Love Scent Forum Club "Returned Products" Release Form

NOTE:In order to purchase returned products from Love Scent, you must print out, sign and date the following form and fax (email or mail) it to us. Once we have the document on file, you can order from the "Returned Products" selection whenever you like.



I, the undersigned, understand that Love Scent "Returned Products" have been previously sold to customers and returned under Love Scent's normal money-back guarantee, and agree to hold Love Scent Inc., officers and employees harmless in the event of any problems arising from the use of these products. And furthermore understand that there is no guarantee on these products other than they actually contain the material indicated on the label.





Name (printed):






Fax: (541) 359-4148


Love Scent

3596 Western Dr.

Eugene, OR 97401