Liquid Trust Pheromones

Liquid Trust Pheromones


While not technically a pheromone, Liquid Trust does have a different, very powerful ingredient called Oxytocin. Oxytocin has been show in studies to affect a person’s willingness to take social risks and increase the level of trust people have in the wearer, which is why Liquid Trust is consistently one of our bestsellers. 

Liquid Trust Pheromone is much more than just a sexual attractant – people who use Liquid Trust have reported that it works in many different kinds of situations such as at work, in meetings, at a job interview, etc. People who have stressful jobs that require interaction report significant benefits from using Liquid Trust Human Pheromones.

The world’s first trust enhancing body spray, Liquid Trust is the best oxytocin-based pheromone product on the market, and we stand behind Liquid Trust and all of our other products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The main ingredient, Oxytocin, is a human hormone that has been shown to play an important part in heightening people’s levels of trust, formation of social bonds, and can also play a role in treating depression and other mental disorders.

One popular use of Liquid Trust is to combine it with Alpha-7 Scented Pheromone and Eros for Men. Try out this combination and let us know what you think in the comments!

Refrigerate Liquid Trust between uses for best results. Unscented Liquid Trust Pheromones comes in a 1/4 oz spray bottle (unscented)

"Trust is Power" -Lao Tzu 2500 BC :-)


Product Reviews

5 of 5 Stars! Thursday 27 March, 2014
Fabio writes:
Although this one is not like the others it has a different signal its kind of an ice breaker both girls and guys seem more atentative towards you. Something special about this one good for starting up conversations.

3 of 5 Stars! Thursday 20 February, 2014
Tracy writes:
I liked the smell on this but I havent noticed any reaction from Anyone including myself. Im slightly disappointed because I have Great results on everything else from this site.

5 of 5 Stars! Tuesday 21 January, 2014
Julie writes:
I did get attention not sexually but people women and men both opened up to me telling things they usually wouldnt and now have new close friends

5 of 5 Stars! Thursday 16 January, 2014
Mark writes:
I admit to being a bit skeptical when I first bought this but as someone who I think is a reasonably amiable person but somewhat shy a little help can be a useful thing. Suffice to say I have just oredered the third bottle. They last a long time and it certainly seems to make people much more likely to approach and start chatting. Slightly frustrating the lasses seem much more chatty than the lads - great for the straight guys among you but Im not one of them. However it does seem to help things there too - just slightly fewer results The last bottle I had I mixed around 75 trust to 25 unscented pheremone and then used just two dots on the face along with a spray of regular aftershave. Seems to be a very effective combination socially. Happy to suggest you give it a whirl.

5 of 5 Stars! Wednesday 15 January, 2014
Brandy writes:
I wore this with a friend recently and he ended up telling me things that he said he has not uttered to anyone else ever. We have become very close very fast. I LOVE this product will recommend it and will purchase more in the future

5 of 5 Stars! Tuesday 03 December, 2013
Tom writes:
OK well I have spent a bit of time on this site today writing reviews on every product that I have currently and looking back at them I now wish there were an edit function so I could go back and correct all the grammatical and spelling errors that I have made BUT if ya read them quickly ya might not notice. when I saw the 30 discount has been extended I was quick to order another bottle of Liquid Trust seeing that my bottle of Edge Trust is half gone. With the discount my purchase today became quite affordable and I am gonna go ahead and spray it all over myself and just savor the cloud of good feeling I will be immerse in. as I said in a previous review of Liquid Trust I really like the way it and Edge Trust make me feel--I am sure it effects other people too but this bottle I am just gonna indulge myself with. Yeah as I said I think it has helped get me a job and I am sure it effects those around me but people-dont discount how very good this stuff can make the wearer feel. Ya dont need an event to wear Liquid Trust--just go ahead and DOUSE yourself with it and enjoy the blissful cloud you surround youself in. GOOD STUFF

5 of 5 Stars! Thursday 07 November, 2013
ERIC writes:
I purchased Liquid Trust just to see what it could do. Soon after purchase I had an unexpected job interview. I had no intentions of taking this job I just wanted it as leverage to get a raise at my current job. I pulled up to the place put on a dab of Alpha-7 a few lines of Scent of Eros and about 8 sprays of Liquid Trust. I walked in sat down and noticed that this guy who could potentially be my boss was acting very casual for a job interview. I remained normal not forward not casual just reserved. The interviewer started acting as though I had known him for years and basically gave up interviewing and just spilled out everything about himself and how the company runs. In so many words he told me I was hired but I needed to meet his boss. I met him and the same thing happened but he was the one that realized I wasnt fully qualified. After a few days I was surprised when they offered me the job but I turned them down. They acted hurt but came back with some outrageous offers to get me to work for them. I still turned them down but gave these offers to my company in which they met. I mainly think this happened due to my newly acquired friend Liquid Trust.

5 of 5 Stars! Sunday 20 October, 2013
Tom writes:
I am a frequent customer here and enjoy playing with the different types of pheromones and addtives. I can say some of them are quite effective but liquid trust is special. First I think it played a role in getting me my current job I wore a lot of it to my final interview which was with a fifty year old woman who kept getting closer to me during the interview and lent over me as I began to get up to leave the room I really believe to get a big whiff of my hairto which I had applied two sprays to. Second observation I used up most of what I had spraying it on my neck and lower face just to breath it MYSELF it maybe the fragerance but I think it is the oxytocin that affects me--which ever it is I find the stuff to be just heavenly I used up most of what I had just enjoying it myself--though it had a discernable effect on other people. I have not bought any since that experience though because it was kinda pricey to just use up amusing myself. I did though just a couple minutes ago order Edge Trust because it too contains oxytocin plus pheromones the Liquid Trust is only oxytocin. I look forward to trying that one out at work Anyhow to make a long story interminable go ahead and try Liquid Trust if you want to a few years ago I did and it is a good product

5 of 5 Stars! Wednesday 12 December, 2012
Michelle writes:
Both my sister and I are in our 60s. The other day we had to go over a snowy pass into the county seat and I drove. My sister has never in forty-four years trusted my driving. I applied Liquid Trust just before we left and when we were almost home she said Youre a good driver. I wasnt nervous at all. Hahahhaaa 5 stars

5 of 5 Stars! Friday 18 May, 2012
Jan writes:
i love this i work with ppl all day in sales. i have to watch out when i wear the other because i get guys hitting on me like CRAZY you can almost see them relax with me are more willing to buy alot more without alot of reasoning or anything.

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