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Mojo Pro for women

Mojo Pro for women


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Mojo Pro for Women is a British pheromone formula designed to boost your confidence as well as your sexual attractiveness. At $12.95, Mojo Pro is also one of our most affordable products, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to get started in the world of pheromones.

Mojo Pro for Women is one of our scented pheromone products, so there's no need to have a cover fragrance on hand. Simply spray the lightly-scented Mojo Pro on your neck, wrists, or behind your ears. The convenient 3 ml pocket atomizer can be taken with you just about anywhere!

If you're hoping to make your entrance in the world of pheromones but aren't sure where to start, Mojo Pro for Women is for you. Gain the confidence and sex appeal you deserve at an incredibly affordable price. Order today!

Mojo Pro for Women is also available as part of our Pheromone Sampler for Womenwhich also includes samples of all of our Gel Packs for Women as well as a bottle of Mistress Mini.


  1. Wow Review by Vonda

    My husband cant keep his hands off me with this one. Love it love it. He will actually try to have sex in public places after 26 years. It rejuvenate our life. Thanks. (Posted on 2/3/2016)

  2. Edge Review by Stephanie

    I have tried this one in the past and it is a nice light fragrance but I can't remember if I got results or not because its been so long ago. So maybe in the near future I can attest to its outcome by watching for the results. (Posted on 11/26/2015)

  3. Review by Alyssa Review by Alyssa

    This is my absolute favourite one! My bf loves the smell. I will continue to buy this one. (Posted on 11/2/2015)

  4. love this Review by Peggy

    I have used this for years & always had great results. It also work fantastic with liquid trust. My only complaint is I wish a larger size was available. (Posted on 10/29/2015)

  5. Works Review by TERESA

    I love this product. I feel great and I think it's what makes me attracted others. Wish it came in a bigger size. (Posted on 9/6/2015)

  6. Love this Review by Lynn

    It says that it is unscented but it does have a scent and smells amazing. It smells earthy and nice. Not flowery or sweet. Lots of compliments on this one. (Posted on 7/17/2015)

  7. Never fails Review by Krysten

    I'm obsessed with Mojo Pro for Women! It smells amazing and works like a charm! I keep it in my never know when you'll need a little boost! (Posted on 6/30/2015)

  8. Love it! Review by Jessica

    I always get great hits with this one. Works well for servers too! (Posted on 6/26/2015)

  9. So very effective!! Review by Jacqui

    This stuff is on point. One spray is enough to last for hours. Two is almost too much. People will want to please you and get to know you more. You will get more compliments. You will feel more confident. The fragrance is alright, but not super feminine. But, I like it especially because of the effects. (Posted on 5/22/2015)

  10. Great product, terrible scent Review by Morgaine

    This works brilliantly, not just on the opposite sex, but on everyone! It's a very strong attractant, and I've now tried many much more expensive blends that can't beat it or often even match its effects.
    One problem: I HATE THE SCENT! It's not soft or delicate, it's strongly overpowering and utterly repellent. And it hangs around strongly all day. It's so bad I can't wear this product anymore, which is a real shame. (Posted on 1/30/2015)

  11. Review by Taye

    I like to wear this with my favorite body spray and I always get compliments on the scent from men and women. (Posted on 9/2/2014)

  12. Review by Alia

    Though the scent is not my type I had worn this throughout my week of participating in a training and manage to get my pick-up lines impressing participants whom I have never met before. This is a recommended product for people who are always on-the-go. (Posted on 6/25/2014)

  13. Review by Theresa

    This is excellent. The attraction was so strong. Thanks so much you have made me a happy lady. (Posted on 6/5/2014)

  14. Review by Dae

    Love love this stuff. It smells like a mans cologne I use 2 sprays a day and have noticed a huge difference in how much attention I have been receiving. It also makes me feel more confident and my new fwb cant keep his hands off me. If you are thinking of trying any try this. Price is affordable for what you get. Cant wait to get the sample pack. Thank you all for your hard work (Posted on 3/24/2014)

  15. Review by Tracy

    I love this product. Its beginning to be my go to scent. My only issue is that when Ive received my package it seems like its leaked. Ive gotten this product twice and both arent full bottles. Maybe had trouble in the post I guess. Still I recommend this to everyone (Posted on 2/19/2014)

  16. Review by Ally

    This is a nice scent. Its subtle and pleasant. I really havent noticed much of a response though. People are reacting to me as usual as far as I can tell which is to say fairly friendly and some of them displaying attraction but others not.
    I have decided to test it with a copulin product as well which I have just ordered and will report back on that experiment. (Posted on 8/25/2013)

  17. Review by Amanda

    I am so in love with Mojo Pro for women It smells absolutely delightful and the scent alone makes me feel sexy and I have noticed that when Im wearing it I am getting lots of compliments from men even if thats not who Im wearing it for I would recommend this to everyone I also got the Mojo Pro for Men for my boyfriend and cant wait to tell you what I think about it soon (Posted on 3/17/2013)


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