Using Pheromones

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  1. How do I make the most of pheromones?

    Remember that pheromones are tools. It takes a little practice to learn to work with them.

    Men: Be the "good guy"! Pheromones give you an aura of power, but that can be scary for shy women if you look grumpy or like a "lone wolf". Always look for opportunities to be helpful and supportive of women. Let them know that your power will be used to protect rather than exploit.

    Women: Be approachable! If you suffer from the "ice maiden" syndrome, pheromones are only going to push you further out of reach, even to guys you would love to get to know. You don't necessarily have to make the first move, but be ready to come up with a warm smile and maybe even a cheerful "hello" if you happen to make eye contact with a guy.

    Everybody: Practice makes perfect. Don't wait for Mr. or Ms. perfect to come along before you start acting like a friendly sensual human being. Start now. Be friendly; be helpful; be funny. Don't be like the crazy old man shouting at his wood stove: "Damn it ! I'll give you some wood as soon as you give me some heat!" People love to be loved. People love to be with folks who look like they are having a good time. Women in particular are often looking for someone whose life is headed in a positive direction. Chemistry is only half the picture you give to folks. Humans are more complex/social/spiritual than other animals. It takes more than a spray of pheromones to get where you are heading.
  2. How and where do I apply pheromones?

    For starters, try all the normal perfume spots: wrists, behind the ears, throat, and chest. Next level: inside of elbows and knees if exposed. Women report success with ankles and thighs. Requiring more caution but reportedly very effective for pheromones in the right amounts are: arm pits, hair and pubis. Unscented sprays are often applied to clothing collars and cuffs for long term use. Watch out for over-application and staining of fine material.
  3. Can I mix phero's with my own cologne or perfume?

    Yes, mixing pheromones with cologne or perfume is a great way to use pheromones. We usually recommend you use an unscented pheromone to mix with your current cologne or perfume. Cologne fragrances are generally very complex and adding one scented product to another can lead to unexpected results. Be careful or leave that to the pros.
  4. How do I mix and use pheromones?

    Pheromone Colognes (dab-on oils)** (Passion Pheromone Attractant, Passion Copulin Concentrate, and Pheromol Factor) These products can be dabbed on like normal oil-base colognes. Let your nose be your guide for the amount. You may notice the initial fragrance transforming into the more musky residual pheromone smell underneath as time passes.

    Scented Concentrates (scented Edge, scented Primal Instinct, Alter Ego, scented Attraction) These are extremely concentrated products that have a simple organic fragrance added to help mask the underlying musky smell of the pheromones, which on their own and in large amounts can be offensive. As with the colognes, your nose can be your guide to the optimal application amount but more caution is advised than with the above colognes.

    Unscented Concentrates (unscented Edge, unscented Primal Instinct, unscented Attraction and Andro 4.2) These products are extremely concentrated and present the possibility of "pheromone OD" (overdose), as they contain no added fragrance to mask the portion of the pheromone "scent" which can be consciously detected with the nose. In extreme cases this smell has been compared to "body odor", so some caution is advised. Since about 25% of US males are unable to detect the smell of their own predominant pheromone (androstenone) and presumably another portion are somewhat impaired in that ability, the nose is not always a dependable guide in determining how much is too much. Furthermore, the environment, setting and personal preferences of the intended target are all going to play a major role in determining the optimal amount so a LOT of experimentation is recommended. There is often a fine line between "Damn! this guy makes me horny!" and "Damn! this dude needs a shower!" and the old adage of "One man's (or woman's) medicine is another's poison" was never more appropriate than in the use of pheromones. A good cologne is also highly recommended with these products. Dosage? Start with one spray (Edge and Attraction) or 1-2 drops (Primal) and work your way up. Especially when used with a good cologne, larger amounts of these products have been found to be very effective depending on the environment. Just be careful; experiment a lot and don't allow the occasional "OD disaster" to throw you off the path to success.

    Additive Products (New Pheromone Additive NPA, Androstenone Fragrance Additive AFA) These are extremely concentrated formulae which are designed to be added to your own cologne. You should receive a separate instruction sheet with these products. Please refer to that for details on mixing. A pocket sized atomizer available at or your local pharmacy is very handy for mixing up small batches and keeping them ready for use "in the field." Plastic (no needle) syringes, also available at your local pharmacy may prove useful for extracting controlled amounts from the Additive bottles. New Pheromone Additive has a plastic dropper top which many customers find useful, but it can also be easily removed for pouring or to allow the insertion of a glass eye-dropper or measuring syringe.

    Super Primal Essential Oils These oils come in a handy dropper bottle and are reputed to contain some androstenol, but their primary use is to add fragrance to the powerful unscented (though often "stinky") pheromone products like Edge, Andro 4.2, and Primal Instinct. For this task they are very well suited. If you have a spare empty atomizer fill it half way with Edge or Andro and squirt in a dropper-full of SP e-oil. Give it a shake and see what you get. Carefully add more, testing as you go along, until you get something that smells good after it has been applied and dried for a few minutes. You can also trying adding the SP e-oil directly into the Edge or Andro bottle, if you think you have a good idea what ratio you are looking for. With the oil-base Primal Instinct, you may want to try the reverse, adding the Primal directly into the SP e-oil bottle. An empty roll-top bottle is handy for quick application and safe packing in pocket or purse.

    Un-rated pheromone colognes (Yes, Lure, IR colognes, APC) These are pheromone containing colognes for which we have no clear data on the pheromone content, or as is the case with APC, we have the data, but it is not that impressive. Nevertheless, customers keep coming back for them all even as stand-alone products; they smell great; and they can be effectively spiked with potent additive products like NPA or AFA. APC is still a major force as a fragrance base for mixing products.

    The Kit (Pheromone chemistry sets) These are only for seasoned phero-gurus. Some basic information comes with the set, but they are very new and mainly for experimental purposes. The first few owners of them doubtlessly know more about them already than we do. Check the forum for the latest news.
  5. Is it better to apply to the skin or to clothing?

    Both skin and clothing applications are effective in their own way. Due to body heat pheromones applied to the skin evaporate very fast putting them into "effect" very quickly. This may be what you want in some cases, but it also means the active ingredients get used up very quickly. In addition, pheromones applied to the skin also get washed away by sweat and broken down by bacteria on the skin. Unscented spray products like Edge are easily applied to clothing. Just keep in mind that the "scent" will be on there for a LONG time, and may take several washings to come off completely. You may want to be careful of delicate fabric too.
  6. What kind of expectations can I have?

    You can expect a lot from high quality concentrated Phero products like Primal Instinct, AFA, SOE and The Edge etc. It just takes a little while to get good at "using" them. Some companies say you begin to see results slowly over time. I think that may be true, but the reason is that pheromones are more of a tool than a magic wand. You have to learn to work with them. What you have there is a top of the line tennis racket. It takes practice to make the most of it.

    Tips for men: First of all keep in mind what a high-end andro product does. It makes you more attractive in a male sort of a way, more manly, studly or whatever. That is a good thing for attracting most women, but keep in mind that generally you have to look friendly. You have to temper the stud thing with Mr. helpful or you are going to have a hard time breaking the ice with most women. Primal makes you seem more powerful but I can tell you from experience that women have to get the feeling that you are going to use that power to protect them and not control or exploit them. Weak and helpful is a loser, but tough and mean also loses. If you walk into a convenience store looking like Clint Eastwood, you aren't going to get anybody approaching you.

    Tips for women: Be mysterious, be seductive but be approachable. Fear is your worst enemy, both in yourself and in the guys you would like to meet. Help make the "ice" easily broken; be generous with your warm smile and "hello"; then just let the chemistry take its course.
  7. I have tried using various amount and product, but I did not got any response, what is wrong, or what can I do?

    A. When in doubt, cut back on the pheros; start light and work up slowly; just one spray of strong spray products like the Edge is often plenty. Less is often more and your own personal body chemistry dictates what works for you; not the type and amount of pheros that works so well for your roommate.

    B. Beware of the "BO" effect. Androstenone-heavy products like Primal and Edge have a musky though elusive smell, which many women depending on culture, upbringing, relationship status and "time of the month" perceive as dirty or invasive. As many as 25% of all US males can not detect this smell at all, so be careful! Most women can smell it very well. If you are having trouble, try one small spray (or dab) of such products on each wrist and apply some cologne over the top. Then rub your wrists together. I do that during the day for business situations, and it seems to work well.

    C. Next, it is VERY important to look approachable/safe. Men in particular have to watch out for the CEE (Clint Eastwood Effect) with the androstenone-heavy products. Make sure you don't look scary or like a "lone wolf". If you have a history of that problem, this type of product is only going to intensify the situation. Be friendly and helpful without putting pressure on people, and never be afraid to smile at someone. It is a very powerful force.

    D. Once you have the stage set for romance, there is still the matter of simply "rolling the dice". It doesn't always come up 7, but the pheros will improve your odds. Just relax and enjoy the ride. Everyone wants to be friends with someone who looks like he/she is having a good time. So, "don't worry, be happy."

    You gotta get up every morning with a smile on your face, and show the world all the love in your heart!
    Then people are gonna treat you better,
    You're gonna find, yes you will:
    That you're beautiful.... as you feel!
    --Carole King