Liquid Trust

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Liquid Trust is a unique product in our catalog. It contains a special social pheromone not found in most pheromone products.

The social pheromone in Liquid Trust plays a large role in all kinds of human behavior. It helps build trust between friends and family members, promotes social bonding, and enhances positive emotions in social and sexual interactions. It can also reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

Liquid Trust is especially popular among salespeople, because it creates an atmosphere of trustworthiness between them and their clients. It's also popular as a romantic attractant, and as an all-purpose social pheromone for your professional and personal life. Many people also use it purely for its relaxing, anxiety-reducing self-effects!

Unlike most unscented pheromones, Liquid Trust requires no cover scent! This makes it the ideal choice for people who are sensitive to fragrances, or who need a pheromone that does not require additional perfume or cologne.

Apply Liquid Trust to the wrists and around the neck for best results. It can safely be applied to skin and some fabrics.

Liquid Trust comes in a 1/4 oz spray bottle.

Note: You may receive a bottle with either a silver cap or a black cap. Both contain the same excellent Liquid Trust formula!

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