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Super Primal for Him, not to be confused with Primal Instinct, is an unscented and highly concentrated pheromone formula designed to be paired with your favorite cologne. The combination of pheromones will give you the authoritative edge every man is looking for.

The potent pheromones found in Super Primal for Him are designed to boost your magnetism, authority, and confidence, making you more attractive to every woman you meet. The balanced formula ensures that you will enjoy these benefits of alpha status without provoking confrontations with other men.

Be careful when applying Super Primal for Him--this is a powerful product, and it's easy to overdo it. Simply apply a few drops wherever you apply cologne and then spray your favorite scent over it. For best results, always pair with a cologne or natural scent.

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  1. Awesome Product Review by Dan

    This is my first review and I can honestly say this product absolutely does work! It seems to strengthen my own confidence levels hence attracting more ladies of all ages to me. They tend to smile more and even strike up conversations. So I would recommended this product wholeheartedly! (Posted on 12/31/2015)

  2. Great Review by Patrick

    Very good mixture of phermones- not super alpha so less confrontation- and more mingling. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

  3. Review by Paul

    An excellent product with a very good price. Yes you do know how to carry yourself like an Alpha. Its no substitute for having some some class and game... but augments them VERY well. Dont overdo it. This is a concentrate not cologne strength but good for adding TO your best cologne. That assumes its bottle has a screw onoff cap. Not many good ones do actually. When thats the case put 3 or so drops on a wrist rub them together then wipe them on your neck behind the ears. Proceed to apply your cologne over it the same way. It will wash off with water so keep your wrists dry while washing your hands. Occasionally it will ruffle the feathers of an alpha male because its the smell of a sexually competitive male. Respect him as an equal... while one of his harem slips you her phone number. (Posted on 9/28/2014)

  4. Review by Robert

    All I can say is Wow I cant believe this hasnt got a review yet. I got this yesterday morning after placing my order Tuesday afternoon with the standard ups shipping. This is my second order I have placed with this place and so far I am a Happy customer. I was going to stick to just my same order of edge Eros and liquid trust but I decided to beef up my order so I got super primal and a few other itemsalong with larger quantities of my 3 atfs. So I have this atomizer from sephora with some le male in it I decided to try out the super primal so I added half of the dispenser to the atomizer shook it and let it sit which I really didnt need to do since there was no nasty mine scent that I could detect. I put a few sprays on before going to the same boring barbowling alley and Wow hit after hit which is odd because Im quiet and shy And in a wheelchair... but after last night you would think Im some local celeb. I highly recommend this product on top of Anything else you order. I only gave it 3 stars cuz it was my first time ever wearing this. (Posted on 11/9/2013)


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