019

Pheromones definitely work, I would like you to make it a little stronger like in the past. I've been client for over 15 years, your products are amazing please don't reduce the formulations believe me we will be buying. Pheromones worked in any situation, to attract partners, make business, they are amazing! I don't know who is the owner now, I knew Bruce was, but please do not reduce the formulas, we will come back.

Love It by Anita on 11/27/2019

I love this scent... A must have!

Feeling sexy and confident by Pamela on 11/19/2019

I'm a huge fan of pheromones, and I was not disappointed with the sampler pack I ordered. They smell great and make me feel energized, happy and the compliments I get are awesome.

Amazing!! by Krystal on 11/13/2019

I ABSOLUTELY love this product. Tbe scent is heavenly and super convenient size for travel

Loved it by Shawna on 11/12/2019

A friend of mines husband had purchased some of your products for my friend whom said she was skeptical so she game me one to try and with in about 4 days I was constantly my fighting my husband off he seem to be really touchy feely and all around couldn’t get enough of me I would definitely recommend these products to all my friends and family.

Loved this product by Haley on 11/12/2019

This is a great product smells great

Ahhhh-mazing!!!! by Dee on 11/12/2019

I'm a huge fan of pheromones, and I was not disappointed with the sample I received! I don't think I expected it to be quite so potent, and even when I thought I hadn't used enough... Oh man! I went grocery shopping with my mom the first time I wore it and every male started turning to stare and even the security officer kept coming close! It was laughable. Thank you!

Excellent results by SingerGirl88 on 11/10/2019

I used this for a long time. It has worked wonders for me with a long time lover after things cooled off a bit. Got some of this and it really sparked things up again. Also helped at work. People just take notice of you more. Only complaint is it comes in such a large quantity that you may not use it up before the potency dies down (mine lasted a couple of years) I put it on my hair and clothes.

In LOVE with this scent by Amanda on 10/28/2019

I'm obsessed with scents. Im always trying new expensive brands and yeah, there's some I like, and some I like more than others but this Mojo Pro, has been the one I LOVE. My boyfriend couldn't keep his eyes or hands off me. It gave me a feeling of confidence that madee feel so sexy! I will buy again and again

Love! by Breeze on 10/25/2019

I cannot have enough of these pheromone oils!!

Enjoyed it by Tanisha on 10/23/2019

I love this product so much it’s so great and effective for me! Smells great too and it lasts.

very good by Ilyes tahar on 10/21/2019

Good and effective product

Good and Bad by Jessica on 10/18/2019

Good but they leak so beware

Loved by Rose on 10/13/2019

I loved this so much. I received the honeysuckle and it was light. Definitely made me feel good and made my husband more attentive! I will be buying more.

Amazing soft scent by Jessica on 09/19/2019

I absolutely love the honey suckle scent. It really made a difference with my other half. The scent isnt over baring and it lasts all day long. I truly love there products.

Love these by Brittany on 09/19/2019

I was gifted this set and am absolutely in love. I specifically tested each one in a different setting such as a bar and at home with the s/o. They absolutely work and I enjoy the smell not too strong. Customer for life.

Does not work by PheroPhoenix on 09/19/2019

I have some experience with pheromones from other companies and know that they work. NPA was hyped up on various forums. So I decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose but $45. I bought some Hugo Boss to use to make my NPA into a spray. I did 2 ml of NPA and 3 ml of Hugo. I tested everything from 1-10 sprays of this stuff. No hits at all. Nothing from anyone. No matter the spray count. Even at high dosage there was no “overdose effect”. NPA was just totally useless. And now I am sad and out $45. Some kind guys at Pherotruth told me the LaCroy version is what I need if I want big/actual results. I had hope for the Love Scent version, but it has proven to be worthless. ***From Love Scent*** We are sorry to hear that this product did not meet your needs. Bear in mind that you are welcome to return any product for a full refund or an exchange if it does not work for you. Not every product will work for every person.

Awesome Results by Brian on 09/18/2019

When I bought this product I was really in doubt of it. But when I used it I was amazed of how effective it was and how it helped my confidence. I will definitely buy this again.

Surprising by Jocelyn on 09/18/2019

I'm very very picky about what fragrances I like enough to actually put on . But this product smells amazing and it lasts forever, it's hard to find products like that nowadays that don't break the bank.

Works! by randy on 09/17/2019

1st time my wife had sex with me in 2 years!!!

Certainly didn't hurt ;) by Brooke on 08/14/2019

I'm not sure exactly how this works but my husband and I have never gotten along better. It's like we were just on the same page about everything and could anticipate each others needs. Highly recommend!

Fantastic by Traci on 08/02/2019

A friend of mine gave me the bottle of this that she had, and I am so glad that she did. I had never tried any type of pheromone perfume or oil before...but I am a believer now!!! I love the effect it has on my BF, he is so into me like he was when we first got together over 10 years ago. And idk if it’s the pheromones effecting me or just me feeding of his reaction, but my sexual appetites increases also and i just feel so much more confident!!!

Love Scent made the night steamy by Princess on 07/30/2019

I used the Love Scent pheromone on two separate occasions...both encounters were interesting and I'd willingly to try another scent to see if I'm just as successful as the previous encounters.

Samples by Paula on 07/30/2019

I love this scent I can't wait to try the samples

Hell yes by Alexis on 07/30/2019

This stuff really works. I noticed my husband was paying extra attention to me. It smells great too

Works well by Jennifer on 07/27/2019

I’ve tried this for a year now. It definitely seems to work well socially to attract conversation and interest but I am going to try Super Primal for dating and see if it works better.

I feel it works as advertised by Mike on 07/03/2019

I'm a senior citizen, not dating, but in local government, and I meet a lot of people, especially during campaigns. I definitely believe it's been a help for me to getting conversations and interest started.

Amazing by Brianna on 06/30/2019

This was the best. I was so relaxed and the smell was exciting. I recommend this highly

Could have been better by Noel on 06/26/2019

I feel that most all of the containers had either evaporated or leaked. When I opened the package the smells were so strong and less than half inside the m.

Hubs can’t keep his hands off of me. by Kayla on 06/17/2019

I received this as a gift and I’m very much in love with this. I like to wear it when the hubs and I have a night out alone because he can’t keep his hands off of me.

It really works by John on 06/03/2019

I've been a costerm for a few years now. This stuff really does work! I sure wouldn't keep buying it otherwise. If you only try a sample, you'll be hooked too. I promise you from the bottom of my heart, this stuff really works. Even on the men around me!

Not the same it used to be by Returning Customer on 05/22/2019

So I used to be a customer years ago. Ordered the Musk Oil and I must say, it’s not the same. The bottles are so small now. I had a little left over that I found and love their Musk scent, and reordered,but now it’s not the same formula. Completely different smell. I can’t describe it, but I guess i can say it used to be more beautiful, feminine musk. And Bottles used to be at least twice the size. I’m sad that they changed it.

Love by Rachel on 05/15/2019

This actually does work and with this purchase you can sample all listed! I highly recommend this purchase for anyone.

Best gift ever by Lizz on 05/13/2019

I was gifted this kind of as a joke at first by one of my friends. Tried it with my man and yes I noticed he was paying extra attention to me. It was a little surprising actually. This stuff works and smells so good!

Best gift ever by Stephanie on 05/13/2019

I received this as a gift once Abby's it seemed to work!

Amazing by Marissa on 05/12/2019

I absolutely love this stuff. I get so many compliments on this stuff and people asking me about it. It makes me fee super sexy and gives me an added boost of confidence.

Bomb!! by Tori on 05/12/2019

Perfect little sample pack!

Mojo by Virginia on 05/12/2019

I was so happy to try this stuff to see how well it works and I was so surprised of the out come. I was noticed by more people than I thought I would be. It really makes a difference. Thanks

I loved it by Danette on 05/12/2019

I got this as a gift and I loved it ❤️ it worked so well with my body chemistry . My husband loved it on me . It made me feel so beautiful!!

Awesome product by Christy on 05/12/2019

My fiancé and I really like the scents. The quality of the product is great. Would recommend this to anyone

So nice by Roula on 05/11/2019

As a Matter of fact I received this product as a a gift simply amazing i am highly recommeding this product so nice

Pheromones newb by Kaylan on 05/11/2019

So I randomly stumbled upon this while searching the web and it grabbed my attention fairly quickly of course. I had NO IDEA about stuff like this so I really really really wanted to try I signed up for the newsletter and got the sample and trust me when I say this will attract EVERYONE! I wore this to work and I swear it’s like everyone wanted to talk to me which I didn’t mind I’m kind of a chatty Kathy myself when I’m in a great mood. I also got tons of compliments from everyone so do not hesitate please!

Quality Fragrance by Denis on 05/11/2019

I loved the smell. It has a good fixation on the body, nice and good perfume for various occasions. I recommend.

Sexy by Denis on 05/11/2019

I loved the fragrance. I want to buy more. Very good for intimate moments.

Very sexy by Carolcell on 05/11/2019

has a very sexy and romantic scent

Excellent product, clean scent by Amy on 05/11/2019

Saved. My. Marriage. And delivered before expected date!

Love it by Jo on 05/10/2019

This was given a gift to me. I loved the smell and loved it. The smells were nice and I plan to buy it again.

Love it! by Sherrie on 05/10/2019

I love these pheromones. So does my guy!

Wonderful by Debbie on 05/10/2019

I tried the LoveScent Oils in Honeysuckle and love it!! Such a great scent and I felt so confident wearing it

Amazing ! by Charice on 05/10/2019

This product really works !!!

Great scent by Elizabeth on 05/10/2019

Recieved as a gift and I loved it.i will definitely buy again

Not bad by Shanna on 05/10/2019

This one is not bad. It does work, just not as well for me as the scented options. I am going to try again though soon just to be sure. I still have a lil left.

Love it by Char on 05/10/2019

This is an amazing product. I love the scent, and it is definitely effective. I would definitely buy again!!

Magnet by On Fleek on 05/09/2019

This stuff attracts; a little goes a long way. hit pulse points and watch it work like a magnet!

Powerful by On Fleek on 05/09/2019

Gets attention of the gentlemen every time!!! Man magnet!

Alter ego for women by Steffy on 05/06/2019

I love this fragrance for women. It is the one that has a lasting effect.

Will buy again by Khalid on 05/02/2019

Great stuff, seen an immediate feeling of happiness and flirtatious behavior when applied notice more people talking to me

Great stuff by Kal on 04/30/2019

Lol this stuff is great even gets my own damn self in a great mood def buying again

Great Smell! by Sherry on 04/29/2019

This one smells great just does not work well for me, I am going to try a couple more times with it and hopefully I will get it figured out.

So far so good by Joe on 04/25/2019

Purchased the sample as wasn’t sure how it would work. Well, noticed a change in women around me and so i purchased the regular size. Give it a try!

Great Stuff! by Nelson on 04/23/2019

This product works! When I run out I'm going to buy more!

Noticeable difference by Derrick on 04/10/2019

The first time I used this I noticed strangers being very nice to me. I remember getting on the elevator and having a stranger go out his way to let me off the elevator first. And he made sure to tell me to have a “super incredible day because I deserve it” I work in door to door sales so I meet new people everyday and when I started using this product I got a lot more sales and everybody was happyier to see me

Very Nice by Derrick on 04/10/2019

I used this product before I went to a college party. The response I got was very obvious. Women went out of their way to be close to me and not one but 2 girls slightly felt on my penis when they were walking past me. Used it at some bars also and it really shot up my confidence making me carry out longer than normal conversation with multiple women

Amazing and itrisitable by Ashly on 04/09/2019

This was definitely hands down irresistible and worked like a potion

At 49 getting Men like 29 by Quel Starks on 04/06/2019

I brought Liquid trust and mixed it with a scent of euros female gel pack....added to my neck behind my ears and chest (both bought on this site) the combination is many stares and compliments from men...i got two phone numbers on my first time mixing them together..i don't wear them every day except for date night or a party..but the reaction from men is amazing...i just might be on my way to husband #3 at the age of 49 heard me..They say three is The Charm!!!

Lovely by Alyssa on 04/04/2019

One of the first that I tried back in the day and still love it now

Worked like I had hoped by Jody on 04/04/2019

Both scents were nice. The Mojo Pro had a stronger smell tho. I don’t know how well that one worked at attracting anyone, but it certainly gave me a boost of confidence. The Mistress Mini, on the other hand, turned my man into a beast! Very pleased with that one!!!